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    Maui, summit of Haleakala
    The summit of Haleakala is a national park and houses observatories.  The views are awesome and otherworldly.
    Maui Humpback Whale ...
    This picture was taken from a chair in a restaurant on the beach at Maui! 
    Maui, Hawaii--H...
    Humpback whale tailing off the coast of Maui.  Jan-March you can see these whales from the beach or from boats.
    Super Blue Glacier!
    The Chilean fjords are spectacular.  And unlike other areas of the world, their glaciers are stable in size, probably due to the frigid Humboldt...
    Penquins Swimming and
    Gentoo penguins are seen "flying" through the air as well as the water.  They actually use their wings for swimming in a motion very much like flying. And they ar...
    Antarctic Gentoo Pe...
    Penquins in Anarctica come ashore only to breed and raise their young.  Colonies of tens of thousands group together for a few months in the Antar...
    Notre Dame from acro...
    Classic view of the great cathedral.  Be sure and visit and try to eat south of Notre Dame(left bank, or La Rive Gauche)--tremendous selection of ...
    Sainte Chapelle, Paris
    The best stained glass I've ever seen is in this small cathedral near Notre Dame.  Don't miss it when you go to see Notre Dame.
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