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  • Bathroom Bathroom

    • From: beachwoodhotels
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      Welcome to Beachwood Hotel, Maafushi. Maldives

      Experience the tropical splendor of this beautiful island called Maafushi with a population of approximately 2000 people surrounded by the clear blue Indian Ocean. While Resorts in Maldives follow the unique concept of one island one resort, Maafushi gets you to experience the same natural beauty of Maldives with a feel of our culture. Just a short 20-minute speed boat ride away from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Maafushi is a beautiful island located in South Male’ Atoll.

      Situated in the heart of the island, Beachwood Hotel is a 20 room stylishly furnished hotel with modern amenities. The concept of our hotel is inspired by water, sand and wood commonly found on the beaches of Maldives.  Here at Beachwood Hotel, we offer a fresh, warm, culturally-aware environment with an appreciation for nature and community in a modern, minimalistic setting. We are also proud to offer the only swimming pool on the island.

      Let our trained staff here at Beachwood Hotel make your dream sun, sea and sand vacation be a journey to remember.

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  • Downtown Austin Vacation Condo Downtown Austin Vacation Condo

    • From: Austinshortterm
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      This a picture of the bathroom from an exclusive downtown Austin condo. This condo is available for short term rentals and special events in Austin.

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  • When in Paris Stay in Romantic When in Paris Stay in Romantic Hotels If You Are Just Two

    • From: Shah
    • Description:

      Paris has long been known as the city of love according to almost everyone who goes there. But did you know that there are actually some hotels who cater for twosomes only? Most of these are not far from many tourist spots, and you may be able to get a discount, depending on what season it is. Let me guide you to these <a href=" www.parishotels-discount.com">paris hotels</a><br /> and here is a short list of which hotels are specific to lovers:


      1. Jays hotel. Not recommended if you are in Paris for the luxury hotels as well, but credited as one of the most romantic. One thing that often annoys people is they cannot get someone to speak English to them. Well, Jay’s staff is very fluent in English. Jays only has a few suites, but they are spacious and private. Rates are around 490 Euros.


      2. Hotel de la Tour Maubourg. This is another hotel that is noted for its romantic settings. With only 17 rooms, it is very intimate, and each room is charmingly fitted out. Hotel de la Maubourg is not really central to major attractions, but many are within walking distance. The breakfasts there have been said to be slightly overpriced, but that isn’t a problem. You can breakfast at one of the cafes that surround it. Rates are low, at 200 Euros a night.


      3. The third one on our tour of romantic hotels to stay in is the Hotel Ares Eiffel. This is a four-star hotel, unlike the first two, but is cheap and clean.  An Italian designer is responsible for the luxurious decorations, and, if you think you will never get near Versace of anything, the bathroom tiles are designed by him. The Hotel Ares Eiffel is noted for the comfort of its beds and for the fact; you can stroll to tourist areas from there. Rates are a surprisingly low 228 Euros per night.


      4. Hotel Balzac. This is a hotel where, should you really wish to go overboard to impress your beloved; you should rent the whole of the luxurious top floor and take advantage of everything there. There is a Presidential Suite and Royal Suite there. The Royal Suite has a terrace that overlooks the Famous Eiffel Tower, a stunning view. The decor is rich and appropriate for kings and queens with its marble bathrooms and velvet canopies. For all this luxury, you would think you would pay a fortune, but it starts at 380euros per night.


      Obviously, in a city the size of Paris, there are many other romantic hotels to choose from, but these three are very popular, and show a variety of prices. Others who have stayed there have recommended all, and they are great value if you do not want five star accommodation. Of course, if you do, there is always the Hotel West End in Paris, or Hotel Metropolitan, but these are not so romantic. <a href=" www.parishotels-discount.com">Click here</a><br />to find out more.

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  • Hong Kong Delicacies Hong Kong Delicacies

    • From: Lux
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      Buddies said that during my four day journey in Hong Kong; my weblog was all about Hong Kong’sdelicacies, which lured them. Hong Kong’s special treats are really attractive. You will discover them everywhere in all the methods and walkways. Hong Kong is a position converging gourmets all over the globe. European, Southern, Cantonese, Japanese people, Shanghai taste, etc…. all types of special treats can be discovered in Hong Kong. Strolling in Hong Kong, like walking in the heaven of “eaters”.


      The first day in Hong Kong, we were residing in a resort not far away from manchester international airport terminal. It was practical for purchasing, and energetic. Otherwise there was easy to take Anping caber car to see the biggest brown seated Buddha on the globe. We went to see the Buddha and had our lunchtime here. There was a position can eat monk meals. Though the dishes here were all veggie, they were very delightful and relaxing. As we had veggie lunchtime, we made the decision to have supper in an French cafe. The meals here is easy and beautiful. In the candle light, everything seemed so fantasizing. The most attribute of the supper was DIY crushed beans. The breads with French olive oil and crushed beans is so delightful.


      The second day in Hong Kong, we had our lunchtime in the first airport terminal of manchester international airport terminal. The crab-flavor seafood and Cantonese drinks here are worth the suggestions. After lunchtime we went to Kowloon, and residing in a resort of this region with Forehead Road, ladies’ street, Australia Dairy Company in close by. Delicacies can be discovered everywhere, and our supper was fixed when we stepped here. If you are a “Eater”, you will discover your pleasure here.


      The third day in Hong Kong, we had lunchtime in Hotel Novotel, seafood food, 198 Hong Kong Money per person. The seafood here is very clean. Fish, oyster and prawn are all my preferred. After lunchtime we went to Hong Kong Middle District. Out supper was Tai dishes. It was suggested by my buddy. It is said that the primary of the cafe Apple Shrub used to provide in Tai elegant.


      The brief 4 times journey was just making one day. The lunchtime of the last day is simple: breads, French Fried seafood, white-colored bottles, and special-made dessert of the position. The taste is so good as it is successive flavored. After lunchtime, we loaded our baggage and ready to go home. In the bathroom of manchester international airport terminal, we had deserts and clean fruit. Remembering the brief 4-days Hong Kong exquisite journey, oh, I think I drop madly in love with Hong Kong.

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  • Ski and Spa in the French Pyre Ski and Spa in the French Pyrenees

    • From: Sylviespa
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      LES JARDINS DE BALNEA (Region Pyrénées)

      The Pyrenees form a natural frontier between France and Spain displaying a wild and wonderful environment, rich and varied plants and wild life. It is a region rich in history and culture. Come and relax in un spoilt settings, drink from the clear waters of rivers and mountain streams and bathe in the torrents and waterfalls.

      Keep your eyes wide open to the great views the Pyrénées National Park has to offer (with great opportunities for keen photographers).

      Whether you are in Pyrénées Atlantiques, Hautes-Pyrénées or Midi-Pyrénées, you will be amazed by the warm welcome you will get and won’t miss a chance to bring back local recipes of a cuisine drenched in olive oil and tasting of sunshine.

      Where to say ?

      Loudenvielle is a village full of flowers, nestled in an un spoilt and verdant valley. A lake, park, spa center, outdoor pool with waterslides, mini-market, cinema and hiking trails are all within short walking distance, creating the perfect holiday hideaway for young families and mature couples.

      A group of 5 recently built traditional style chalets divided into 69 apartments in total, located 100m the village centre and the shops, 300m from the Balnéa spa centre. A car is recommended to travel around.

      all appartements are well equipped in this resort with :

      Kitchenette with ceramic hob, microwave and dishwasher, flat screen TV (may only

      offer French channels), bathroom, balcony or terrace.



      • S4A - ALCOVE STUDIO sleeps 4, 26-31m². Living area with sgl sofa bed and sgl pull-out

      bed, alcove with bunks.

      • 1 BEDROOM ALCOVE or SPLIT-LEVEL APARTMENT sleeps 4, approx 36m². Living

      area, twin bedroom, alcove with bunks.

      •  1 BEDROOM ALCOVE or SPLIT LEVEL APARTMENT sleeps 6, approx 40m². Living

      area with dbl sofa bed, twin bedroom, alcove with bunks.

      • 2 BEDROOM ALCOVE or SPLIT-LEVEL APARTMENT sleeps 7/8, approx 46m².

      Living area with sgl sofa bed and sgl pull-out bed, dbl bedroom, twin bedroom, alcove

      with sgl bed or 1 set of bunks, extra shower. (type of apartment allocated according

      to occupancy)

      • 3 BEDROOM ALCOVE or SPLIT-LEVEL APARTMENT sleeps 9/10, approx 60m².

      Living area with sgl sofa bed and sgl pull-out bed, 2 dbl bedrooms, twin bedroom +

      alcove with sgl bed or 1 set of bunks or twin bedroom, extra shower.

      Here you get all types of apartements either for a young couple, friends or a family .

      We really liked the Spa center in this residence Jardins Balnea .. they offer free access to the Spa center but also special spa packages at a good affordable price.

      see below some suggestions :

      YOUR SPA

      BALNEA is the largest well-being and relaxation thermal water centers of the French Pyrenées. It is a vast sanctuary made of wood, stone and glass, divided into several complementary areas : the Amerindian area, the roman area, the Tibetan and the new Japanese outdoor area, all offering the unforgettable mountain view.

      You will also enjoy the 2 panoramic saunas, 3 outdoor thermal pools, Jacuzzi and a Japanese garden.

      FREE : 1 entry (2 hours/person/week) to the Balnea Wellness Centre (at 300 m from the residence) with swimming pool, whirpool & Spa treatments (payable) at Balnéa Spa Centre’s Espace Tibetain nearby.

      Winter rates valid from 1/12 till 12/5/2013

      DECOUVERTE (discovery 1 day)  price 99 € /person.

      1 wrap + sculpting treatment, 1 back massage with hot stones, one entry to the Roman and Amerindian baths witrh steam room, tylarium, musical bath, whirpool, bubble beds…)

      PLAISIRS DE L’EAU (pleasure of the water 2 days) price 139/ person

      One entry to the Roman and Amerindian baths with steam room, tylarium, musical bath, whirpool, bubble beds.., 1 sculpting treatment with effusion, Turkish bath, & intensive relaxation sculpting treatments.

      ZEN option 3 days  - Price 210 € / person

      One Thai foot massage, 1 Taïko Yoga (Korean technique, Thai massage and yoga), 1 bol Kansu massage with hot sesame oil, one entry to the Roman and Amerindian baths with steam room, tylarium, musical bath, whirpool, bubble beds..)



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  • Trying medicinal bathing with Trying medicinal bathing with the Dao people

    • From: acitvetraveasia
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      Medicinal bathing is a local feature of the indigenous Red Dao in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai. In Ta Phin Commune (Sa Pa District), tourists can spot many families drying herbs in their front yards.

      Legend has it that on the last day of the year the Dao boiled leaves from the forest for medicinal bathing before welcoming the new year in. As this practice proves both effective and salubrious, a majority of Kinh people have considered it a unique feature of Red Dao culture. Each barrel of water usually contains at least 10 types of herbs, even up to 120. Every bathroom has a wardrobe to keep personal belongings and visitors feel quite relaxed to bathe in the typical wooden tubs filled with hot water and the aromatic smell of different herbs.



      There are two types of bathrooms: a single for one wishing to bathe alone and a double for couples to share.

      Stepping out from a steam-filled bathroom, Christine Smith—an American tourist—says; "I feel so relaxed, like being full of energy". Christine is no exception. Other Western tourists also feel the same about medical bathing in Sa Pa after a long trip through north-western provinces. Ly Ta May, 30, says bathing with medicinal herbs is a traditional practice of the Red Dao.


      “In our village, either in winter or summer, the whole family boils a big pot of medicinal herbs to fill wooden tubs for themselves to bathe in the hope of curing ailments such as knee, hand, and foot pain, muscle pain, headache, back pain, excess alcohol, fatigue, poor blood circulation, and skin diseases.


      “If women take to bathing with these herbs after giving birth, they will recover quickly and have a better blood circulation and beautiful skin”, she says.


      Getting medicinal herbs

      Red Dao people in Sa Pa are famous for curing bone, joint, and muscle pains, common cold and flu symptoms. Collecting medicinal herbs is no easy task, says Chao Man May from Ta Van Village. “Medicinal herbs grow along the streams or in the forest. If you want to pick them, you’d rather go deep into the forest”, she says.

      Like other Dao women, May has spent time teaching her young daughter about how to pick medicinal herbs where they often grow, and how to tell  the difference between the medicinal plants and poisonous varieties.
      “This is very important because some poisonous herbs look much like medicinal ones. Only after about five or six trips to the forest, can my daughter find the right herbs”, she says.

      She says the best time for picking medicinal herbs is in the early morning, as the dew preserves the essence of the sky and earth in them.

      The Dao only take the branches and leaves, leaving the roots intact for growth until the next time of pruning.

      The final step is to chop and dry the herbs in the sun so that they can be used for a long time. However, according to May, using fresh herbs is better than dried herbs.

      The Red Dao’s treatment secrets have been passed down from generation to generation. Today, some medicinal remedies are given in Sa Pa as a special tourist service

      Preparing water for medicinal bathing is time-consuming. It is boiled with both fresh and dried herbs in liquid form for people to soak up through the skin.

      Dr. Tran Van On from Ha Noi University of Pharmacy says: “Each remedy of the Red Dao usually consists of between 10-120 different kinds of herbs, depending on regular or irregular medication”.

      After many years of research, On has helped other Red Dao people process several kinds of herbs into pulverized substance for future use. The Red Dao’s medicinal bathing has become one of the northern mountainous province‘s attractions, even though it is still a mystery to foreign tourists who first set foot in Sapa.

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  • Beautiful boat for a great tou Beautiful boat for a great tour

    • From: indochinasails
    • Description:
      This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! Halong Bay was breathtaking and a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. It is no wonder why this place is a UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
      We arrived at the pier mid-day and were taken by boat out onto Halong Bay for our 2 day/1night on the Indochina Sails cruise.
      This boat was so beautiful! Heavenly. Our stateroom had nice big windows looking out onto the bay, a big comfortable bed and a surprisingly large bathroom for being on a boat and of course it was a place we could crank up the AC. The boat was all dark wood and elegant. The top of the boat was the best part with comfy lounge chairs and umbrellas to escape the mind numbing heat.
      We arrived on the boat and were served "welcome drinks" and then sat down to an amazing 7 course lunch (and of course the accommodated my food issues making me special dishes!). The food was ahhh-mazing.
      We headed out past Head Island, Turtle Island, Heaven's Gate Island and arrived at Luon Cave. We got to go kayaking in the bay to explore the cave and coves. This was my favorite part of the whole trip!
      Then we got back on the boat and sailed over to Tiptop Island where we hiked to the top of the mountain for fantastic views of the bay and then went swimming and relaxed on the beach.
      We had a delish dinner buffet on the boat and anchored in the Luon Bo area for the night. After dinner Brad got out his ipad with this cool astronomy app and we sat up on the deck looking at the starts and identifying them with the ipad. You point the ipad at the sky and somehow it knows what you're looking at and it tells you what's up there... my dad would love this.
      We slept comfortably on the boat, but I woke up really early and quickly got up on deck so I could enjoy the quiet early morning. I got some coffee and sat up on the boat deck, watching boats and islands pass and I don't think it could have been more peaceful. Brad joined me after awhile and we participated in morning Tai Chi on the sundeck.
      Our last excursion was Surprise Cave. I am not a fan of caves, but did not want to miss out on this opportunity. It was a million degrees of tropical heat as we set off for this cave and climbed the stairs with massive amounts of other people.
      It was time to go back to the harbor and on our way we enjoyed a big breakfast on board, as well as some breakfast beverages and then went up on the sundeck where we hovered in the shade under the deck umbrellas and enjoyed one last tropical drink.
      Of course we had our exciting 4 hour drive back to Hanoi where we saw the same crazy drivers, animals and rice fields, but in reverse. I was sad to leave Halong Bay, I would have loved some more time on the boat and beautiful bay!
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  • Water Street Hotel in Snow Water Street Hotel in Snow

    • From: karengale
    • Description:

      Built in 1889 for ND Hill, this Victorian Hotel was renovated in 1990 and continues to operate as a haven for visitors to Port Townsend, Washington.  Located steps away from the Northwest Maritime Center, City Dock, Elevated Ice Cream and Candy/Gift Shop, El Serape Mexican Restaurant, Salal Cafe for breakfast and lunch, Phoenix Rising Bookstore, and all of downtown on the main street of Port Townsend, WA, the Water Street Hotel maintains old-time charm and includes modern conveniences in a modest manner. The guest registration lobby is located within Pacific Traditions, a Native American arts shop, where the owner, Mary, greets and orients the Sudlow family's hotel guests. 

      For an amazingly affordable stay you have choices from a simply elegant room with a shared bathroom, to one of several suites including an outdoor balcony with a porch swing overlooking Admiralty Inlet, Mount Rainier and Mount Baker, the ferry and Point Hudson Marina, a fully equipped kitchen with a gas stove and oven, a gas woodstove,  flat-screen TV, king sized bed and additional sleeping quarters, a full bathroom with tub and shower, coffee service and a shared lobby with original skylights, allowing one to observe weather conditions and shore birds' flights overhead.  The hotel is located above the ground floor, accessed by 32 stairs to the "lower rooms" and an additional set of 16 stairs to the upper rooms.  All rooms have the typical extraordinarily high ceilings of the era, 10' tall windows with exceptional views of this historic town, and each includes at least a hand-basin sink and period furniture.  The beds are comfy and guests are made to feel at home, and private, as they use the street-front door without crossing a "manned" lobby.  The second floor  lobby is furnished with period chairs and lamps, and the one telephone, which guests are welcome to use to call out, but which flashes, rather than rings, for incoming calls. Cable TV and Wi-fi internet service are provided to keep one connected to the modern world.

      This photo depicts a rare snow day in Port Townsend, and a MUCH rarer White Christmas, in 2008.

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  • Mesones Sacristia and Puebla M Mesones Sacristia and Puebla Mexico

    • From: dannerd
    • Description:

      I don't know the difference between a fry pan and a saute pan so you may ask why did I purchase a LL package that included cooking classes - for the hubby - this was a special treat for him and I ended up really enjoying myself.
      This package packed alot into a 6 night package: 15 hours of cooking classes, tour of Puebla city, tickets to a museum, full breakfast each day, 3 dinners and a tour of the food market.
      The hotel itself is a converted 16th century former Spanish colonial residence and has 8 rooms on the 2nd level. The 1st level is reception, open courtyard restaurant, 2 indoor areas of the restaurant, the bar and the cooking school. I give the hotel 5 stars for charm and ambience with lots of antiques and Mexican decor, however, pretty much everything is for sale & there were conspicuous price tags hanging on everything - this could have been more discreet.
      We were in the Bautismaul suite with 2 queen beds - we had requested a room with 2 beds and only 2 of the rooms have 2 beds. The room was pretty & furnished with antique and rustic pieces, however, there was no real comfortable seating and the beds were pretty hard - I am very picky about beds, although, the firmness was fine for my husband. The bathroom was very small but attractively tiled and functional for 1 person only. We did have a chance to peek into 3 of the other rooms and I do have to say they were much nicer - comfortable leather chairs and couches and much larger bathrooms - so if you stay here, I would suggest not to stay in the Bautismaul suite. We did not see the other 4 rooms so there may be another one with a very tiny bathroom.
      Breakfast was included each day and the food and service were excellent as were the 2 dinners we had at the Sacristia. For our 3rd dinner we went to the hotel's other restaurant - El Miral de los Poblanos which I actually enjoyed better than the Sacristia meals since there were more choices on the menu - the Sacristia menu is only traditional Mexican food and I am not partial to moles and foods with a lot of spicy peppers - the hubby loves this kind of food and gives the Sacristia 5 stars for the food.
      There is a bar/restaurant next door to the Sacrisita open until 11pm every night and it is very loud - our room was right in the front of the hotel so it did get noisy. At the end of the block is a small park surrounded by many bars & discos and since we were there over the weekend, it was also pretty noisy.
      The cooking school is somewhat small and I would say 6 could comfortably interact with the instructors - more people may be tough. The chef, Alonzo and his assistant Lizbeth were both great and found humor in my pathetic attempts at cooking! Our 15 hours of classes were comprised of 3 hours per day for 5 days (10am-1pm - with the last 45 minutes eating the food we cooked). The hubby had tons of fun and passed with honors and I found myself actually enjoying the process. We learned to cook many good things and were given our official aprons and a cookbook to take home (anyone wants recipes - send me a message and I can scan and email to you). One afternoon Alonzo & Lizbeth took us to the local food market (El Carmen) which we enjoyed - I wish they had produce that great looking in Philadelphia!
      We had our afternoons free which left ample time to enjoy the sigths and sounds of Puebla and its' environs. Puebla is a large city of about 3 million and we mostly stuck to the historic center which is where the hotel is located. It was about a 3 block walk to the central Zocalo and is the happening spot in town. There is a hotel right on the Zocalo called Hotel Royalty and they have an outdoor cafe right on the sqare - we enjoyed siting there in the evening and people watching while having a few drinks - we had lunch there one day and the food was good. We were lucky to be there over the weekend since Puebla puts on all kinds of free entertainment - they set up a big stage in the center and on Sunday night we saw folkloric dancers, a rock band and there were comedians and Carnival dancers all over the square. There are also wonderful colonial buildings and many, many beautiful churches - of particular note is the Santo Domingo church and its Rosary chapel - all done up in rocco and baroque style with lots of gold leaf.
      We used the tour services of Carlos Rivero (thank you Omegaet!) to take us from the airport to the hotel, take us to Cholula and drive us to Mexico City - he speaks excellent English, knows all the right spots to take you to and is very informative- Carlos Rivero Tours, Puebla, MEXICO and Facebbok - Carlos Rivero | Facebook
      There are also many, many places to buy beautiful Talavera tile and I would recommend Artesanias Manos Magicas - family owned, huge selection, speak English and very good prices - we purchased quite a few pieces here. they even have a website where you can buy online manosmagicas.com.mx and they said their shipping prices are reasonable. There are also shops selling very beautiful embroidered linens - we purchased lots from Blancos Argal - wonderful owner and staff.
      A 20 minute drive from Puebla, is the lovely town and archaeological site of Cholula. Cholula has the largest pyramid by volume in the world and it is big - the Spanish built a beautiful church, Los Remedios at the very top - lots of steps to climb but well worth it for the church and the views! We saw a wonderful sunset over Popo volcanoe from the top. Just outside of Cholula, Carlos took us to a unique church in the village of Tontantzitla built by the indigenous peoples in a mixture of indigenous and Catholic styles - very unique and beautiful. Unfortunately you can not take pictures inside but I do have a shot of the outside. We also went to another village with a church worth seeing - San Francisco Acatapec - the outside is totally covered in amazing Talavera tiles and the inside is pretty amazing also. Puebla and it's environs have some of the most beautiful churches we have seen in Latin American.
      A great LL pacakge, wonderful city, great food. We highly recommend and would visit again!

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  • Abiquiu Sunrise Abiquiu Sunrise

    • From: dbrown1793
    • Description:

      No, this isn't Photoshop magic. The sunrises in the Southwest really do look like this which is why artists and photographers are always been drawn to this area. The sky in this picture was truly ablaze and I almost missed it. If I hadn't seen a preview while gazing out the small bathroom rental of our Abiquiu rental, I would have gone back to sleep. As it was, I grabbed clothing, camera and sleepy wife and bolted up the hill to witness this majestic sight. 

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  • Torremolinos: Travel Like A L Torremolinos: Travel Like A Local

    • From: greenyogi
    • Description:

      For our last day in Spain, we opted to mirror our favorite reality tv show, Amazing Race.  We set out on our own and took the city bus.  We had no map, but plenty of money in case we needed a taxi to take us back to our hotel.  The hotel receptionist identified the bus stop next to the hotel as well as which bus to take to our destination.  Good information to have!  So off we go to explore Torremolinos, a beach town that we happened to see when we took the tour bus to Granada.

      As we started to see signs for city center, we thought this may be the stop to get off.  We passed up the first stop, but by the second stop, so many passengers were out of their seats heading for the exit door, we thought this may be the stop for us.  Not bad guessing on our part.  We walked around to get our bearings, looking for landmarks to find our way back to the bus stop.  There are so many buses one could easily head in the wrong direction.

      City center was high on a hill with the Mediterranean Sea below.  We started walking, in search of a street that would go down hill, but all the streets seemed to parallel the sea.  We spotted a 4-star hotel and thought we could inquire with the concierge.  There were so many people waiting to check in so we strolled towards the back of the lobby where and noticed an elevator.  The pool was on the first floor, the lobby was on the 8th floor.  Hmmmm, let's check this out.  Sure enough, when we stepped off the elevator, not only did we find the pool, but a door that led to a street behind the hotel.  Saved ourselves quite a bit of walking!  Now THAT is an Amazing Race tip!  We were now only one block from the beach.

      The beach reminded me of Miami Beach....the hotels were across the street so as to allow pedestrians to walk freely along the sidewalk without an obstructed view.  There were a number of chair loungers to rent as well as fancy cabanas.  No aluminum beach chairs here.  The water was sparkling blue, but way to cold to go swimming.  It was a nice day for a walk on the beach.  

      After our stroll, we opted to forego the expensive tourist beach resaurants and headed back towards city center.  I so did not want to walk up that hill.  The door that we used to exit the 4-star hotel had an electronic keypad, which we did not have a key for re-entry.  Fortunately, through our wandering, we located a city elevator that carried us from the sea to the top of the city.   The elevator cost is .50 Euros (about 75 cents) and well worth it. 

      Back into the city center, we did some window shopping as well as scoped out a few tapas bars.  It seemed as though every tapas bar had the same menu - white anchovies, cheese with olive oil, malagena salad, and seafood cerviche.  We sat outdoors and once again, we were served fresh olives and bread.  The olives had a fresh light flavor and not the strong flavor that you taste from a jar.

      After ordering, I went inside to wash up.  A uni-sex bathroom with no soap or towels.  My Spanish linguistics skills are very limited, so I walked up to the bar and rubbed my hands together, for soap.  The waiter put a big squirt of soap in my hands and back in I go to wash and rinse.  I had a fleeting thought to cancel my lunch order.

      After filling ourselves with tappas, we  lazily watched as locals and tourists made their way up and down the street.  Soon, the street seemed less congested and the stores were quietly closing.  It was siesta time.  You will find many stores as well as restaurants close between 2pm-5pm so I encourage you to shop and dine early.

      This day was a great ending to our adventure in Spain.  My feet are tired.  My knees and hips may soon need to be replaced, but overall it was fantastic.  Riding the city bus was an adventure all of itself - wondering if you will ever find your hotel again.  Although by renting a car, you have the freedom to roam where you want.  I like the word 'roam', but in our case, it could easily be replaced with being lost.  Getting to your destination is half the fun.  Just be sure to have plenty of euros and a sense of adventure.  And it does not hurt to have a roll of toliet paper and Purel in your backpack either!

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  • Cheers Cheers

    • From: curlyjodie
    • Description:

      I realize now it is difficult to get good photos at Oktoberfest in Munich with so much beer around. This is just the beginning of the afternoon. I felt so out of place when I stood in line for the bathroom and I was the only one NOT wearing dirndle.

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  • Some Best Hotels in Paris, Fra Some Best Hotels in Paris, France

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      Unlike other major world cities, like New York City or Tokyo, Paris has many small, family-owned historic hotels in central locations that you can stay in for under 100€ per night for a double. Below are our six favorite cheap hotels in Paris, France.

      Hotel Chopin:
      Located in one of Paris hidden "passages" or glass-roofed pedestrian shopping arcades, the small, boutique Hotel Chopin is a designated Historical Monument. The 36 rooms are basic, yet comfortable, and decorated in calm yellows, sky blues, and warm melon colors. Each room contains a private bath or shower and a color TV, and are very quiet with no street noise since each room faces the pedestrian arcade. Shop outside at the arcades or stroll 10-minutes to the "Grand Magasins", the world's first large department stores, to shop-unti-you-drop. Spend an elegant evening at the Palais Garnier, the elegant 19th century Opera house, famous for its gilded gold statues and Chagall ceiling a quick 10 minute walk away, or visit the Louvre by metro (10 minutes) or on foot (20 minute walk).

      Hotel Henri IV:
      The family-run Hotel Henri IV offers rock-bottom room rates in one of Paris oldest and priciest residential neighborhoods. Located on the tip of Ile de la Cite, a small island in the Seine, and a few blocks walk to the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Latin Quarter, the Hotel Henri IV overlooks the Place Dauphine, a charming park framed by chestnut trees built in 1608 and named after Henri IV's son, the future King Louis XIII. All 15 rooms overlook the park and range in price from 47€ to 81€ depending on bathroom amenities. On a tight budget, pay 47€ for a single, with in-room sink and shared bathroom in the hallway, or spurge for a double bed with in-room bathroom, shower, and terrace for 74€.

      Mama Shelter:
      Named after the Rolling Stone's anthem, "Gimme Shelter", Mama Shelter is proof that chic and hip does not need to be expensive. Mama Shelter's owners, the family that also owns Club Med Resorts, hired the famous luxury interior designer, Philip Starck, to transform a graffitied, abandoned parking garage near Pere Lachaise cemetery into a rock-n-roll, high-tech hotel with rooms under 100€ per night. For the price of a one-star hotel in central Paris with a common bathroom, you can relax in a modern, light-filled room with high-end linens, free Wi-Fi, iMac computer that you can use to watch TV/DVDs or surf the web, a mini-fridge, and a modern bathroom with Kiel's toiletries. Pop culture touches like funky graffiti quotes in the carpet and hanging face masks of superheroes add a touch of fun to the minimalist design.

      Hungry for snack? Help yourself to the free bread and Nutella in the kitchen, or design your own pizza at the pizzeria. After a day of sightseeing, hang out in the lounge and listen to live music with a crowd of young Parisians or have a creative cocktail in the Island Bar. Take the metro to nearby Paris attractions (15 minute walk to metro), or rent a bike, scooter, or Smart Car onsite at the hotel.

      Hotel Stella:
      A budget traveler's dream, the one-star Hotel Stella has rooms starting at 45€ per night in the pricey St. Germain des Pres area where hotels on the same street cost four times as much. Located around the corner from the one of the largest parks in Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens, and housed in an 18th century building with exposed wooden beams in every room, entering the Hotel Stella is like walking back in time. Rooms are a mix of antique furniture and contain a private bathroom with shower. One room even includes an antique piano. If you are traveling as a family, book the large suite with a double and two single beds.

      Remember that at this price range "you get what you pay for" and you shouldn't expect matching linens, comfy towels, and a spotless atmosphere. What you can expect is a great location with a private bed and bath at a price cheaper than most Paris hostels.

      Hotel Magenta:
      If you are looking to stay in a hip, artsy area of Paris off the tourist track, but close to major attractions, check out the Hotel Magenta one of the best <a href="http://www.myparis.co.uk/">luxury hotel in paris</a>. The cheery purple Hotel Magenta's exterior stands out on a block of gray buildings. The central, five-line Republique station is a short walk away. From here, you'll be whisked to all tourist attractions in Paris in minutes. At night, walk to the trendy restaurants in the Marais district, or the popular clubs and bars on Rue Oberkampf. For a daytime stroll, walk a few blocks to the Canal St. Martin. Starting at 95€, the 65 rooms were remodeled in 2009 and contain modern, wood furnishings, mini-bars, laptop safes, and free Wi-Fi.

      Hotel du College de France:
      The family-owned and operated Hotel du College du France is located in the heart of the historic Latin Quarter, next to the Sorbonne, the oldest University in the world. From the hotel, you can easily walk to the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Cluny Museum of Medieval History, the chic streets of St. Germain des Pres, and the famous rue Moffetard market. The 29 rooms start at 80€ per night and contain ceiling fans for hot evenings and free Wi-Fi. Personal touches such as room service for reasonably-priced drinks 24 hours a day, early check-in and roll-away beds for children are rare in hotels in this price range.

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  • Awesome Iceland! Awesome Iceland!

    • From: Gailhennessey
    • Description:

      Most people's response when we said we were going to Iceland was "why"?  Thirty-six years ago, on our first trip to Europe(our wedding trip), we took Icelandair and stopped at Reykjavek for 45 minutes. On the return home, we again stopped at Reykjavek and were offered a special package to stay for two days to see the land of fire and ice.  We didn’t do so but have often thought it might be a fun place to visit one day. It was always an extremely expensive destination and thus, we didn’t go. Until now.  With the financial collapse of Iceland, in the fall of 2008, the exchange rate became very positive for the American dollar. Things were 1/2 the price they had been the year before, so, we decided to make a 5 day trip to Iceland, a “green” vacation, highlighting the natural wonders of this northern European country.

      The drive to John F Kennedy International Airport took over 5 hours. Normally, it should take about 3 1/2 hours.  We endured horrific rain for the first hour. We almost turned back so my husband could build an ark. Then, we had a horrible traffic delay by the  Delaware Water Gap where I crept along at about 3 miles per hour for an hour! The fight was on schedule, at least until we boarded the plane. It was then that the pilot announced a two hour delay due to poor weather conditions. Once we were in flight, the five hours went quickly will little turbulence.

      We arriving at Reykjavek , the most northern capital city in the world, about 7:45, and took the Reykjavek Excursions’ Flybus, about $14 per person, from the airport to the hotel, about  a 40 minutes ride.  I marveled at the barren landscape, the snow covered mountains, the moss covered lava fields.

      We walked around city centre for a while and had a brunch later in the afternoon. Our hotel was great. A 4 star, Hilton Nordica, was  priced about $160 a night including a fabulous morning brunch!  I couldn’t even stay at the Marriot Courtyard in Paramus, NJ, for about this rate last month!

      That first night, we took an excursion to see the Northern Lights(Aurora Borealis). For those of you that watch reruns of Seinfeld, it was a definite Seinfeld moment. The excursion, the bus ride from hell to see the Northern Lights, was a disaster from the start. We should have been weary when the original tour company cancelled due to inclement weather!  You can’t see the northern lights, swirling green and red lights in the polar regions, with cloud cover! Yet, when the registration desk took us that Icelandic Excursions, the largest operation in the area, WAS going out that evening and that they had a great track record of finding the northern lights, we booked the evening tour. Think four hours,traveling a distance of about 120 miles, over back roads in search of the lights in  the rain! Despite the fact it was obvious we wouldn’t see the lights in such weather, the two guides wouldn't give up and kept us "captive" as they continued bouncing us along the paved and unpaved roads in their search so that they could say they tried to find the Northern Lights display. In a Seinfeld episode, Kramer kept passengers on his tour bus, as he tried to find a place that would take his muffin stumps! At first upset, (I was crying) from lack of sleep-we’d been up nearly 40 hours,  made my husband and I get silly. We started to  laugh hysterically when I made the Seinfeld connection that we might never get back to the hotel!(along with about 75 other captives on the bus). We were on a bus from 8:30 until almost 1AM! Thankfully, we did have 1 bathroom break!  The guide would say, “Look, over there...I think that’s a star” or “ That haze to your left is from the city lights of Reykjavek”. The tour started with the caveat that they couldn’t guarantee a sighting of the northern lights but they should never have taken us out on a cloudy evening! Oh, well.

      The next day, with jet lag and only 5 hours sleep, our next excursion  began with our guide David(Island Horizon), a Brit who moved to Iceland in 1985. He was wonderful and I totally recommend a tour with him as he uses a mini van and takes a small group as opposed to a large bus tour. He also makes sure that he times arrivals to the different stops BEFORE the large tour buses get there to insure a quite and uncrowded visit!  He was constantly talking through his headset,  sharing information on Iceland’s history and culture. Did you know that Iceland does not have an army, navy, or air force? It does have a Coast Guard. Did you know that Iceland doesn’t have any railways? Or that there is only one main road,the ring road which goes around the island? David said it took him five years to learn to speak Icelandic. He told us there are 36 letters in the Icelandic alphabet. There are no C and W. And, no letters are silent when reading a word.  And, there are no regional languages!  There is only one way to say each and every word. Takk is thank you, Bless is goodbye and Goda Nott is goodnight. The Northern Light tour could take a lesson from David. Instead of constantly chatting with the driver, the guide could have used all those hours to talk with the tourists about his country!

      David told us that Iceland has up to 500 earthquakes a day, most less than 3 on the Richter Scale.  He said that Iceland was due for a volcanic eruption, and I just hoped it wouldn’t be as we meandered around the volcanic areas. Called the Golden Circle Tour (about $85 per person),we traveled a 190 mile circular route with David,  from around 9-4.  We  first stopped at the  Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant and learned about how Iceland makes their energy. At the plant, the steam is separated from the water , the water is then also hot enough to supply secondary steam. The remaining water is then returned to the ground to start the process, again. Amazing process of renewable energy which supplies 99% of the countries energy needs! David called our attention to a field of growing marshmellows(really hay bales).We stopped at a volcanic crater called Kerio, a great example of a caldera crater. Because of the great acoustics at this site, there are many concerts and Pavarotti performed here. We saw a landscape of much moss covered lava fields, few trees, high cliffs and open spaces. David shared a joke about the forests of Iceland. “How does one find their way out of an Icelandic forest? Answer-You stand Up!” We traveled to the oldest geyser, called geyser(meaning “the gusher”)...that’s from where the word originated. Geysir doesn’t erupt very much any more. Next to it was Strokkur(meaning “on the struck”), which faithfully erupted ever few minutes. We then travelled on to the Gullfoss(means “golden fall”), the largest waterfall in Europe.  The 105 ft. waterfall was very beautiful amongst a  huge canyon. I envisioned the beautiful rainbows the mist created on a sunny day. I also liked the fact that the restaurant buildings were made away from the falls so you can’t see anything other than the falls. An interesting story tells of a woman who is created with saving the falls. Seems than in the early 1900s, people wanted to build a hydroelectric plant at the site.  Sigriour Tomasdottir , who lived near the falls, threatened to jump into the falls if this happened. She is created with her efforts to save the falls.  A monument of her was erected by the falls in 1978. Our last stop was at an area called Thingvellir National Park. It is here where you can see evidence of where the North American tectonic plate and Eurasian tectonic Plates meet and are spreading apart. It is also here at  Thingvellir, where Iceland’s earliest democracy began. Iceland, the world’s oldest democracy, dates back to 930. Different chieftains would travel to the area of Thingvellir  and set up shelters where people could come to discuss issues of concerns. This lasted for two weeks.  Afterwards, the different chieftains would meet to share the concerns of their clans. Laws were established and announced by the lord-chief for those in attendance to hear and take back to their regions of Iceland. The area was a wonderful natural amphitheater! Games were also played among different clans during this two week get-together and people who had broken the laws were brought to the yearly gathering for their punishment.

      The next day, we rested by doing some sightseeing of the city centre and taking in a geo thermal pool down the street from the Hilton Nordica. Laugardalur, the largest thermal swimming pool in Iceland is Olympic sized.  It also has four smaller hot pots(or gossip pots) which we used.The temperature outside was a windy 41 degrees, but the pools were about 99F. For only about $4 gave entrance to the pool/locker rooms. Another $4 paid for the rental of a towel. Not having experienced an Icelandic pool before, we had to have someone explain the procedure.  All must first take a shower before going outside into the pool area and shoes must be removed prior to entering the locker room. In the locker room. I haven't seen so many naked women since I was in high school gym class! There is definitely a totally different mentality toward the human body. In the locker room, women strolled around or sat and blow dried their hair in the buff as I scurried around in my towel to find (a none existent) shower with a curtain! We also took a bus to the Pearl, a huge dome building, which also has a restaurant and Viking museum.  From the observation deck, you have a wonderful view of the city, it’s colorful buildings, the surrounding snow covered mountains and bay, with all its fishing boats. We actually walked the way back to city centre and walked by the US Embassy, located near the city centre, at 21 Laufasvegur. We also passed by the largest church steeple in Iceland.

      The next day, we went with David’s associate, Ragner of Super Jeeps,Is, for an adventure to the South Shore and the town of Vik.(about $200 per person). Icelandic families have different last names. That’s because Icelandic people name their children after their father’s first name plus the name son or daughter added at the end.  So, if a boy named Ragner’s dad’s name is Eider. His last name would be Eidersson.  If a girl in the same family was named Dugg. Her last name would be Eidersdottir. Telephone books list by first names alphabetically.  Icelandic people always use first names, even when speaking students speak with their teachers. There is a list of accepted names. All names must be Norse names. Even new words such as radio, television and computer are made into Norse words. 
      The weather was not cooperating with extreme winds and sand storms.  We traveled to see one of Iceland’s black beaches, and one of Iceland’s oldest towns, Stokkseyri ,founded around 900 AD. We past by many greenhouses, powered by geo thermal energy, that enables the Icelandic people to have fresh fruits and flowers year round. We visited a number of waterfalls including: Seljalandsfoss and Skogan Falls. We could see Mt, Hekla, a very active volcano and Snaefellsjokull, the glacier made famous by Jules Verne in his book, Journey to the Center of the Earth.  We were heading toward Solheimajokull glacier. We didn’t get to the tongue of the glacier due to the dangerous winds. Instead, Ragner took us off road and I mean off road. After a brief ride down a gravel road, he veered off onto an earth path with dried up tire ruts. He kept going up and up and eventually left this “road” to blaze a trail of his own over stones, and landscape that looked like we’d taken a wrong turn and ended up on the lunar surface. Thank goodness for his large size tires which he said cost about $800 a piece. Interestingly, NASA used the terrain of Iceland to train the Apollo astronauts and when Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon, he joked that he thought he was in Iceland! We traveled up about 5100 ft from the shore with hurricane like winds(about 50 mph).  I could hardly stand upright when we summited  and got out for photographs. Our guide, Ragner, said he'd never taken tourists up to the site before, a majestic view of the Vestmannaeyjar Islands!  In 1973, the only town on the Vestmannaeyjar( or Westman Islands) of Heimaey, was pretty much destroyed by a volcanic eruption. All of its 5000 residents had been evacuated. The thick ash and lava covered many of the homes. Today, excavation is find the homes well preserved and residents are finding some of their possessions still  intact. Heimay is called the “Pompeii of the North”.
      On the way down, he played Queen's "We are the Champions"-kind of appropriate as we had survived the unusual side excursion!

      The last day of our visit to Iceland, we stopped at the famous Blue Lagoon for a dip (www.bluelagoon.is). Reykjavek Excursions runs a very popular tour to the lagoon and then on to the airport. (cost is about $45 per person including admission to lagoon and trip to airport)They also keep your luggage for you so you don’t have to lug it around at the Blue Lagoon. If you don’t have a bathing suit, you can rent one as well as towels and robes. The thermal seawater pool , is located in  a lava field called Evil Lava, created during an eruption in 1226. The hot pool is created from the run off of the nearly geo thermal plant. White silica  mud, collected and put into nearby pots, is thought to be therapeutic for the skin. People apply it to their faces, leaving it on for a few minutes before washing it off.

      In addition to many different types of fish and lamb dishes, Iceland has some unique foods on their menus. There is sheep head, puffin bird, rotten shark called "hakarl,, grilled foal, and whale!  I did like one of their traditional desserts called skyr. Skyr, is a yogert type dish flavored (or unflavored) with different fruits. I recommend the Restaurant Reykjavek for their fish buffet located at Vesturgata 2. The restaurant also has a unique bar... an ice bar.You don coats and enter a bar lined with blocks of ice and with has a bar and bench made of ice as well. It was really cool....in several different ways!  We also at a restaurant called Caruso’s  and near the Hilton Nordica, was a great place and value, the Brasserie Askur.

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  • our home in New Dehli our home in New Dehli

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       This was our home while in New Dehli. Each floor is a separate unit but the entire building was owned by one family who used the home only while in New Dehli for business. The floors and bathroom sinks and tubs were all marble, the woodwork all carved teak, and very spacious. On the other hand, the kitchen was somewhat primitive as can be seen in the picture of our houseboy who came with the house. Then again, the family did  not spend any time in the kitchen

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