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prototypical 39-year old white professional male, except no kids.

Your Favorite Passport Stamp?
Malta....picked it by paging throgh an atlas, looking for someplace remote and relatively unknown to us...

What's Your Next Dream Trip?
Got a fantastic work/play trip coming up where I believe I can hit Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Boston, and Las Vegas all inside of three weeks...

You'd Never Leave Home Without?
My i-phone. Totally dependent on technology now. Sad.

Latest Activity
    Wishing I Could Sta...
    This was a difficult photo to take.  Not necessarily dangerous, just very difficult. There's almost no traffic as you're driving through Mon...
    Sunset on St. John is H...
    This is so true.  It is really hard ot beat watching the sun set over St. John and the Virgin Islands.  This is the view of the beach in front of the Westin...
    The Most Remote Pl...
    On a motorcycle ride through Utah, we stopped in what's known as "The Most Remote Lodge in Utah"...Fry Canyon Lodge.  It is "exceptionally" rem...
    Standing with the Hoodoos
    Got some amazing photo opportunities on one of our recent rides in Utah, this one in Bryce Canyon up at Fairyland.  The all natural hoodoos are an amazing ...
    A Fish Caught on Malta
    This was a fun and lucky photo.   We were driving along the coast of Malta and saw a "herd" of wild cats lying on rocks near the ocean.  I saw this particular cat scoo...
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