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  • 5 Perfect Weekend Getaways Aro 5 Perfect Weekend Getaways Around Delhi

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      As the name itself suggests, weekend getaway happens to be a breather from work at the end of the week. It can be elaborated as short respites that help you regaining the spirit and unwinding yourself with no responsibilities and discipline. If you are a Delhi-based traveler and looks forward to a much awaited weekend getaway, you have too many options in your plate. Being centrally located, the capital city offers you an array of choices with ample of wildlife sanctuaries, heritage sites, hill stations and offbeat destinations, and that too all within 3-8 hours drive.

      For everyone seeking a perfect break from scheduled life, short weekend trip is your pick. To mention, below are a few of the special destinations that offer you memorable moments.


      Route: Delhi - Moradabad - Haldwani – Bhimtal

      Named after the Mahabharata character- Bhima, Bhimtal is one of the largest lakes around Nainital. Having an island in the center, it can only be approached by a boat and has a proper restaurant area. It also boasts of much cleaner environ and treats you with gaggle of ducks! Talking about the recreation, one can do boating at the lake witnessing the large Victorian dam at one corner and terraced flower on the other side. Exploring the surrounding jungle on foot is also a great option offering you utmost adventure and thrill. Next to the dam, positioned is the Bhimkeshwar temple dedicated to Bhim.

      Godhakhal Temple is again 3 km from Bhimtal. Another interesting stopover is The Museum of Folk Culture (Lok Sanskriti Sangrahalaya) exhibiting collections of folk paintings and ancient wooden artifacts. Bhimtal is undoubtedly an enthralling off beat destination both for the family and corporate travelers.

      Places of interest: Bhimtal lake, Naukuchiatal, Nainital, Mukteshwar.


      Route: Delhi - Karnal - Panchkula - Kalka - Kasauli

      De facto, you have chosen to visit Kasauli for its tranquility and serenity. To be clear, there is practically no such activity to do in Kasauli. If you need escapade from technology and machine-lifestyle, then the only best thing you can do there is to go for long hand-in-hand walks admiring the Mother Nature in its best form and shape. To catch the dazzle of the river Sutlej, Dauladhar range and Chur Chandini peak you need to wait for a clear day. April and June bring wild blooms and their amazing aroma. Wild rose, rhododendrons, coral tree, flame of the forest, katchnar and kashmal add on to the temptation that the place throws at you. During the monsoons, pave the way for romantic moments if you are here!


      Route: Delhi - Dharuhera - Behror - Kotputli - Shahpura - Jaipur

      Located in the desert land of the royal Rajasthan, Jaipur is the first planned city of India. The architecture of the state capital gives you a taste of Rajputana clan, however presently it serves as one of the major business centers nationwide. The vibrant streets of Jaipur get huge number of visitors, every year at their footsteps. The city exemplifies magnificence in the form of famous structures like Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Amber Fort, the best architectural epitome of India. Artistic temples and gardens of Jaipur is another feature to attract travelers from across the globe. Marking the surroundings with serenity and aestheticism, the land of Rajasthan observes its ethnicity in celebrating various festivals like Kite festival, Elephant festival and many others, of Indian origin.

      Places of interest- Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar(Observatory), City Palace and S.M.S. II Museum, Ishwat Lat, Central Museum, Dolls Museum, Birla Planetarium, Jalmahal, Gaitor, Jaigarh Forth, Nahargarh Fort, Galta, Motidoongari, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Maharani Ki Chhatri, Sisodia Rani Garden, Vidhyadhar Garden, Kanak Vrindavan, Amer


      Route: Delhi – Hapur Byepass - Gajraula - Moradabad - Kashipur - Ramnagar - Corbett

      Established as the first national park of India, on 6th August 1936, it was renamed in 1957 as Corbett National Park, in memory of Jim Corbett, the iconic hunter and naturalist. Along with the launch of Project Tiger in 1973, the Corbett National Park was picked as one of the well known tiger reserves. Being a milestone in the efforts in saving wildlife, Corbett is exclusively one of the country’s most eclectic, quaint and widely acclaimed National Parks.

      Being India's most popular wildlife sanctuary, Corbett has the highest density of tigers in India. Other animals comprise of the leopard, elephant, jungle cat, bear, wild boar, sambhar, hog deer, barking deer. Relaxing in the sun on the banks of the Ramganga, you can find the slender snouted gharial and the ferocious crocodile.


      Route: Delhi - Meerut - Khatauli - Muzzafarnagar - Roorkee - Dehradun – Mussoorie

      Mountain mist, ancient architecture, the fragrance of flowers and streams transport you to the romantic times, long ago. Mussoorie, fondly famous as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ showcases the breathtaking view of extensive Himalayan snow ranges to the north-east, and glistening views of the Doon Valley and Haridwar to the south. The town takes you to the fairyland!! The scenic beauty offers you enchanting pine covered hill slopes and snow capped mountains, leaving a lifetime impression in your eyes and on your mind.

      Sightseeing: Bhadraj Temple, Camel's Back Road, Gun Hill, Mussoorie Lake, Kempty Falls, Surkhanda Devi, Dhanolti.

      Now, after being through the above article, choose the best weekend tour from Delhi when you plan your next short trip. Weekend getaways around Delhi are opted keeping the driving distance in consideration.


      Choose the most suitable one and Laze Around the next weekend!!

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  • Bolinas Cliff View Bolinas Cliff View

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      An incredible view of the Pacific Ocean from the cliffs just west of Bolinas, California. No guardrails.

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  • Top Biking Adventures in Vietn Top Biking Adventures in Vietnam

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      As a country with every terrain imaginable, Vietnam offers a memorable bicycling adventure for any and all peddlers, regardless of experience or condition. The flat expanse of the Mekong Delta grows to rugged mountains in the central expanse and then blends into the widest variety of difficulty north near Hanoi.
      Traffic and Bicycle Laws
      Along with standard laws like not causing traffic problems by racing or zigzagging, Vietnam has few laws targeted specifically toward the bicyclist. It is important to remember not to carry cumbersome loads, carry children over age seven with you or ride more than two abreast. No sort of helmet or lighting is required, but bicyclists are not allowed to ride with open umbrellas. One can only guess what happened to make this law.
      Common Trips
      For those interested in adventure and active trips, there are some routes that will take you through and explore the backcountry while providing some modicum of modern amenities. ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA_one of the travel companies offering cycling tours in Indochina_ is received good reviews of adventure travelers.
      Biking Mekong Delta
      The easiest of these is around the Mekong Delta. With a terrain nearly devoid of any rise, these trips are easier, but by no means less scenic, than the others. Traveling through the expanse of rice paddies dotted with the occasional copse of trees, the rider will be joined by children cycling to or from school or women returning from the market. People in the villages will be pleasantly surprised to see a foreigner riding into town and a circuit from Ho Chi Minh to any of the surrounding villages is an easy ride. With the flat terrain and abundance of villages it is easy to take a trip of any length, whether only a day or two weeks, a rider can tour without backtracking.
      Biking Mai chau, Hoa Binh province
      The northern area allows for more wooded scenery while still allowing for easier trips. For the more adventurous, the northern area provides a greater degree of difficulty through the hills surrounding Hanoi. This trip offers a great opportunity to see the two area of outstanding nature beauty; the North West highlands of Mai Chau and the limestone mountains of Ninh Binh. Biking is a great way to see this fascinating and visually stunning part of Vietnam, offering both physical activity and the unique opportunity to observe a way of life that has changed little over the centuries. As we ride in Mai Chau we encounter Muong and White Thai minorities and are guests in their traditional stilt houses allowing us to see firsthand how these minority peoples live. In Ninh Binh we explore the beauty of “Halong Bay on the rice fields” on bikes.
      Biking Ho Chi Minh trail
      A new trip for the adventurous would be along the historical Ho Chi Minh trail. The so-called Ho Chi Minh Trail is one of the most renowned legends of the American War. The complicated road system winds along the Truong Son Range, which that facilitated movement of soldiers and war supplies from North Vietnam to battlefields in South Vietnam. Now the historic trail is being turned into a highway and hotels and towns are springing up speedily beside it. The route is incredibly beautiful with new mountain views around every corner, very little traffic, and virtually no tourists.
      Weather in Southeast Asia is a big consideration and it is recommended to go from Late September to December or March to late May. The weather in the southern area of Vietnam stays warm and humid averaging 26°C with its rainy season from June to September. BE WARNED: Vietnam sees monsoonal rains starting in June, peaking in August and tapering down in September. This season varies depending on location; Hanoi in the north generally has a rainy season that peaks earlier while Ho Chi Minh City may not see its rains slack until early October. Vietnam, especially central Vietnam, often floods and can hold up a trip for a week before the waters recede.
      The hot season will see temperatures averaging 30°C, with the south staying warm all year round and the north seeing winter trends averaging 15°C. Depending on the time of year, it would be advisable to take a jacket to keep off the chill, especially if riding in the highlands, and a hat to protect against the sun.
      Other Considerations
      Visas must be applied for at least six months prior to entry date. Tourist visas are granted for one month, but may be extended after arrival in Vietnam, and only allow one entry into the country. Tourists must fill out arrival/departure papers and declaration papers, keeping both with the passport at all times. It is also recommended having a few extra passport-size photos with you as local authorities may request these and it is always a good idea to stay on the good side of authorities.
      With over two-thirds of its roads unpaved and those paved roads sporting an abundance of potholes, the road conditions almost require a mountain bike. 
      The lush landscapes and warm hospitality provide anyone with a good biking tour of Vietnam. Take the time to look around and smell the proverbial “roses”.
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  • New Zealand Flights take you t New Zealand Flights take you to a Fantasyland

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      Beautifully burrowed into the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is decked with stunning landscape, verdant meadows, crystal clear lakes and incredibly scenic beached and to top it all a great culture of hospitality. The allure of this picture postcard destination transcends borders and people often board New Zealand flights to get to this heavenly destination on earth which is synonymous with its Kiwi birds.
      Queenstown New Zealand
      The destination called New Zealand is also a moviemakers’ delight. Filmmakers often roll their cameras to capture the breathtaking views of this immaculate beauty. At first glance, it appears that this jaw dropping destinations has been made just for the tourists.
      The country, where sheep outnumber people, provides enough scope for adventure sports like bungee jumping, black water rafting and zorbing. New Zealand puts you on an adrenalin rush with skydiving and glacier climbing options.
      water rafting in new zealand

      The cities in New Zealand are elegantly tucked in this lovely landscape. Auckland, the largest city in the country can be termed as a city of volcanoes spewing lava. Rotorua has Maori culture and hot pools as its USP while Hamilton keeps the tourists enthralled with its understated charm. Cities like Napier, Wellington and Christchurch have their own aura.

      The inhabitants of the land has joined hands to make it a beloved tourist destination, the people here are extremely courteous and take pride in offering best of hospitality to the visitors. Board a flight to New Zealand from UK and say hello to this darling destination.

      This content is originally Syndicated from: - http://brianmcquillan-travel.blogspot.com/2013/03/new-zealand-flights-take-you-to.html

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  • Qingdao Qingdao

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      The old town of Qingdao is very special, with a lot of European-style architectures there. Almost across each mountain, there are some parks and also some residences of celebrities. If you stay in a hotel in Qingdao, it’s better to choose the one near to the sea because in autumn, there are a lot of beautiful landscapes that you are able to see anytime when walking out of your hotel. 
      The trestle of Qingdao, located in the south of Zhongshan Road where there are a number of tourists, is built over a gulf for visitors to board the sightseeing ship to cruise on the river.

      The trestle is as old as some of the buildings in Qingdao. In Qing Dynasty, an imperial envoy Li Hung-Chang came to Qingdao to inspect. During that time, he wanted to take a big ship there, but since Qingdao was a very small village where there was no port, the ship could not be parked. A harbor which was later built for temporarily use and rebuilt for several times is not a port any more now but an art gallery where some of art works are exhibited.

      What’s more, the trestle is the symbol of Qingdao which is a must-visit scenic spot. At the end of the trestle is a pavilion which looks really special against the European-style buildings around it, with double eaves of Chinese traditional styles on the roof. The trestle which is situated over the gulf is 440 meters long and 8 meters wide with concrete structures. At the south part of it is a half round jetty. There is an attic with eight corner angles where tourists are able to see layers of waves surging. The attic has bee approved as one of the best scenic spots in Qingdao. On the other hand, the night views around the trestle are much more beautiful in daytime than in nighttime.                

      The Christian church in Qingdao is a well-known religious building located at Road 15, near to Xinhao Shan Park in the east where there are magnificent landscapes.
      The wide and flat square in front of the church looks very magnificent against a forest and all kinds of western-style architectures around it. Stepping onto narrow steps, you will see its strong walls, half round window frames, pitched roofs and bell tower.

      The Christian church is a typical German-style building composed of a bell tower and an auditorium. The bell tower on which you are able to have a bird view of sea views is 39.10 meters high, with a huge clock on there that makes the solemn church mysterious. On the other hand, the auditorium which is composed of two floors, with delicate decoration of the interior looks very special and accommodates thousands of people at a time.     

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  • A trip to Anhui Province A trip to Anhui Province

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      Speaking of Shanzhu Temple, it’s a well-known scenic area in Anhui Province. It’s approved in 2009 by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization as an international geological park covering an area of 135.12 square kilometer meters. Each year, tourists from around the world are attracted here to visit it.  


      Shanzhu Temple in which the statues like the heavenly king and king kong look very august was built along mountains mostly with red bricks. Lihua Tower was constructed earlier in Ming Dynasty to be in honor of an eminent monk named Sanzhu, and Sangao Pavilion to be honor of another eminent monk Gaoshi. Standing on the floor of the temple, I could see an ancient tower with 20 meters high which was built in Tang Dynasty. On its wall, there are some pictures of bodhisattva. What’s more, the outline looks complicated in the distance but very simple in fact. On the other hand, I was told by a monk that there is a path in the tower leading to Tianzhu Mountain. Later, I was sticking around a little bit longer in the temple, and there were not other visitors except me and my friends because it was almost lunch time.


      Not walking out of the temple very far, we saw a tranquil path and kept walking for less than 10 kilometers to see an old man was sweeping the road. He told us that the tea house was 30 kilometers away, which really surprised us. Anyway, we had to go there. we just kept moving but with uncertainty. Going hundred meters away, we saw a bus and took it with RMB 8 to the tea house equipped with a parking lot. What’s more, a lot of tourists were there.


      The entrance gate of the scenic area Tianzhu Mountain is located at where it’s 500 meters away from the tea house. It’s actually developed by local famers. The entrance tickets are sold at the price of RMB 60. Inside it, there are some beautiful waterfalls.


      At about 3:40 pm when we just entered the scenic area, a lake that is not very big came into our sight. It’s called Peach Blossom Lake, famous for that fact that in spring many peach blossom flowers are in blossom beside the lake.


      Every hundred meters or every one to two kilometers, there are some landscapes, such as waterfalls or rivers, and a few of houses can be seen. Beside the road, I saw first bamboo forests and then pine trees some needles of which are shorter  but some others of which are longer. In addition, a week ago after a snow, the pine needles were covered with ice. It’s really interesting.


      We were keeping walking along streams and through a forest, hearing a rumble from time to time at the distance, and walked a few hundred meters further on the mountain road before we came to the waterfall. It’s called Tongtian Waterfall. Normally we watch waterfalls upward, but we can also do that downward. The whole valley is 3.5 kilometers long. Thinking of visiting Tianzhu Mountain later, we just went back to our hotel in hurry for rest.


      We have two routes for climbing Tianzhu Mountain. when we started, it’s at about 1 pm.


      At the beginning, we walked for about 40 minutes. On the way, views were not so bad, overlooked at the distance. On that day, since fog was heavy, we were unable to see anything more clearly. Across a frozen river, we came to a place called Zhengyigang, where you can look around in the pavilion with one hundred square meter. Beside the pavilion, it’s written on a landmark that the place zhengyigang is near to Tianzhu Mountain on which you are able to see magnificent mountain peaks.        


      Walking from Zhengyigang for less than 200 meters, I felt as if I had stepped into a fairyland with heavy fog and saw some of irregular boulders there with thousand years history. The landscapes in Tianzhushan come into your sight magically, with different-shaped and different-sized boulders presenting in front of you unexpectedly, with some snow on them.  


      I really enjoyed the trip.







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  • A trip in Macao A trip in Macao

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      I have been to Macao many times and know everything well there. However there are still some of places I have never been to. Last time, I went to Macao to revisit Venetian Hotel,  and Ruins of Saint Paul's, but Guia Fortress is the scenic spot I have never been to for a visit. When I went through customs pass, it was already 10:30 in the morning. After I reached Macao, I exchanged RMB for Macao dollars at an exchange shop. I saw through a window on the right side of the custom pass hall that a lot of hotel shuttle buses that take tourists to hotels for free were parking there and took one of them to the Venetian Hotel of Macao the layout of which is designed like Venice.          


      In the hotel, there are a lot of arch bridges, small canals and stone roads that are designed like those in Venice. On the third floor, it’s a very big shopping center, where diamond rings like the brand TIFFANY are sold at 40 thousand Macao dollars. Therefore it seems that I should work harder to be able to buy that kind of ring. And then I went to Guia Fortress to visit. I took a bus there to go to the LulianRuo Park and then to the Erlonghou Park for visit. In the Erlonghou Park, cable cars are provided to take tourists to the top of the Songshan Mountain for them to overlook the beautiful views of Macao. It’s only 3 Macao dollars for a return thicket and it’s so cheap. It was when I took cable cars for the first time.  


      Guia Fortress is located on the top of Dongwangyang Mountain, on which you are able to overlook the whole peninsula of Macao. There are also many air-raid shelters which are opened for people to visit.


      After that, I went to Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro. On the way to Ruins of Saint Paul's, I passed by Tower Stone Square, and Central Library of Macao. At 3 in the afternoon, I immediately went to a cake shop to buy some cheese cake, because each time I went to Macao and I would buy some, for it tastes really good.        

      What’s more, I went to a famous beef offal restaurant which has many subbranches, to eat some beef offal. However, it’s much more expansive than before. After that, I went some shopping.   


      This trip in Macao ended with being on my way home by flight.   


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  • 10 Days Golf Vacation in Egypt 10 Days Golf Vacation in Egypt

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      Day 1: Welcome to Egypt

      Arrive to Cairo airport, meet and assist by your tour manager then transfer to your hotel for check in with an exclusive air conditioned modern van. Our rep will provide you with detailed info about your holiday itinerary advice all procedures and finalize all pick up time for your holiday time, overnight in Cairo. Meals: Welcome drink

      Day 2: Giza Pyramids / Egyptian Museum Tour

      Breakfast at your hotel in Cairo and then met by your personal guide who will accompany you in day tour to the Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, varying between six-thousand and even thirteen-thousand years old, and Valley temple facing the great statue. All places are wheelchair accessible. Lunch at a good quality restaurant. Then move onto the Egyptian Museum, well-paved place, where you can see the collection of Tutankhamen among other splendid pharaonic artifacts. Then transfer to see Khan El Khalili Bazaar. Overnight in Cairo.

      Day 03: Playing Golf Game

      After breakfast, transfer to Hilton Pyramids Golf Course to enjoy (18 hole golf course). After that back to the hotel. Overnight in Cairo.

      Day 04: Playing Golf Game

      After breakfast, transfer to enjoy the course at Kattamiya Heights Golf Resort (18 hole golf course). After that back to the hotel. Overnight in Cairo.

      Day 05: Fly to Luxor

      Transfer to Cairo Airport for flight to Luxor. Checks in your hotel, then visit the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon on the west bank. Cross the river to see the magnificent Karnak and Luxor temples. Overnight in Luxor at your hotel.

      Day 06: Golf in Luxor

      Transfer to the Royal Valley Golf Club, which offers wonderful views of Luxor west bank, for an enjoyable and challenging game (18 hole) to suit all calibers of golfers. Then transfer back to your hotel. Overnight in Luxor.

      Day 07: Sharm El Sheikh

      After breakfast, transfer to Luxor Airport for flight to the Red Sea resort Sharm El Sheikh. Overnight in Sharm at 05 star hotel, Maritim Jolie Ville Golf Resort.

      Day 08: Golf in Sharm

      Transfer to the golf course which is part of Maritim Jolie Ville Golf Resort, to try out this scenic course (18 hole, 6585 yards, par 72) at this site, close to the Sinai mountains and the Red Sea, that attracts a variety of migrant birds. Free Overnight in Sharm El Sheikh.

      Day 09: Golf in Sharm

      After breakfast, transfer to Sharm Airport for flight to Cairo. Check in your hotel and overnight in Cairo.

      Day 10: Final Departure

      Breakfast, transfer to Cairo Airport for departure.


      Egypt 10 Days Luxury Golfing Holiday, Golf Break Tours in Egypt

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  • Winter Sunrise @ Bear Lake Winter Sunrise @ Bear Lake

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      Bear Lake sits at 9475 ft. elevation in Rocky Mountain National Park.   A paved road open year around takes you to within 100 yards of this beautiful alpine lake.  Hallett's Peak ( Elev. 12, 713 ft.) is in the spotlight due to the rising sun at dawn on a winter morning in January 2009.

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  • Experience the Difference with Experience the Difference with your Gatlinburg Vacation Rental

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    • Description:


      Gatlinburg is a picturesque vacation destination which offers its visitors a number of beautiful attractions and boasts an engrossing natural beauty that is only topped by the adjoining glory of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Gatlinburg vacation rentals offer its guests a cozy and comfortable retreat to refresh and unwind while admiring the majestic scenic views of the White Mountains or going on a hike through the nearby national forest.


      To get best of the spectacular vistas and far reaching views, first time visitors are strongly encouraged to take up Gatlinburg vacation rentals on the high ridges of the city which can be found on outer sides of Gatlinburg. These places will truly exemplify the spiritual beauty of this city, full of natural wonder and tranquility. People interested in getting this kind of experience may find that Gatlinburg cabin rentals are just the perfect ticket for taking it easy and even come with a variety of modern amenities to make your holiday truly hassle free. You can also make heading out on exploratory hikes and bike riding opportunities on well known trails of Cades Cove Loop in Gatlinburg.


      Gatlinburg is world famous for its Great Smoky Mountains. There are 2,100 miles of streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, creating an unforgettable smoky mountain memory with your family. The Little Pigeon River is another attraction spot of Gatlinburg, which flows right through town and the city parks. There's nothing more relaxing and peaceful than tossing your feet in the water. This is just the beginning of your fun as there are all kinds of things to uncover while you´re here with your family and freinds. Gatlinburg's popular local pass time is bird watching, as well as golfing, horseback riding, camping and even water rafting which is sure to take you on higher level of entertainment.


      Ripley´s Aquarium is one of the city´s biggest attractions, easily accessible from the Gatlinburg cabin rentals. Besides this, the Guinness World of Records Museum, Ober Gatlinburg Amusements Park and the Mysterious Mansion of Gatlinburg are the major point of attractions of this beautiful city. Despite having all these major attractions, most of the people who come to visit to Gatlinburg are interested in the outdoor possibilities that its surroundings offer. You will also love to take a peaceful stroll on the Riverwalk, which is a vibrant and animated downhill run at Ober Gatlinburg.

      To explore the natural splendors, you can browse for the suitable Gatlinburg vacation rentals with an easy access to shopping and nearby attractions on AlwaysOnVacation. So plan your Gatlinburg vacation with AlwaysOnVacation and cherish some lifetime moments with your family and friends. AlwaysOnVacation is one of the world’s largest holiday rental marketplaces and distribution networks with over 50,000 holiday rental units listed in 120 countries.


      AlwaysOnVacation offers lot of options for affluent vacation rentals for both large groups and couple getaways. Start to plan from today and find out the best one, with deep discounts for last minute bookings, early bird bookings and long stays.

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  • Everest Panorama Trek - 23 Day Everest Panorama Trek - 23 Days

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      Tengboche MonastryTengboche Monastry

      Everest panorama trek is ideal for those with less time who never the less want a view of Mt.Everest. Mount Everest is fascinates the world by being top of the world. It provides a good insight into Sherpa culture without the struggle of high altitude trekking. This scenic trek along the river valley of the Dudh Kosi, brings you to Namche (the Sherpa's capital of Khumbu Region), and the monastery at Tengboche. Our destination is the village of Syangboche (3867m). So, this trek is known as Tengboche Trek in a week below Everest. Walking through the lovely forest and traditional Sherpa villages to the world renowned and sacred monastery of Tengboche is rewarded with the views from a low elevation and in a shortest time period of Mt. Everest soaring behind Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Ama-Dablam, Kangtega and Taw ache peaks. When we return from Tengboche you will meet the Sherpas, enjoy their world renowned hospitality and witness how life continues very much as it has done for centuries at traditional Sherpa villages of Khumjung and Khunde.

      Namche BazarNamche Bazar

      Maximum Elevation: 3867 mtrs.

      Trek Duration: 12 Days

      Mode of Operation: Tea House and Camping

      Season: Mar., Apr, May, Jun-Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec.

      Trip Grade: Easy

      Attraction: Spectacular views of the Himalayas, Exciting ethnic or Sherpa peoples and village, Abundance of wildlife, Majestic water falls, Beautiful shining rivers, Bamboo forest with abundance of wildlife, Spiritual Buddhist monasteries, Tengboche Monastery, Snow covered everest range, Sherpa’s Tradition and Culture, Library on the world highest place.


      Everest Panorama Trek Day to Day Itinerary

      Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu; Greet and meet you at airport; Transfer to hotel; Overnight at hotel.

      Day 02: Half day guided city tours (Include world heritage sites: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupati Nath Temple, Swayambu Nath and Buddha Nath Stupa); Afternoon pre-trip discussion of the trek; Overnight at Hotel.

      Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla-2800 mtrs; And Walk up to Phakding; (3-4 hrs.); 2653 mtrs.

      Day 04: Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazzar; (5-6 hrs.); 3440 mtrs.

      Day 05: Acclimatization Day and Hike around Namche Bazzar.

      Day 06: Trek from Namche Bazzar to Tengboche; (5-6 hrs.); 3867 mtrs.

      Day 07: Trek from Tengboche to; (4-5 hrs.); 3790 mtrs.

      Day 08: Trek from Khumjung to Phakding; (5-6 hrs.); 4800 mtrs.

      Day 09: Trek from Phakding to Lukla; (3-4 hrs.); 2800 mtrs.

      Day 10: Fly from Lukla to Kathmandu, Afternoon free in Kathmandu.

      Day 11: Drop to airport for your final flight departure.

      (Note: This is full trip Itinerary, If anyone interested for the half trip after arrival in Nepal, we can arrange half trip itinerary also)

      Trip Cost Includes

      • All airport/Hotel transfers
      • 3 star level Hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast.
      • Welcome and farewell dinner.
      • All lodging and fooding during the trek.
      • A full day sightseeing tour in Kathmandu valley including tour guide and entrance fees.
      • Domestic flights and Airport taxes.
      • An experienced English-speaking trekking guide, Assistant trek guide and Porters to carry luggage (2 Trekkers:1 porter ) including their salary, insurance, equipment, flight, food and lodging
      • All necessary paper work and Trekking permits or National park permit, TIMS Card)
      • All government and local taxes if necessary.

      Trip Cost Excludes

      • Nepal visa fee.
      • International Airfare to and from Kathmandu.
      • Excess baggage charges.
      • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, Late departure, Early return from mountain (Due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary.
      • Lunch and Evening meals in Kathmandu (And also in the case of early return from mountain than the scheduled itinerary).
      • Travel and Rescue insurance.
      • Personal expenses (Phone Calls, Laundry, Bar bills during the trekking, Battery recharge, Extra porters, Bottle or Boiled water, Shower etc).
      • Tips for Guides and Porters.
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    • From: ajjordan2
    • Description:

      Sturgeon Bay Waterfront Door County, Wisconsin is a quaint community of intriguing ancient history and lore that contains golfing grounds that once lay home to French immigrants 11,000 years ago. Named after the treacherous passage where the turbulent waters of Green Bay meet the open body of Lake Michigan, this “door” caused dozens of shipwrecks and thus gave birth to the name, Door County. Referred to as the Cape Cod of the Midwest by locals and vacationers alike, Door County, Wisconsin attracts thousands of golf lovers every year. The 483-square mile county is the largest county in Wisconsin, and offers a plethora of golf choices on its vast stretch of land.



      The aquatic layout of Door County grants scenic golf course landscapes. Sweeping views of the waters of Green Bay, Lake Michigan, and 400 million-year old limestone bluffs along the shorelines are some of the Door County Bluffs awe-inspiring sights to take in while golfing. Each of the 11 golf courses in the county are unique and challenging in their own way.  


      The Alpine Golf Resort features 36 holes, with the 9th hole on the Blue course famed as being the most scenic hole in Wisconsin. It features an exciting tee-off at 300 feet over a bluff, with the hole at ground level. According to Steve Habel, a seasoned golfer from Texas, the challenging Orchards at Egg Harbor is his favorite golf course in the county. The Orchards is a 72 par course with bent grass tees with at least 4 sets of tees on each hole, allowing for variable challenges. 



      Alpine Gold Course


      Golf TrailA popular destination for travelers to Door County is Washington Island, Wisconsin’s largest island at 36 square miles. Here, you can find swimming and snorkeling at one of the island’s three beaches, cave tours, museums featuring local artifacts, and Icelandic horses ready to giddy up. Also located on the island is the 9-hole Deer Run Golf Course, where chances of a deer ambling across your path are favorable. The course has been recently renovated to feature more doglegs, elevated tee boxes, and challenging greens. Another course, the 18-hole Idlewild Golf Course located in Sturgeon Bay was given a 4-star rating by Golf Digest as “One of the places to play”. The course is meticulously landscaped with lakes and elevated views of the nearby Potawatomi Park.



                                                              To experience the local’s choice for golf, visit the Bay Ridge Golf Course18- hole Peninsula State Park Golf Course. Dotted with cedar, oak, birch, and maple trees, the course offers a scenic backdrop of rolling woodlands. Views of Green Bay, Eagle Harbor and the village of Ephriam supplement this beautiful landscape. Also available in the Peninsula State Park are recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, and swimming. During the winter months, you can enjoy snow sports such as skiing and snowmobiling. Another prominent Door County golf course is the Cherry Hills course located in Sturgeon Bay. This 18-hole course offers three sets of tees on each hole, and is manicured with the popular local cherry tree.










      Door County fish boilTake a break from golf and enjoy some of the area’s off-the-green activities. Door County is one of the major contributors to the billion-dollar boating industry in the Great Lakes region. Take a sailing cruise or rent a boat at one of the marinas (Sister Bay or Sturgeon Bay). During the day, visit some of the wineries and breweries that offer free tours and wine tasting, such as Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery & Brewery. In the evenings, catch a performance at the American Folklore theatre (the oldest folklore theatre in the country), take part in quaint shopping in local villages, and sample boiled fish, one of the native cuisine choices in Door County. Door County fish boil


      Parasailing Door County                  Door County fish boilDoor County kayak


      Door County fish boil



      Parasailing Door County Door County fish boil











































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  • Seattle Seattle

    • From: hoosierfan1997
    • Description:

      Set between two major mountain ranges, the Olympics and the Cascades, with the Puget Sound's fjord-like waters to the west and massive Lake Washington to the east, Seattle has one of the most dramatic settings of any city in the country.

      The frequent moody cloud cover can hide those jagged mountains but on clear days 14,411-foot (4297 meter) Mount Rainier can be seen from the city. Reuters correspondents with local knowledge help visitors get the most out of a short stay in the northwestern U.S. city.

      6 p.m. - If the clouds have lifted even a bit, there's no better place to watch the sunset over Elliott Bay than from the Seattle Art Museum's nine-acre Olympic Sculpture Park on the downtown waterfront. Besides wandering about the 20 sculptures from major artists like Alexander Calder, Louise Nevelson and Richard Serra, you can enjoy further views of the changeable bay by strolling along the paved trail through nearby Myrtle Edwards Park.

      7 p.m. - Head up to the Capitol Hill neighborhood and start the weekend with cocktails at Tavern Law, named by GQ Magazine as one of the 25 best bars in America.

      There are plenty of handcrafted cocktails to enjoy in the Prohibition-era surroundings, but celebrate the start of your getaway with a custom champagne cocktail. Peruse the menu. The oxtail banh mi sandwich, based on Vietnamese tradition, will give you a taste of the Pacific Rim influence that figures in so many Seattle menus.

      9 p.m. - Seattle takes its jazz seriously and there's no better spot than Dimitriou's Jazz Alley downtown to hear it. With any luck, a musician like Grammy Award-winning Arturo Sandoval will be holding court. Or maybe you'll catch the funky horn-driven Tower of Power.

      9 a.m. - Fortify yourself for the day ahead with one of the best Mexican breakfasts anywhere at Senor Moose in the lively Ballard neighborhood. The crowded restaurant offers breakfast specialties culled from regions throughout Mexico. Try the outstanding huevos motuleos with black beans inspired by the Yucatan breakfast staple. Even though it's early, go ahead and get an order of the flawless guacamole and chips. It's surprisingly good with a cup of Senor Moose's strong coffee.

      11 a.m. - Get a sense of Ballard's historic status as Seattle's Scandinavian neighborhood at the Nordic Heritage Museum and at stops such as the shop Scandinavian Specialties, where you can pick up house-made cured meats, homemade Swedish meatballs and a bowl of traditional yellow split pea soup.

      Ballard also has a lively shopping scene.  KAVU, a local Seattle clothing and gear company, offers the quintessential Northwest look, with hip interpretations of outdoorsy style clothes. Stop at The Secret Garden Bookshop which has a carefully chosen selection of books for children and adults. For lunch, head to the nearby Ray's Boathouse Cafe with views for which Seattle is famous, along with the seafood.

      3 p.m. - Spend the next two hours absorbing more of Asia's influence on Seattle at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. The museum, which is situated in lovely Volunteer Park, showcases exquisite art from various centuries and numerous counties in Asia.

      5 p.m. - Continue your exploration of Seattle's hot cocktail scene at the Zig Zag Cafe tucked away behind the Pike Place Market. Try the One Legged Duck, a blend of Rye Whiskey, Dubonnet, Mandarine Napoleon and Fernet Branca. Order a plate of marinated olives to go with it, or try the cheese plate. Much of the food on the menu is sourced at the Pike Place Market.

      7 p.m. - Since you're already at Pike Place, head to Matt's in the Market on the third floor of the Corner Market Building, where the food matches the view. Meat lovers can try the Pork Belly Confit with kimchi broth. For those who prefer seafood try the clams with chorizo and cava or order anything with Dungeness crab or perhaps some oysters on the half shell. For a larger plate try the seafood stew.

      9 p.m. - For a great evening head to the Triple Door in the heart of downtown Seattle, which offers music ranging from pop chanteuse crooners to Apple Jam, a group presenting a critically praised tribute to the Beatles.  A great wine list is available, along with excellent cocktails and Southeast Asian inspired plates. The satays are a perennial favorite.



      10 a.m. - For brunch try Salty's at Alki in West Seattle. It can be crowded, but the views and lavish assortment of Northwest foods on offer more than make up for it, including piles of Dungeness crab and smoked salmon, along with brunch staples like Eggs Benedict and Belgian waffles. Afterwards walk for miles along the waterfront through Alki, Seattle's premiere people watching neighborhood and beach scene. Seals often pop their heads up here, and you'll see ferries chugging off to local islands.

      1 p.m. - Seattle is a book lover's town, and readers have many fine bookstores to visit. Seattle Mystery Bookshop in historic Pioneer Square is one of the best and offers both new and used books. Passionate, friendly staff can help you find the perfect read.

      For an excellent general selection, Elliott Bay Book Company on Capitol Hill has the goods, many with staff recommendations, plus a great selection of unique cards. It's easy to lose yourself in the stacks, so keep an eye on the clock if you need catch a flight.




      With booming family-friendly popularity, Seattle is an urban playground with wide open appeal for outdoor lovers. If you enjoy tall emerald forests and city parks, stunning views of distant snow-capped mountains and miles of Puget-Sound open water, you'll love Seattle. While many know Seattle as the rain capital, Seattleites boast their city actually gets less annual rain than New York or Miami. A little drizzle is no reason to miss out on exploring -- especially in summer.


      Most city attractions for kids are clustered at Seattle Center, a 74-acre downtown venue with the Space Needle, Children's Museum, Children's Theatre, Pacific Science Center, Experience Music Project and an indoor-outdoor amusement park. Large event fests are here; make sure to bring strollers for the little ones.

      ·         Pike Place Market. The nine-acre Market, which opened on August 17, 1907 according to its website (http://www.pikeplacemarket.com) is can't- miss for all ages as the city's heart and soul. The Market is a free National Historic District with more than 250 businesses, 100 farmers, 200 arts and craftspeople and open daily. Arrive at 10 a.m. to beat crowds. Mondays and Tuesdays are best for crafts; Wednesday-Sundays showcase amazing fresh produce. Kids love their photo with Rachel, the iconic life-sized bronze piggy. She's under the central Market clock by Pike Place Fish, where singing fishmongers throw fish.

      ·         Space Needle. This symbol of the 1962 World's Fair has an observation tower ("O Deck") at 520 feet high. Kids love scoping out Mount Rainier on free telescopes. SkyQ's interactive experience, with five touch-screen kiosks, entertains all. An often-crowded gift shop sells noteworthy souvenirs. Kids 3 and under free; kids ages 4-13 pay $9, ages 14-64 pay $16 and people over 65 years old pay $14.

      ·         Seattle Aquarium. While gazing into a 120,000-gallon aquarium, kids of all ages are astonished as they also see colorful salmon, rockfish, sea anemones and native Washington marine life. Also, there's storytelling for the youngest. On the waterfront at Pier 59, down a flight of stairs from Pike Place Market. It gets crowded, so arrive at 9:30 a.m. Kids ages 3 and under are admitted for free. Admission for youth (ages 4-12) is $10.50, and admission for adults is $16.

      ·         Pacific Science Center. This hands-on, six-acre facility is great for elementary-aged kids, with interactive exhibits and live science demonstrations. A tropical butterfly area is popular for all ages. Also, IMax movies, laser tag and the Planetarium offer an educational, yet fun way of showing kids information. Prices range from $17-$23 for adults and $10-$13 for kids.

      ·         Woodland Park Zoo. Its naturalistic settings rank the 92-acre Woodland Park among the country's top zoos with appeal to all animal lovers. Chilean flamingos, an African savanna, tropical rain forest, and covered activities such as parakeets feeding provide a full day's entertainment. Bring dollar bills for rides on an old-fashioned carousel (merry-go-round). Admission depends on the time of year. Kids under age 2 are admitted for free; admission for adults (October-April) is $11 and $16.50 during summer months. Admission for kids ages 3 through 12 is $11 during summer months and $8 the rest of the year. Be sure to rent a wagon (near admission entrance).

      ·         Experience Music Project Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. One of the world's largest collections of memorabilia from Seattle icon Jimi Hendrix. EMPSFM appeals to rockers, high school teens and parents who remember Hendrix. It celebrates American popular music genres. Also, a SpinKids Station amuses young kids. Kids ages 4 and under are admitted for free. Admission for youth (ages 5-17) is $12, and admission for adults is $15.

      ·         Tillicum Village & Tours. For a memorable four-hour evening, take a late afternoon cruise to scenic Blake Island State Park, birthplace of Chief Seattle, for a Northwest Coast Native American dance presentation. An all-you-can-eat traditional salmon bake dinner is yummy. Board from downtown waterfront's Pier 55. Kids under 4, free; kids aged 5-12 pay $30 and adults pay $79.95.

      ·         Bainbridge Island. Board a downtown Seattle walk-on ferry (about $7 roundtrip, no reservations) at downtown's Pier 52 for a 35-minute ride to charming 28-square-mile Bainbridge Island. It's a fun day trip for the family. Enjoy ice cream, coffees, lunch or picnic. Bring a stroller.

      ·         Olympic Sculpture Park. This free, downtown nine-acre sculpture park is a great spot to view Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains scenery. A z-shaped path rambles among permanent and rotating sculptures. Great for a picnic lunch with treats picked up from shops at nearby Pike Place Market.

      ·         Alki Beach Park. Kids love this true sandy free beach park, with a 2.5-mile pedestrian walkway. It's where the first white settlers arrived in Seattle in 1851. Catch a Metro Bus (Route 56) a block from Pike Place Market. Water temps average 46 to 56 degrees Fahrenheit.

      ·         University District Farmers market. Washington's largest "farmer's only" market is also Seattle's oldest market, taking place every Saturday throughout the year. Sample local farm foods and watch chef demonstrations. 9 a.m.-2 p.m. near University of Washington.

      ·         Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. Kids love watching salmon climb up a fish ladder or catching a glimpse of a sea lion from a viewing window. Also known as the Ballard Locks, the locks raise and lower boats between fresh and salt water.

      ·         Downtown parking is expensive and is challenging to find. Keep it simple -- walk, ride Metro Buses or take a cab.

      ·         One-way streets and steady construction can cause direction confusion; ask for directions.

      ·         The city's scenic waterfront-area hills are steep. Pack each family member's most comfortable shoes.

      ·         At dusk, avoid historic Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market areas (hangouts for rowdy, alcohol-slugging vagrants).

      ·         During late spring and summer, throngs of visitors and cruise passengers frequent popular spots; arrive early in the morning. Arrange a meeting place if family members get separated.

      ·         Summer air conditioning is scarce, so plan accordingly. November kicks off the cool rainy season. In winter, dusk arrives come late afternoon.


      Other things things you should know

      ·         Seattle's Visitor Center and Concierge Services have free bookings and reservations for dining, tours, and transportation. Open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Washington State Convention & Trade Center's Upper Pike Street lobby, 7th and Pike streets. 206-461-5800.

      ·         Most top children's attractions are conveniently located near Seattle Center, a 74-acre urban park, including the Space Needle, the modernistic 1962 World's Fair landmark.

      ·         Seattle's climate is refreshing from July through September. Pack a light jacket or sweater, but most humidity-free temps range from 50s Fahrenheit to the 80s.

      ·         Dressy attire not required. Seattle is casual and laid-back, with layered comfort a fashion standard.\

      ·         Multiple public parks, with green space for running and hiking (some with beaches) offer kid-friendly places for dissipating energy.

      ·         Caught in a downpour? Cool weather? The towering, downtown flagship REI, billed as the world's premier outdoor gear store, has a 65-foot freestanding indoor climbing wall. (Residents typically shun umbrellas).

      ·         At Pike Place Information Booth, corner of Pike Street and 1st Avenue, buy half-priced concert and play tickets for day of performance.

      ·         While walking downtown, have kids look for Seattle's iconic bronze pigs. Take pictures.

      ·         During the winter, rent a car for the day and take the kids skiing. Crystal Mountain has the state's highest vertical drop, along with scenic chairlift rides, hiking trails and biking trails (www.skicrystal.com). Also, the Summit at Snoqualmie has easy accessibility and lessons, both skiing and snowboarding, for adults and kids (www.summitatsnoqualmie.com).

      ·         Plan picnics after visits to the Pike Place Market area. Fresh fruits, cheese, meats and sweet treat food choices are abundant. Don't miss Beecher's for cheese near the market; kids love the homemade mac and cheese on a cool day.

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  • Trekking in Nepal Trekking in Nepal

    • From: trekshimalaya
    • Description:

      Trekking in Nepal is part of world adventure trekking tourism. Natures to renew one’s own self regard, to relive oneself, to realize Nepal beauty, to interact with its generous, friendly peoples are highlights of trekking in Nepal. Trekking is one long term activity that draws repeat visitors. So, Nepal is final purpose for trekking. Offers numerous options walking excursion to meet snowy peaks, their foot hills, valleys but however there is amazing for each who hope trek in Nepal hill, mountain area. Typical trekking and hiking in Nepal as unique combination of natural glory, spectacular trekking trips to hard climbing and Trekking in Himalaya for  Everest Base Camp Trek is most rewarding way to skill Nepal natural beautification and cultural array is to walking, trekking, width and the height of country. Trekking is important of travel Nepal for trekking tours Himalaya on description Nepal tour of large range of ecological features for Nepal Travel Holiday The country nurtures a variety of flora and scenery. Addition to natural atmosphere is rich Himalayan culture. Many of visitor trek to different part of Nepal every year to experience its rustic charm, nature and culture. Most treks through areas between 1000 to 5185m, though some popular parts reach over 5648 meters. Trekking is not climbing, while the climb of Himalayan peaks and enjoy walking holiday in Nepal and trekking tours Nepal might be an attraction for travelers. Every travelers knows for the trekking in Nepal from all over the words an inspiring knowledge. For your attraction Travel Holiday in Nepal lies in its stunning beauty and its excellent culture.

      Trekking in Nepal is best travel activities whole in the world can harmonize the breathtaking beauty and charming culture of Nepal. Adventure enthusiasts talk wildly about it. And more and more tourists are planning for the trek in Nepal on the positive appraisals of others. In my point of view trekking is the best way to experience the http://www.trekshimalaya.com marvelous amalgamation of fantastic nature beauty and rich culture which is unbeatable. This beautiful land is often referred to as the travelers paradise. Annually more than twenty thousand travelers to Nepal and enjoy trekking to experience fantastic nature beauty, http://www.adventurestrekking.com breathtaking views of mountains, picturesque landscapes, rich flora and fauna, vibrant culture, unique tradition and glorious history. Travelers leave this beautiful country with splendid tales to share with their family, relatives, colleagues and friends. You will love Nepal, it beauty, it culture and it friendly people. There are many trekking routes and locations in Nepal where travelers can seek their delights. Popular locations for Nepal Treks are following.   Everest Base Camp Trek and Kalapatthar trekking for you to set up you mind for highest summit then it is the perfect and very exciting trek location in Everest region. It gives trekkers a golden opportunity to fulfill a dream and watching some of the most spectacular scenery in the majestic Himalayas of Nepal.

      This deserving location is very popular among trekkers, climbers and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world. The scenic train to the base camp of the mountain has been one of the most popular routes for trekking in Nepal.  The Everest trekking from jiri This the one of the best ways to do enjoy the charm of exciting trekking tours of Everest. http://www.trekshimalaya.com It allows trekkers to follow the footsteps of the old approach route followed y Everest expeditions. It provides trekkers a wonderful opportunity to watch densely populated http://www.adventurestrekking.com middle hills and the high altitude magnificence of the Everest trekking region.  Mera Peak, Kanchanjungha Peak, Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Sanctuary, Mustang Trekking, Langtang Region, Gokyo Lake Trekking, Lower Ganesh Himal Trekking etc are some of popular options for  Nepal treks. For trekking in Nepal has been classified into four grades according to their nature and type. Grade A is easy treks. Grade B is moderate treks. If you too want to enjoy the charm of this beautiful country, Trek Nepal according to their grades and your desire and treasure a unique lifetime experience.

      Natural beautification and cultural array is to walking, trekking, width and the height of country. Trekking is important of travel Nepal for trekking tours Himalaya on description http://www.trekshimalaya.com of large range of ecological features. The country nurtures a variety of flora and scenery. Addition to natural atmosphere is rich http://www.adventurestrekking.com Himalayan culture. Many of visitor trek to different part of Nepal every year to experience its rustic charm, nature and culture. Most treks through areas between 1000 to 5185 m, though some popular parts reach over 5648 meters. Trekking is not climbing, while the climb of a Himalayan peaks and enjoy walking holiday in Nepal and trekking tours Nepal might be an attraction for travelers. Every traveler knows for the trekking in Nepal from all over the words an inspiring knowledge. Exacting attraction of Nepal lies in its stunning beauty and its excellent culture. Walking through the Himalayas of Nepal, you will be appreciate to Nepalese High Himalaya has delightful hearts of trekking, discover high Himalaya (Mt. Everest 8848m.). Most well-known trekking Everest, Annapurna and Langtang region.

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  • Everest Base Camp Trek - Wound Everest Base Camp Trek - Wounderful Treks in Nepal

    • From: nepaltrekking
    • Description:

      A trek to Everest Base Camp is one of the most amazing adventures in the world and has become a Mecca for adventure travel enthusiasts. Just imagine standing at the point where so many expeditions have left on their way to the summit of the highest mountain in the world. The trek ventures deep into the Himalayas with amazing views of many of the world's highest and most beautiful mountains. Not only can you enjoy the breathtaking views across the Khumbu icefall, but you can experience all the amazing landscapes and culture that Nepal has to offer too. A trip to Everest Base Camp Trek is a real adventure taking you from the bustling Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, via a small aircraft, to Lukla and the start of the trek up the Khumbu Valley. The trek passes through many Sherpa villages, including the famous trading centre of Namche Bazar, as well as visiting Buddhist monasteries along the way.

      Trekking to Everest Base Camp
      Everest Base Camp trekking vary in duration but to ensure you acclimatise properly to the high altitude and lack of oxygen, and enjoy your adventure to the full, real buzz recommends a trek duration of about 14-18 days. In order to trek to Everest Base Camp you must go as part of an organised trek with a licensed mountain tour operator Nepal Visitors Trekking and Walking (p) Ltd. Porters will carry the majority of your food and equipment and cook all of your meals for you. For the trek you only need to carry a daysack containing food, water and warm clothing.

      Everest Base Camp Trekking Itinerary:


      Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu airport (1345meters).
      There you will be met by our Airport Representative and transferred to hotel by private tourist vehicle. Overnight at hotel.

      Day 02: Sightseeing around Kathmandu valley.
      Your sightseeing trip will start at 9 AM in the morning after the breakfast. We provide a private vehicle and professional tour guide. Places we visit are Pasupatinath temple, Buddhanath, Monkey temple, Bhaktpur durbar square and Kathmandu durbar square. The afternoon includes a final briefing and preparations for the trek. Overnight at hotel.

      Day 03: Fly to Lukla (2804 meters) trek to Phakding (2610 meters) 3 hours.
      An early morning start takes us to Tribhuwan international Airport in Kathmandu for the 35 minute scenic flight to Lukla at 2804meters. On arrival at the airport guide will brief you and introduce our porters before we begin our trek towards Phakding at 2610meters. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 04: Trek to Namche Bazaar (3441 meters) 5.30 hours.
      We continue trekking along the banks of the Dudh Kosi, crossing this majestic river many times on exciting suspension bridges laden with prayer flags. After entering Sagamartha National Park, the trail climbs steeply with breathtaking views. Namche Bazaar known as the Gateway to Everest which is home to many quality restaurants, hotels, lodges, shops, Money exchange, internet cafe and a bakery. Namche is one of the biggest villages along the whole Everest trail. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 05: Namche Bazaar Acclimatization day.
      We will spend a day here in order to acclimatize and adjust to the thinning of the air. As well as a short trek where a museum is celebrating the traditional customs of the Sherpa people. Today we hike up the Syangboche Airport around Everest View Hotel. From this point, we can see rewarding views of the Himalayas with a stunning sunrise and sunset over the panorama of Khumbu peaks. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 06: Trek to Tengboche Monastery (3860 meters) 5 hours.
      The trek continues along the rushing glacial waters of the Dudh Kosi with magnificent views of the mountains. We trek to an altitude of 3860meters today. On reaching Tengboche you will see the local monastery. Inside the monastery are incredibly ornate wall hangings, a 20-foot sculpture of Buddha, and the musical instruments and robes of the Lamas. The group will be taken to observe a prayer ceremony either in the evening or morning depending on how the days trekking went. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 07: Trek to Dingboche (4350 meters) 5.30 hours.
      From Thyangboche the trail drops to Debuche, crosses another exciting suspension bridge on the Imja Khola, and climbs to Pangboche amongst thousands of mani stones. Our uphill trek continues, taking us to the quaint traditional Sherpa village of Dingboche with its exquisite views of Lhotse, Island Peak, and Ama Dablam. We take our time so we avoid getting affected by the altitude. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 08: Trek to Chhukung (4710 meters) and trek back to Dingboche. 4.30 hours.
      Today you can enjoy another day for acclimatization. We will have trip to Chhukung valley via the Imja Khola valley to get a marvellous view of the surrounding mountains, especially Lhotse's massive south wall, then return to Dingboche in the evening. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 09: Trek to Lobuche (4910 meters) 5 hours.
      Today, the trail continues along the lateral moraine of the Khumbu Glacier and passes by stone memorials for climbers who have perished on nearby summits.We continue to climb as we are heading to the altitude of 4910 meters at Lobuche which is really just a few huts at the foot of giant Lobuche peak. Some breathing problems may arise today due to the altitude. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 10: Trek to Everest Base Camp (5365 meters) then trek back to Gorak Shep (5180 meters). 7 hours.
      After an early morning start leaving Loubuche, we head up to Everest Base camp (5365meters) you will have unobstructed views of many mountain giants like Nuptse, Pumori, Chagatse and Lhotse looming directly ahead and on all sides. Then we make our return to Ghorakshep at elevation of 5180 meters at noon for our overnight stay. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 11: Trek to Kalapattar (5555 meters) then trek down to Pheriche (4200 meters) 6 hours.
      After reaching Base camp of Everest our aim today is to trek Kalapattar (5555meters). Starting early the ascent is demanding but the climber gets the most magnificent mountain panorama possible with the best view point of Mount Everest along with other surrounding mountains. We then descend to Pheriche at elevation of 4200 meters. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 12: Trek to Namche Bazaar (3441 meters) 5.30 hours.
      Leaving the mountains behind us our descent takes us through Tengboche Monastery at elevation of 3860 meters before continuing back to the town of Namche Bazaar at 3441meters. We arrive back into Namche Bazaar in the afternoon. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 13: Trek to Lukla (3404 meters) 6 hours.
      Finally we return to Lukla where the trek began, which will seem like a lifetime ago. Enjoying time to reflect on the trek as a group and the personal achievement of all those who took part. Also giving you time to explore the town. Overnight at Guesthouse.

      Day 14: Morning flight back to Kathmandu.
      Enjoying your last glimpse of the mountains you have recently visited for one last time on the 35 minute Scenic flight back to Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel.

      Day 15: Leisure day in Kathmandu.
      It's also spare day in case of bad weather in Lukla, If you are interested in continuing on to Chitwan Jungle Safari, River Rafting Adventure, Kathmandu Shopping Tour or Scenic Everest Flight.

      Day 16: Transfer for your final flight departure.
      The trip ends, our Airport Representative will drop you to the Kathmandu International Airport for your flight departure from Nepal.


      For More information

      Nepal Visitors Travel Network
      P.O. Box :19760, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.
      Tel :+977-1-4263133, Fax:+977-1-4216454, +9779841258665 (M)
      Skype: nepalvisitors

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  • Fishing boat in Glacier Bay Al Fishing boat in Glacier Bay Alaska

    • From: mmiwig
    • Description:

      Pic taken in May 2007 on an Alaskan Cruise.   The glaciers and snow covered mountains dwarfed this little fisning boat in Glacier Bay. Alaska.

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  • Pest from the Buda side Pest from the Buda side

    • From: GL Salava
    • Description:

      Overlooking Pest, BudaPest, Hungary) from the castle on the Buda side.  The castle area on the Buda side has many unique places to explore, mainly the side streets.  The church is beautiful with the many different colored roof tiles, the inside of the church is amazing and not to be missed.  Great views of the city, not to be missed.  A walk up from the river to the castle area takes some time but is well worth the effort.

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  • Dubrovnik, Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia

    • From: cmalkovich
    • Description:

      On our way to the airport to fly back to the U.S., our nice driver stopped at the top of a hill to allow us one last look at beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we were sad to leave the Balkans but were thrilled to have seen this amazing view and to have visited this wonderful city.

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  • Dubrovnik, Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia

    • From: cmalkovich
    • Description:

      As we walked the ancient wall along the old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, you couldn't help but notice how the red tile roofs accented the Adriatic sea so beautifully. Dubrovnik is a coastal town located along the Adriatic sea and is well known for its boating and amazing beaches. It was the last stop of our two-week visit through the Balkans and one placeĀ I will never forget.

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  • Reef down below Reef down below

    • From: kchaffee
    • Description:
      Reef down below, from Diamond Head.
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