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Fifty something female, married and passionate about travel, photography, and details. I was young then, bold and wanderlust...my first foreign trip was Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since then, I've traveled more to foreign countries and the U.S.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
St. Petersburg, Russia. Gdansk (Poland), Oslo (Norway) and Copenhagen (Denmark) deserves a second visit.

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Budapest, Vienna, Prague. South America, Australia are also on my list,

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
Camera!!! Detailed itinerary, triptik, maps, and of course, confidence. I do a lot of research online of places to see and things to do before I go - altho' I welcome the idea of getting lost, veer into the unbeaten path and my...what a big surprise!

Latest Activity
    Spectacular Fall Colors
    Spectacular fall foliage is mostly found in the eastcoast, from Vermont to Massachusetts and others in between.  On a road trip last year, we witnessed ...
    Yosemite Wonderland
    Snow covered trees render a glorious landscape in Yosemite (National Park)
    The World's Most Beau...
    The world's most beautiful McDonald's is located in Nygati Train Station in Budapest.  It used to be the dining hall of the train station.&...
    View of the Danube Ri...
    Historic Budapest is divided by the hilly Buda and the flatland Pest by the Danube River.
    Magical Cesky Krumlov
    Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The castle and 300 historical buildings are surrounded the Vltava River.  This is truly a cha...
    Lantau Island, Hong Kong
    Lantau island is one of the islands which comprised the Hong Kong Territory.  There are two major attractions in the island - Tian Tan G...
    Sunset in Dockweile...
    Seashells in the seash...
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