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Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
India. My Indian visa was the hardest to get and the country was well worth it!

What's Your Next Dream Trip?

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
Bathing suit.

Latest Activity
    A house in the himalayas
    During a 10-day trek through the himalayas in Nepal, I stumbled upon this house.  The simplicity of the hanging laundry against the scenic backdrop...
    Peruvian goat herding
    We were driving through the sacred valley when we came upon this woman herding her goats in the street.  Goats and one baby pig.
    Muktinath Temple, ...
    After an 8-day trek to the Muktinath Temple in Nepal, we made friends with this Hindu Baba who lived his life in a nearby cave and worshipped at the t...
    Diving in Bali
    Diving the USS LIberty off the eastern coast of Bali, I found nemo!
    Krabi Thailand sunset
    I went for a late afternoon walk on the beach of Krabi, Thailand and when the sun set the sky lit up in the most brilliant colors.  The sky must ...
    The children of Nepal
    When we were a few days into a trek in Nepal, we met this group of children who wanted me to take pictures of them so they could see the photos.  The k...
    Muktinath Baba
    This is a Hindu Baba (a Baba is in the 4th stage of Hindu enlightenment and exchanges his worldly possessions for a life of worship at a temple) at Muktinat...
    Cao Dai noon mass, Vie...
    During a visit to the Cu CHi tunnels south of Ho Chi Mihn City, VIetnam we stopped by a Cao Dia noon mass.  Cao Dai is a religion unique to Vietnam and embrace...
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