About Me

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
It's a toss up between Ireland and Israel. So different, but both so beautiful in their own ways.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
So many places I'd like to go, that I couldn't settle on just one.

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My camera, upgraded a couple of years ago from a Canon SLR to a Nikon DSLR.

Latest Activity
    Machu Picchu
    Machu Picchu, Peru
    Machu Picchu
    Machu Picchu at sunrise.
    Lake Tahoe
    Arches at the Alamo
    San Antonio, Texas
    Point Bonita Lighthouse
    Near San Francisco, California.
    Calla Lily, Presido, ...
    Calla Lily, Presido, San Francisco, California. April 2009
    Alcatraz Stairway
    Dilapidated Stairway on Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California. April 2009...
    South Tower, Golden Ga...
    From the Presidio. South Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California. April 2009
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