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  • Top 5 Indian National Parks wi Top 5 Indian National Parks with a Unique Tale

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      Painted in the colors of biodiversity, the Indian National Parks are counted amongst best destinations for sighting different species of wild beings. Be it the mountains of the north or the wetlands of the south, there stands a well maintained national park in every corner of India. The icing to the cake is that every national park of India has something special that entices the wildlife buffs from far and wide. Penning down the unique selling points of every national park is an uphill task; therefore, mentioned below are the USPs of the top most visited wildlife destinations of India. Enjoy reading.


      Jim Corbett National Park

      Bengal Tiger

      Establishment Year: 1936

      The USPs:

      • Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park of the Asian Continent.

      The very first thing that everyone should know about the Jim Corbett National Park is that it was the first established national park not only in India, but in Asia. The establishment of this national park could happen only after the contributions made by Edward James Corbett. He was initially a British hunter who shot down many man-eating tigers, but later turned into a conservationist and provided a helping hand in setting up a safe abode for these wild cats.

      • The first reserve under the Project Tiger

      Instigated in the year 1973, Project Tiger is an initiative by the Government of India to save the big cats. The Jim Corbett National Park was the first tiger reserve announced under this project. In fact, it is where the project was launched.

      How to reach

      By Air: Located just 80 kilometers from Corbett, Pratapnagar Airport is the nearest airport to the park. Taxis and cabs are easily available at the airport.

      By Rail: Ramnagar Railway Station is the closest to the Corbett National Park (just 5 kilometers). This station is well connected with major cities and trains are also very frequent.

      By Road: Properly connected with motorable roads, Jim Corbett National Park can be easily reached via cab or bus. One can easily board a bus from ISBT Anand Vihar, New Delhi.

      Where to stay

      Being one of the top visited wildlife destinations, Corbett National Park is facilitated with various accommodation options. Some of the comfortable staycation choices are stated below:

      • Corbett Leela Villas
      • Quality Inn Corbett Jungle Resort
      • Dhikala Corbett Lodge
      • The Wild Safari Lodge
      • Wild Crest Resort

      These are just a few to name, followed by various other resorts and hotels in Corbett that offer value-for-money hospitality.

      Nearby Attractions

      Besides delving into the wildlife in Corbett, visitors can enjoy other charms as well, like:

      • Kosi River
      • Garjiya Devi Temple
      • Corbett Falls

      Best time to visit

      The gates are open from mid November to June end. However, as Jim Corbett is more famous as a tiger sighting destination, the best time to catch the glimpse of the big cats is March to May.


      Kaziranga National Park 


      Establishment Year: 1974

      The USPs:

      • The Kaziranga National Park boasts off the world’s largest populace of One-Horned Rhinoceros.

      Situated far away from the hustle-bustle of present human life, Kaziranga provides a healthy home to the maximum number of One-Horned Rhinoceros in the world. One-Horned Rhinos are among the endangered wildlife species dwindling gradually. Kaziranga seems to be the last resort for this endangered mammal.

      It is not as easy as a pie to be called as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but Kaziranga National Park made its way to this honor. The park won the title in the year of 1985 as it stood firm on the (ix) and (x) criteria of UNESCO that are stated below:

      (ix) to be outstanding examples representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems and communities of plants and animals.

      (x) to contain the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation.

      • Proximity to The Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation (CWRC)

      The Centre of Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation (CWRC) was set up in year 2002, under Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). Established near the Kaziranga National Park, it is the very first rescue and rehab centre for wildlife emergencies in India. Wildlife enthusiasts can visit this centre and witness the widely acclaimed wonderful efforts made by CWRC to help in the conservation of wild beings.

      How to reach

      By Air: There are two airports for reaching the Kaziranga National Park. One is at Guwahati, which is about 211.7 kilometers away and the other one is at Jorhat, which is approx 113 kilometers away from the park. Daily flights are available for both the airports. Upon arrival, tourists can hire a cab or mini bus to reach Kaziranga. 

      By Rail: The nearest railway stations to the park are at Jakhalabandha and Furkating.

      By Bus: Bus and cab facilities are available from Guwahati, a six hour drive and Jorhat, a two hour drive.

      Where to stay

      Some of the best hotels and resorts to stay in Kaziranga National Park are listed below:

      • Wild Grass Lodge
      • Bon Habi Jungle Resort
      • Kaziranga Resort
      • Landmark Woods
      • Aranya Resort

      Top notch amenities and matchless comfort are the main gifts that these hotels render at your disposal.

      Nearby Attractions

      Located near the park is the Karbi Village, which greets visitors warmly. A visit to the village offers tourists a walk amid the lush coffee and rubber plantation.

      Best time to visit

      November to end of April is the best time to visit the Kaziranga National Park.

      Gir National Park

      Asiatic Lion

      Establishment Year: 1965

      Location: Gujarat

      The USPs:

      • The only abode of the Asiatic Lions (Panthera Leo Persica)

      Earlier, the big cats were spread widely in different parts of the globe including Asia Minor and Arabia through Persia to India. Unfortunately, due to reckless hunting, the number of Asiatic Lions witnessed a great turn down. The state became so worst that these cats got listed under the Red List of Threatened Species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Thanks to the continuous and effective conservation efforts. Presently, the Asiatic Lions have been set free from this disquietude. It is the Gir Forest National Park that provides a safe abode to the Asiatic Lions. As per the recent census of 2011, the count of big cats at Gir was 411.

      How to Reach

      By Air: The closest airport for reaching Gir is at Keshod (86.2 kilometers away). Daily flights are available from Mumbai to Keshod. Upon arrival, tourists can hire a cab or taxi to Gir.

      By Rail: The nearest railway station is at Junagadh. Trains from Ahmedabad, Rajkot and other major cities arrive here.

      By Road: From Ahmedabad it is 400 kilometers drive via Rajkot, Junagadh and Mendarda. Buses as well, are easily available.

      Where to Stay

      There is a plethora of budget, deluxe and luxury accommodation options in and around the Gir National Park. A few to name:

      •  Lion Safari Camp
      • Sukhsagar Resort
      • The Fern Resort
      • Gir Birding Lodge
      • The Gir Jungle Lodge

      Every hotel is special in itself, but there is one thing in common - ‘warm hospitality’.

      Nearby Attractions

      Along with the Gir National Park, visitors can also explore several other tourist charms located in and around the place. Some of them are stated below:

      ·         Kankai Temple

      ·         Bhimdeval Sun Temple

      ·         Orchards of Kesar Mangoes

      Best Time to Visit

      October to May is the ideal time for visiting the Gir National Park.


      Sundarbans National Park

      Sunderban National Park

      Establishment Year: 1984
      Location: West Bengal

      The USPs:

      • Home of the Amphibian Tigers

      Everyone knows that tigers are the beasts of the woods, but in Sundarbans the scene is tad different. The tigers of Sundarbans don’t only rule over the land, but also over the water. They swim and prey on aquatic species, which is not commonly found in most of the tigers.

      • Cossets World’s Largest Mangrove Forests

      The dense mangroves that sway on the wetland of Sundarbans are one of the most productive of all natural ecosystems. Further, this national park cuddles world’s largest cover of mangroves.

      • Stands as the largest tiger reserve of India

      Declared as a tiger reserve in 1973 (which means it was one of the first nine reserves established under Project Tiger), Sundarbans is famous for forming the largest tiger reserve of India.

      Like Kaziranga, Sundarbans National Park is also a part of the coveted list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The park got this title in year 1987.  The criteria under which the park was declared as a World Heritage Site are same as of Kaziranga National Park. Criteria (ix) and (x):

      (ix) to be outstanding examples representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems and communities of plants and animals.

      (x) to contain the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation.

      How to Reach

      By Air: Netaji Subhash Chandra Airport, Kolkata is the nearest airport for reaching the Sundarbans National Park. It is just 140 kilometers.

      By Rail: Located just 29 kilometers from entry gate of the national park, Canning is the nearest railway station.

      By Road: The Park is well connected with Kolkata - Basanti Highway.

      Where to Stay

      Tigers have always been the first love of every wildlife enthusiast and thus, Sundarbans entices huge crowd in every tourist season. Considering the interest of visitors in the park, the authorities established several hotels and resorts in and around Sundarbans, some of them are mentioned below:

      • Sundarbans Mangrove Retreat
      • Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge
      • Sundarbans Tiger Camp

      Offering the best in class comfort is the specialty of these hotels.

      Nearby Attractions

      Besides the big cats, there are various tourist charms to experience while in the Sundarbans National Park. A few of them have been listed below:

      • Sajnekhali Watch Tower
      • Dobanki Watch Tower
      • Sudhanyakhali Watch tower
      • Neti Dhopani Watch Tower
      • Kumirmari Watch Tower
      • Jhingamari Watch Tower
      • Bonnie camp Watch Tower
      • Bhagabatpur Crocodile Park
      • Chargheri Char

      Best Time to Visit

      Though the park remains open throughout the year, wildlife enthusiasts who wish to catch the sight of the amphibian tigers must visit the place between October to April.


      Kanha National Park

      Kanha National Park

      Establishment Year: 1955
      Location: Madhya Pradesh

      The USPs:

      • The Land of Mowgli

      The Jungle Book would have been a part of everyone’s childhood, but do you know who played the major part in sketching the Jungle Book? Well, it was the Kanha National Park. The Jungle Book is one of the best selling classics written by Rudyard Kipling, and it was the wilderness of Kanha that helped the book in earning accolades. Be it the devilish Sher Khan (Bengal Tiger), the friendly Baloo (Sloth Bear), the notorious Bandar-log (bunch of monkeys) or the highly concerned Bagheera (Black Panther), all the wild characters were the inhabitants of the Kanha National Park.

      How to Reach

      By Air: Jabalpur and Nagpur are two nearest airports for Kanha National Park. Frequent flights to Nagpur are easily available from any airport across India. On reaching the airport, tourists need to drive to the park.

      By Rail: Similarly, the closest railway stations are also at Jabalpur and Nagpur. Without any hassle, daily trains can be boarded for both of the stations.

      By Road: First, visitors need to reach Jabalpur, Bilaspur or Raipur; thereafter, he or she can hire a bus or cab service to reach the Kanha National Park.

      Where to Stay

      Being the Mowgli Land, the Kanha National Park has always been a major wildlife attraction, alluring tourists from far and wide. Further, to ensure the comfortable stay of visitors amid the wilderness, there are various accommodation options in Kanha, to name a few:

      • Krishna Jungle Resort
      • Royal Tiger Resort
      • Kanha Jungle Lodge
      • The Celebration Van Villas
      • The Wild Chalet Resort

      Serving guests with top notch facilities and warm hospitality is the priority of these hotels.

      Nearby Attractions

      There is no second thought to the fact that the wild beings are the main temptation for the visitors but it’s not just the fauna and flora to be explored. Some other tourist charms in and around the Kanha National Park are:

      ·         Kawardha Palace

      ·         Kanha Museum

      ·         Mandla Fort

      ·         Ramnagar Fort

      Best Time to Visit

      The park remains open from October to June, but the ideal time for sighting tigers in Kanha is March to May.


      These were some of the most famous national parks of India along with their Unique Selling Points. Hope you had a wonderful reading experience. If you wish to know more about these parks, it’s better to plan a tour to the Indian National Parks.

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  • National Park Safari Experienc National Park Safari Experiences within Sri Lanka

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      Sri Lanka has a beautifully diverse environment, with landscapes of rolling green hills, tea plantations, sandy coastlines and jungle roaming with wild life. It’s in this way that Sri Lanka holidays can provide a variety of experiences to tourists, with a choice in locations depending on holiday desires.

      Yala National Park

      The exotic creatures of National Parks like Yala are especially exciting, and put guests right at the heart of the country’s unspoilt nature. Such a setting is not only incredibly serene, but also exciting through the Sri Lanka safari excursions that can be enjoyed. A tour guide can take tourists through the wilderness in a land rover, providing information on various species and their behaviour, while also stopping to allow those on board to take as many pictures as they want.

      Yala is especially well known for being the best place to see leopards, as well as elephants, crocodiles, deer, wild boars and a plethora of fascinating bird species. There’s a sense of delving into the unknown on one of these tours, as you never quite know what you’re going to be lucky enough to see.

      SriLanka National Park Holidays

      Image Source : http://blog.directtraveller.com/

      Sri Lanka Hotels


      When it comes to finding a hotel that is nearby to national parks, there are plenty to consider in Yala. Both the Cinnamon Wild Yala and Chaaya Wild Yala are well known for being luxurious and comfortable places to stay, with architecture that resembles the environment and in turn casts a warm ambience amongst the quiet greenery that it sits amongst. Those staying are sure to feel like they’re completely shut off from the rush of the rest of the world, able to relax and take in the sights.


      Sri Lanka Beach Holidays


      For those that want to be beside the beach, yet also have a chance to experience seeing some wild life on a safari can choose to stay in beach resorts that are nearby to national parks, or to stay in Yala and then take a day trip to the nearest beaches, which are Hambantota and Tangalle, potentially staying overnight in these if looking to have a few days in a different type of setting.

      Sri Lanka National Park holidays can be booked through Direct Traveller, a specialist tour operator to the region. Direct Traveller offers a quality service in the many areas of Sri Lanka.

      For further details visit  www.directtraveller.com or call 0844 414 3073

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  • Greatest Small Town in America Greatest Small Town in America -- Fort Scott Kansas

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      When I saw Budget Travel's vote for favorite small town of America, I immediately thought of my 2011 visit to Fort Scott Kansas. Our family was making a cross-country trek from Michigan to California and we happened to stop in Fort Scott for a few days to relax and recharge for the drive ahead. We ended up staying for three days and enjoyed every minutes. One of the most highly recommended small towns in America.
      There are about 8000 residents in Fort Scott but the town played an important part of the history of setting the Western United States. There are several interesting sites in and near Fort Scott including venues of historical, cultural and environmental interest. After our visit, we felt as though we'd seen some real Americana.  
      Fort Scott Fort and the National Cemetery
      Fort Scott played an important role in the settlement of the West. It was built in 1842 as an outpost for troops who enforced the uneasy peace between the settlers and the Osage Indians. Westbound travelers could fill up on provisions at the fort before they set out on their journey along the Santa Fe Trail. As the Civil War loomed the troops tried to separate the pro-slave and anti-slave activists in the newly-formed state of Kansas. When the war did break out Fort Scott became a Quartermaster's Supply Deposit, as well as the training base of the First Kansas Colored Infantry -- a unit that took part in multiple battles and suffered more casualties than any other Kansas regiment. The Fort Scott National Historic Site, operated by the National Parks Service, offers a view into the frontier days including the original fort's buildings. Guided tours are offered twice daily (11:00a.m. and 13:00pm.) during the summer months by costumed guides who provide a full explanation of the type of life the early soldiers and residents of Fort Scott experienced.  The fort is located south of I54 on Market Street near the city center. (620) 223-0310  
      Abraham Lincoln inaugurated the Fort Scott National Cemetery as a military cemetery in 1865 when it was already serving as the final resting place of hundreds of Union and Confederate soldiers as well as for troops that had been killed during the pre-Civil War period. After its establishment as a National Cemetery the remains of other soldiers who had been buried throughout Kansas and Missouri were brought to the Fort Scott cemetery for reinternment. These included black Union soldiers of the First Colored Infantry. In the northeast corner of the cemetery visitors can see memorial markers which honor soldiers whose remains were not recovered or identified including WWII flight crews.
      Gordon Parks Museum
      Gordon Parks was born and raised in Fort Scott. Many people remember him as the director of the movie "Shaft" but before his movie career he was a recognized photographer whose work was featured in a number of photoessays for well-known newspapers and magazines, including for Life Magazine. Parks photographed celebrities and fashion models but his best-known works showcased the black experience of the South in the pre-Civil War era. The Gordon Parks Museum is located in Fort Scott. Many of Parks' photos, which brought the reality of Southern racism and black poverty to the public conscious, are exhibited in the museum. The Gordon Parks Museum is situated in the Mercy Health Center, located at the southern edge of Fort Scott just off US Highway 69. Entrance is free. The museum is open daily from 7:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.   620-223-7036
      Rock Creek Lake Waterfalls
      The Rock Creek Lake Waterfalls offer a quiet step into nature. Located just three miles West of Fort Scott, travelers can either hike to the waterfalls from Fort Scott or drive there and leave their car in the park's parking lot that's located on the side of the road. There's a short trail down to the waterfalls from the park where first one, and then a little further on two more, waterfalls spill off from the Rock Creek Lake into the Marmaton River.  When the water is low it's possible to walk across the stream at the bottom waterfall. To access the Rock Creek Waterfalls park, drive out of Fort Scott on 19th Street which soon changes to "Kansas Road" and then again to "195th Street." The park's parking lot is at the north edge of Rock Creek Lake.  Cross the bridge over the dam to reach the waterfalls.
      Lowell Milken Center
      The Lowell Milken Center was established in 2007 as an educational institution which is dedicated to promoting high level scholastic achievements in America's schools. The Center was established when two educators, Norman Conrad and Lowell Milken, decided to collaborate on a concept that would encourage students to create well-researched, high-quality research projects about unsung heroes -- people who had acted in an exceptional manner to benefit mankind but whose efforts had not been recognized. The Center is located on Fort Scott's Main Street. Featured unsung hero subjects include journalists, environmentalists, humanitarians and others.  (620) 223-9991 
      Fort Scott's Good Old Days
      We happened to visit Fort Scott during their annual three-day "Good Old Days" festival which takes place over the course of one weekend every June. The Festival brings fun and good cheer to the town with a crafts fair, rides, a Dock Dogs competition (people bring their dogs and encourage the dogs to jump off a dock into a pool of water as they try to catch a toy in the air.  The dog that jumps the farthest, wins), street dances, carnival food and drinks, live entertainment and more.
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  • Alligator Alligator

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      Basking in the sun.

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  • Anhinga Anhinga

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      Drying its wings.

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  • Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron

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      In the Everglades National Park.

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  • Breathtaking National Park Breathtaking National Park

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      This is an early morning view of one of the breathtaking beaches in Colombia's Tayrona National Park, along the country's Caribbean coast. It consistently ranks as one of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

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  • Young Grizzly Young Grizzly

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      Not knowing that all the hub-bub is about him... more interested in getting to the berries.

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  • Sandhill Crane Sandhill Crane

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      This beautiful Sandhill Crane was passing through Yellwstone.

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  • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

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      A bison eats near some wild flowers.

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  • Violet-green Swallow Violet-green Swallow

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      These swallows nest in the clay cliffs all over Yellowstone.

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  • Elk in Tandem Elk in Tandem

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      These two female elk were feeding together.

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  • Killdeer Killdeer

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      This bird, called a Killdeer, was feeding form the hot thermal springs in Yellowstone National Park.

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  • Many Reasons for Visiting Raja Many Reasons for Visiting Rajasthan

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      When people ask “which is the royal state” of India, only one name comes in both mind and mouth that is Rajasthan. Truly, no doubt about this fact, it is not just a royal state but also a resplendent tourist destination, honored for its rich culture, traditions, magnificent forts and palaces, electrifying fairs and festivals, heritage, the scenic sand dunes, adventure sports, thrilling wild-life, cuisine, music & dance, rip-roaring desert safaris and so on. Below we have explained why you must visit Rajasthan once in a lifetime through few points.

      Grand Forts of Rajasthan: Apart from rich cultures and heritage, forts in the state are other highlights as the land is enriched with innumerable titanic forts, which describe the gallant past of Rajasthan as well as the victorious Rajputs. Some of the prominent forts of the state are:

      •    Mehrangarh Fort: Located in the Jodhpur, and was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha. Moti Mahal (Pearl Palace), Phool Mahal (Flower Palace) and Sukh Mahal are few striking attractions of this palace.

      •    Amber Fort: One of the best places to visit in Rajasthan is well-known for Rajput and Mughal architectural patterns, and is situated in Jaipur. This fort is finest architectural marvel of Rajasthan, and made by using white marble and red sandstone. Diwan-i-Khas (Hall of Private Audience), Jai Mandir, Jas Mandir, Sukh Niwas, Diwan-i-Am or Hall of Public Audience, etc. are the most popular attractions of this fort, and can be explored in Jaipur tour. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan, and has several beautiful tourist attractions.

      •    Chittaurgarh Fort: Situated in the Chittor District of Rajasthan, and noted for its elevated construction, which captivates attention of visitors. Rana Kumbha Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace and Padmini's Palace are few beautiful palaces inside the fort.

      Park of Rajasthan: The desert state of India is also globally famous for its eye-opening wildlife and national park. Ranthambore National Park, Keoladeo National Park and Desert National Park few bewildering parks within the state. Tourists who are wildlife lover have must visit parks once in their life.

      Rajasthan food and cuisine: It is also popular for its luscious mouth-watering traditional food. If you are a foodie, you must go to Rajasthan for tasting its superb blend of spicy and colorful dishes. Dal Bati Churma, Bajre Ki Khichdi, Jodhpuri Mawa Kachori, Sohan Halwa and Moong Dal Halwa are some well-liked dishes, and you can enjoy them during your Rajasthan tour as these dishes are available throughout in the state.

      Rajasthan Hotels: Hotels of Rajasthan are unique as most of the palaces, forts and royal buildings have been converted into the heritage hotels. These heritage hotels are providing tourists a glance into the life of royal families. Some of the best hotels in Rajasthan are located in Jaipur, Udaipur, summer and Mount Abu city, which are known for their world-class services and facilities.

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  • Flights to Abuja Short Holiday Flights to Abuja Short Holidays in Nigerian Capital

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      Abuja is one of the most wonderful cities in Western African Region. This city is also one of the modern places in Africa too. Get on flights to Abuja and visit this exquisite city of Nigeria, which is a shining crown for West Africa for tourism.

      Abuja is a sprawling city with a great skyline full of tall buildings, highly modern suburbs and lively towns. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, the pride of this small nation. Abuja is one city which made its mark among the fewest cities in the world which is prepared for purpose.

      Book your cheap air tickets to Abuja from Crystal Travel and visit Abuja which is the perfect example of great human will, management and planning. Abuja is relatively among the newest emerging cities on this globe. The place where this city is now sitting was mare a bushy region and now this place transformed into a beautiful city.

      Abuja is the main source for political, administrative, financial, educational and commercial activities in Nigeria. Well what else you can expect from the capital city of the Nigeria. Abuja replaced Lagos as the capital of Nigeria and became the proud epicenter of Nigeria in 1991. Get on cheap flights to Abuja and visit this wonderful Niger city which is planned and created from the scratch just in time of over eleven year. Must be a fascinating story of development, eh!

      Abuja is the most up to date city in terms of architecture and technology, sitting at the core of Nigeria in national capital region known as Suleja, this city is truly the core of everything in Nigeria. Buy flights to Abuja from Heathrow, London, UK and visit this manmade wonder in Nigeria.

      Abuja is not a usual or natural tourist destination. Hack, it was not a tourist destination in the first few years either. But constant and subtle development made it a new and emerging global tourist destination, which is giving some hard competition to many fellow African cities.

      Even if Abuja is relatively new city, this city doesn’t lack in providing entertainment, sightseeing and adventure sites to the tourists who are visiting this showcase of new modern architecture. Book your Direct flights to Abuja with Crystaltravel.co.uk and visit Abuja and its beautiful sites

      While visiting Abuja you can visit some interesting places which are surprisingly peaceful and full of wisdom about African culture. Places like National Mosque, National Church of Nigeria, Castle of Law and the Christian Centre are remarkable in this category.

      Abuja also getting famous for its five Abuja parks which are sure shot assurance for great adventure and recreation in Abuja, these famous five parks known as Millennium Park, Monalisa Amusement Park, Durban/River Plate Park, Wonderland Amusement Park and Maitama Amusement Park. Hop on cheap flights to Abuja and experience these wonders of this wonderland.

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  • Ras Mohammed Shore Excursions Ras Mohammed Shore Excursions From Sharm Port

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      Pick up from Sharm port upon arrival with a modern air conditioned van for a short drive to the Ras Mohamed National Park, your guide pointing out interesting features on the way. Then we will drive to the only place in the northern hemisphere where the Mangrove trees grow in the salt water and see the Fiddler crabs around the waters edge, we will also take you to see what the locals call the 'Earth Crack', a fissure formed during an earthquake thousands of years ago, and the Magic Lake, a beautiful salt water lake formed by a sand bank from the Red Sea. Take the opportunity to swim in this lake which is supposed to have magical properties! We will stop at three different locations along the coast offering opportunities to swim or snorkel around the coral reefs from some of the parks famous beaches. The waters here are beautifully clear and warm and the corals give a home to over a thousand different species of colorful tropical fish. Transfer back to the port.







      Price Includes:







      * Port pickup & drop off service
      * All transfers by Ac Vehicle
      * Tour leader of your language
      * Entrance fees to the National park
      * Water and soft drinks onboard
      * All services charges and taxes







      Price Excludes:







      * Snorkeling equipment
      * Personal expenses
      * Tipping Kitty







      Prices per person:







      * From 2 to 3 pax: 80 Usd
      * From 4 to 6 pax: 60 usd
      * From 7 to 10 pax: 55 Usd


      Ras Mohamed Snorkeling Trip, Tour to Ras Mohammed From Sharm Port

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  • Holidays in India: One Country Holidays in India: One Country, Different Themes

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      Diversity is a very synonymous term associated with India owing to its religions, culture, multi-lingual populations and tourism. India tourism has a lot of diversity to offer that makes it a prominent driver of economic growth in the global travel and hospitality industry. The country abounds with several exotic destinations that draw travelers from far off lands for Holidays in India. Indian tourism has different themes  to offer such as adventure, wildlife, religion, beach and hill stations among others. Nearly every tour operator has a presence on the internet today. This allows guests to choose from a variety of  attractive India holiday packages offered by the local tour operators. In this article, I have mentioned four different themes for holidays in India.

      Wildlife Tours

      India is home to the second largest bio-diversity in the world and ranks 12 in the list of countries having most diverse flora and fauna species. The wildlife protected area of India are spread across different parts of the country in the form of 89 national parks,  400 wildlife sanctuaries and 13 Bio reserves. The country abounds with 6% flora , 6.2% reptile, 7.6% mammal and 12.6% avian species. Indian wildlife and national parks have been the subject for tales, fables and novels such as The Jungle Book by Rudyard  Kipling. Though there are a large number of animal parks in India, the three names that rule the roost are Kaziranga National Park, Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and the Sunderbans. Their prominence is high because they play host to three most endangered animals- Single Horned Rhinoceros,  Asiatic  Lions and Royal Bengal Tiger.

      Beach & Backwater Holidays

      When it comes to backwater holidays in India, nothing can beat the charm of Kerala. The beach and backwater tour of Kerala  is globally renowned owing to its verdant green surroundings, houseboat trips, salubrious climate, swaying palm trees and Ayurvedic massage centers. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the backbone of backwater tourism in Kerala. Among the beaches beaches, Kovalam has commanded all the attention. Besides Kerala, Goa is another well known beach destination of India best known for its cosmopolitan ambience, unparalleled languidness and  full of beans nightlife. 

      Hill Station Tours

      The northernmost part of Indian subcontinent is marked by the beautiful, breathtaking and towering peaks of The Great Himalayas. Although Kashmir tours has its own set of limitations owing to the political turmoil going on there, the state receives a good amount of tourist footfall owing to its picturesque lakes, gardens and traditional crafts. However, when it comes to fabulous hill stations in India, Himachal Pradesh tops the chart. Some popular hill stations within this state include Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Dharamshala and Dalhousie. The capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is quite popular with honeymooners due to its picturesque surroundings, verdant valleys, lush green forests and colonial ambience. The southern region of India too has its fair share of hill stations teemed with picturesque spots, lush green plantations and cascading waterfalls. Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal and Coonoor are popular names of South Indian hill stations.

      Adventure Tours

      If you are one of those people who loves to live on the edge of thrill & excitement, India is one of the best bets available for you. Some famous adventure activities that  India tourism offers to the tourists include skiing, scuba diving, river rafting, trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking and Paragliding. Ladakh offers ample opportunities to get indulge in a variety of adventure sports for a thrilling and shivering experience. Even Goa beaches offer good opportunity for water sport activities.

      The above mentioned themes listed for tours to India are just a few names in the huge list of options. With so much variety available for India vacation, the country is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.


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  • Painted Desert Painted Desert

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      One of the many views of the Painted Desert in the Petrified Forest National Park.

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