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  • Cazorla : Arsenal no victory s Cazorla : Arsenal no victory spirit, I want to champion

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      Recently in an interview with a "Sport360" ABU dhabi media, Arsenal midfielder cazorla questioned the gunners fighting spirit, but also acknowledged that he think about personal future. nike futsal 2014 Arsenal are striving for the position of the first four, they in a direct dialogue with rivals everton lost 0 to 3. Cazorla said: "in a number of games we are unlucky. Against Manchester united, we have a lot of opportunities to win, () against bayern Munich with him have a penalty, after be bayern Munich in the champions league, we failed to recover. The next defeat against stoke city hit the us. If you want to become a champion, will not be able to defeat to stoke city this team. We don't have a spirit of victory, we must believe in yourself more. Sometimes you will get used to not to fight, but we can't do that." Cazorla can also hopes to Arsenal in the summer transfer market vigorously strengthen the squad reinforcements, said if the gunners could not title, at the same time, he will consider leaving. He said: "Arsenal have everything you need for a victory. History, infrastructure, an incredible stadium and good players, but we will continue to improve, the sign of the best players, because if you do not, you will lag behind. Other clubs did just that. Manchester city's example, they signed fernand dinho and inner gray; even Manchester united have robin van persie and mata." "Arsenal know what can I do for next season, but if we don't do these things, it is almost impossible to get champion. I'd like a champion, that's why I came to Arsenal. We have many years did not get a champion. If can't, my next destination is looking for a place to have a chance to win. I don't want to turn off the door, but at the moment I still have 2 years contract and Arsenal. When I was 31 years old, I will self assessment, make the best choice. In this case, I would like to return to Spain." nike elastico futsal Cazorla and talked about the Arsenal of big-money buy German midfielder with him, he thinks that every need more protection. He said: "he arrival timing is difficult. When he arrived in London, his performance is very good, people asked him to take out the best in every game, but once he fell, the performance of the team is affected. In addition, I read a lot of things about him in Spain's news, it also had an impact on him. We need to give him confidence, to show love for him." lipopertyurr Arsenal has been the basic for the premiership title race, but cazorla think it is difficult to forecast for the final title. He said: "they just need to attend the competition, it may be decisive. Chelsea is a highly competitive and efficient team, also is very difficult for them into a ball. In addition, the city with the premier league's best team and the best coach. I am all worked with coach body learned a lot, but can only choose one, must be Manuel pellegrini. He and I play villarreal and malaga 5 or 6 years, he gave me the most. He is the first person to bring me to malaga. Our relationship is very good, I want to congratulate him, he did a good job, now work but Manchester did not contact with me." Cazorla, according to post these comments may bring Arsenal top surprised, because the gunners are usually separate interviews for authorization for the player, but the interview is in the headlines before Arsenal officials know. It is understood that Arsenal are trying to get cazorla accurately in an interview, wenger may be in the fa cup a pre-match press conference was asked about the matter.

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  • 10 Luxury Family Holiday Desti 10 Luxury Family Holiday Destinations 2014

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      As travel to the four corners of the world has become more accessible, an abundance of choice has been created for the family traveller. Yet at the same time as the globe opens up, the options available for a rarefied experience narrow. 

      For family holiday makers in search of luxury, the chance to provide their children with culturally rich excursions that expand their world view are proving to be key drivers in determining choice. To help, here is a list of ten destinations that offer children and adults alike the chance to indulge in the luxury of experience in the maximum of comfort. 


      The culture the exotic island of Barbados is defined by is its West African, British and Indian historical legacy. This ensures that cricket, afternoon tea and Christianity remain staple passions of the local Bajans, who need no excuse to proudly boast of the fact that there are more churches than bars on the island. 

      The aesthetic too is shaped by this legacy, as the old stone churches and sugar plantations characterise the scenery of this Caribbean gem as much as the glorious white sandy beaches and dreamy ocean views. In terms of luxury hotels, Sandy Lane provides a plethora of activities and facilities to cater for every family need. 


      As recently as 20 years ago, Dubai as we know it simply didn’t exist. Now, however, it’s a bustling ever-changing metropolis set in the heart of the Persian Gulf. A destination of complete opposites, the tranquillity of the desert close by provides a taste of traditional Arabia that is of stark contrast to the ultra-modern shopping malls and extravagant opulence found in the city. 

      Excursions and activities for the whole family are integrated into Dubai’s vibrant tourist economy. For example, one of the most expensive and extravagant hotels found anywhere in the world, the Burj al Arab, now runs the the Jumeirah project; a turtle rehabilitation programme that in its final stage allows children to release the reinvigorated reptiles back into the sea. 


      Since the dawn of its ancient civilisation Egypt is a country that has been synonymous with luxury. And with its wide range of world class hotels and facilities, this statement is as true today as it ever was. 

      For family travellers looking to indulge into the rich history of Egypt, the city of Luxor provides the ideal central location to plan your adventures from, with the Valley of the Kings nearby. Similarly, as Egypt is home to two of the Seven Wonders of the World in the form of The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the timeless options for families in search of cultural enrichment are plentiful. 


      From the romance of Paris right through to the mountainous vistas of the Alps, France is home to a rich and varied landscape. In terms of culture, food and drink is central to the way of life. Therefore France is the perfect country to refine the palette of young and old, with dynamic markets, top class restaurants and hidden eateries aplenty.      

      The Evian resort, just 3km away from the gorgeous Lake Geneva on the Swiss border, provides a fantastic family choice regarding accommodation. For more information on the Evian resort and the activities on offer there, visitwww.totstoo.com/destinations. An additional consideration for those with a very young family intent on embarking on a foreign holiday is the relatively short travel times between the UK and destinations in France. 


      An expedition to Italy offers families a varied spectrum of classical ruins, impressive architecture and fine food, that as a collective represent an amalgamation of culture and history which any place in the world will struggle to compete with. 

      Venice and Florence are just two of many cities that offer a multitude of iconic and beautiful experiences. Whilst Lake Garda which resides within the foothills of the beautiful Dolomites, presents a package of gorgeous hotels, stunning scenery and outdoor pursuits to satisfy even the most demanding of luxury family holiday makers. 

      The United Kingdom 

      For those families with a large brood, travelling abroad in search of a luxury experience can be a daunting and stressful experience. This is why many are choosing keep their holiday plans restricted to local shores, as destinations can be reached simply by jumping in a car or on a train. 

      Rural escapes like the Yorkshire Moors, the Cotswolds and the Jurassic Coast provide rugged and beautiful landscapes full of adventure and opportunity for exploration. Furthermore, cities such as London and Liverpool offer vibrant, multicultural environments that provide an illustration of what defines modern Britain.  


      Even though the land mass is small, the Seychelles landscape is diverse, encompassing mountains, tropics, coral islands and  isolated beaches that are the epitome of paradise. For tourists that hold nature close to their hearts, the islands are home to the world renownedCousin Island Special Reserve, a national park teeming with wildlife that is famed for its approach to conservation and eco-tourism. 

      As tourism is the lifeblood of the island, there is a number of beautiful and facility laden hotels and resorts optimised for family comfort. All things considered, the Seychelles offers a unique opportunity for families to explore and absorb the rarest of things; paradise on earth. 

      Finnish Lapland 

      It’s not just the prospect of seeing Father Christmas that makes Finnish Lapland a magical family holiday prospect. Situated near the Arctic Circle, the country is one of the few places on earth that is ideal for viewing the spectacular skies that the Northern Lights produce. 

      Surrounded by amazing alpine surrounding, Hotel Kakslauttanen presents the perfect winter bolthole complete with a range of family-centric activities nearby. These include snow rides led by both huskies and reindeers that traverse icy roads and a possible visit toSanta’s resort.

      It goes without saying that for the best experience families should visit during the festive period, and although this will be expensive, children will be provided with an experience they will never forget. 


      Sweeping deserts and idyllic coastlines provide the unadulterated beauty that has seen Oman fittingly referred to as the Jewell of Arabia. Juxtaposing modernity and tradition the country of Oman delivers a holiday experience that is unique to anywhere in the world. Although because of the extreme heat experienced in the summer months, the best time to visit Oman is between October and March. 

      The influx of wealth to the country has ensured that holidaymakers are able to enjoy access to an innumerable range of world-class, child-friendly facilities, which include resorts, shopping districts, attractions and hotels that cater for every family need conceivable. The most accessible part of the Oman coast resides near the capital of Muscat, where there is the opportunity to embark on dolphin watching tours that will cast each generation in a state of awe and provide an unforgettable experience.  


      For children who are old enough to appreciate it, a visit to Greece offers the chance to appreciate the uniquely rich cultural heritage of a country that has shaped much of what continues to define western civilisation. 


      Made up of over 2,000 islands, Greece includes golden sandy beaches, seafront taverns and amazing hotels, including Westin Resort Costa Navarino. From here families can engage in water sports and other activities, as well as using it as a hub for nearby excursions which take in the countries rich historical legacy. 

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  • Budget Hotel Victoria London Budget Hotel Victoria London

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      My family and I visited London last week and chose to stay at this hotel because of the prime location. The service was flawless and the reception staff was very friendly. The rooms were very comfortable and having a TV and coffee making facilities made things even better. 

      I enjoyed the breakfast and also the fast and free Internet. Hanover is at a great location close to Victoria station and you can easily walk to London's main sights. The Hanover Hotel is a good option if you need a cheap place to stay for a few nights while being centrally located. We got more than what we expected for the price. 

      Highly recommended to all!


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  • Hanover Hotel Hanover Hotel

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      Hanover Hotel is one of the finest budget hotels Victoria London offering high level of service to make your stay in London easy and enjoyable
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  • Will an Internship Abroad Give Will an Internship Abroad Give you Good Scope for Future

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      At present, taking an internship abroad can provide you a wide range of benefits. Internship after degree is found to be very beneficial to enhance the skills of professionals. Taking internship from a popular institution is one of the best ways to gain more knowledge about a specific topic. Apart from gaining more knowledge about subject, it also provides a preview about the carrier field of person.

      What are the benefits of taking internship from abroad?

      This question is quite common among students. Allowance to try out new thing is one of the main benefits of taking internship from abroad. It is a perfect choice for people who wish to do research on a particular topic. Internship also allows people to do volunteering activities. For example, a person willing to take internship on physiotherapy can do volunteering activity by helping the poor people. Also, taking internship abroad is one of the best ways to earn more money from the future work of people.
      Internship to gain experience
      Gaining experience plays a key role in developing a prominent position in profession. Internship from abroad can help the people to gain a wide experience by meeting different people. Value is another factor that has to be considered while taking internship. People planning to take internship are usually advised to get it from abroad or developed countries. It allows people to gain more experience with high value. Priority of gaining job worldwide is one among the main benefits of taking internship abroad. People in search of the best ways to gain job abroad can make use of internship facilities of developed countries. Salary is another feature considered while taking internship from institution. Internship taken from abroad can provide more salary to people. As said earlier, those who wish to be independent and organized can make use of internship facilities from popular institutions.
      Today, many people are going jobless with their degree certificates. Gaining internship from popular institutions can provide instant job facilities to the needy ones. Hence the chance of employment facility is increased by taking an internship abroad. At present, taking internship from far off places is a quite common procedure done after business studies. Earning credit for internship is usually determined on the basis of the efficiency of the employer. Today, there are many carrier guidance and counselling centres available online to assist the needy people. People interested to know more about the internship facility abroad can make use of online guides for clarifying their doubts.

      Author Bio

      Laura Benson is a content writer and her interests are Travel. She is a professional blogger from London and has written many articles in Travel categories. So far, as of now she is doing research on Easy jet phone number

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  • London's Big Ben London's Big Ben

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      View from London Eye is astounding and a "must" when visiting London.

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  • London architecture London architecture

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  • London Eye London Eye

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      During a sunny (?) day in London the "eye" looked good. Rain happened just 10 minutes after the picture followed by sun 5 minutes later. London weather?

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  • Service Apartments in Bayswate Service Apartments in Bayswater are Fabulous and Cost Effective

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      It is a known fact that serviced apartments are in high demand all over London. Those at upmarket locations are in hot demand. There is a great choice available for serviced apartments in Bayswater & Paddington areas ranging from budget studios to luxury penthouses suiting every budget.
      Serviced apartments in Bayswater offer a relaxing retreat with fully equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, comfortable bedrooms and clean bathrooms with all modern comforts and technologies.
      The location of Bayswater area is north of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. The nearby places are Paddington and Queensway. Bayswater apartments always claim a cosmopolitan and pluralist atmosphere. The famous Whiteleys Mall is in the heart of it. You can enjoy local restaurants and cuisine from all over the world and the Queens Ice Bowl can offer you a fabulous Bowling and Ice skating exercise. The Paddington station offers a direct rail link with Heathrow for quick and easy access. Residents in a space apart hotel near Bayswater feel very comfortable because several shops and amenities are in their immediate vicinity coupled with excellent transport links connecting to all parts of London.
      Popular serviced apartments in Bayswater
      • Paddington Green Apartments
      • Notting Hill Studio Apartments
      • St.James House Apartments
      • Grand Plaza Apartments
      • Inverness Terrace Studio Apartments
      • Prince's Square Apartments
      • Chilworth Court Apartments
      • Queensborough Terrace Apartments
      • Fountain House Apartments
      Nice Location

      The location is extremely suited for visitors to make the most of London and visit all tourist attractions. Where else you get the opportunity to walk down to famous landmarks like Kensington Palace, The Royal Albert Hall, Marble Arch and the Italian Gardens of Hyde Park?.

      If you want to shop at the Westfield Shopping Centre, London's biggest shopping mall it is only moments away on a bus. The mall houses all international designer labels alongside high street favorites with a cinema and chic restaurants and bars.
      Portabello Market is popular amongst the fashionable crowds of the city where you can buy fresh vegetables, fur coats, Spanish paella, and antique gems. Take a stroll in Kesington gardens and walk past the elegant swans in the round pool until you reach the waters of the Serpentine where you can boat in the summer.

      Overall, the Bayswater and Paddington are areas of London you will fall in love with.

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  • Studio Apartments Hot Favorite Studio Apartments Hot Favorites As They Balance Cost and Comforts

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      London is a happening city. People from all over the world want to enjoy an extended visit to the city to rejoice in its attractions. Most of them also wish to travel with their peer groups or friends.

      Cost Effective
      For them good news is that to enjoy short a vacation in London you do not have to break your bank by staying in a hotel. For all kinds of travellers London offers best Space apart hotel at a reasonable budget which is always 50 percent less than the costs of staying in a hotel. Also known as serviced apartments, these well furnished spacious as well as furnished apartments address the emotional and social sentiments of a visitor. A Studio apartment is compact but fully furnished. As a cost effective option in terms of rentals Studio apartments are witnessing phenomenal demand.
      Short Let Vs Hotel

      Thus a Space Apart Hotel will be a convenient choice for you this year. But then who can refuse the temptation to stay at London Studio apartments that too located in prime areas of London surrounded by many attractions, night life and entertainment options?. Whether you are travelling alone or with family or a group of friends Apart Hotel London is suited for all seasons and circumstances as a better option than a hotel.
      While staying in London, you will obviously wish to enjoy a little more space than a hotel room can provide. When you are travelling with friends to events, it might be nice to get an apartment with a community living area that gives space to relax together in the evenings and socialize in case you are not going out. Sharing the cost is also an option when travelling in a group.
      Serviced Apartments

      A Serviced Apartment combines a home environment with the comforts of a hotel. Maid service and laundry service will ensure that the room is cleaned and fresh towels provided during the stay. From cosy studios to large two-bedroom spaces, serviced apartments satisfy the requirements of a traveller whether he is a leisure traveller or business traveller.
      Areas to Live
      As for the availability of apartments, there are plenty of options around places like Bayswater and Paddington near to Hyde Park. In terms of specific options, Vancouver Studios, the Hyde Park Suites and Royal Court Apartments are some leading names. In West London, you have Kensington and Earls Court providing a pleasant apartment accommodation.
      Where to Find?

      Finding the best studio apartments for your stay in London is not difficult. If you are planning your London trip in advance, look for the websites of Letting agencies in London and the offers that match your Budget and favourite locations to make your stay in London very pleasant. Book your holiday apartments online and set out peacefully to visit London.

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  • The Eye of London The Eye of London

  • Pub Sign Pub Sign

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      This is outside my favourit pub in London.  Inside 6 footers need to be very careful of their heads.

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  • Telephone Booth Telephone Booth

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      These things used to be everywhere in london.  Although rarer since the advent of mobile phones They are still a quintessentially British symbol to me.

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  • Horse Guard Horse Guard

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  • Ten Tips for london Ten Tips for london

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      Ten Tips for London


      London is one of the world's great cities. It has been almost continuously inhabited for over 2000 years and was the epicentre of the worlds largest empire for three centuries. Generations of wealthy Londoners with philanthropic inclinations have resulted in today's magnificent collection of public buildings. Creative reuse of resources and enlightened urban planning have resulted in a superb transit system. For North Americans there is no, or at worst only a small, language barrier to overcome. Do not be offended, for example, if someone asks you what time you would like to be knocked up. London is not inexpensive however. Here are ten tips to help keep your London trip on track and under budget..




      EasyHotel is a chain of budget priced hotels which has five locations in London These hotels are tremendously inexpensive by European standards. Our South Kensington room in Central London, which was only two blocks from a tube station, cost 47 pounds per night including tax. Locations are usually found in renovated older buildings. The rooms are spartan. Bathrooms are constructed of acrylic material . Wall Panels and ceilings are made of plastic panels. Amenities that are expected in hotel rooms like closets, chairs and coat hangars will not be found. Room cleaning, windows, television and Wifi are all extra cost items. If you are looking for a relaxing haven to retreat to from the bustle of London look elsewhere. If you are seeking a clean, quiet, inexpensive place to sleep at night give EasyHotel a try. The website is at http://www.easyhotel.com.




      Visitors arriving at Heathrow can get their first experience with London transit by taking the tube (subway/light rail) to the city centre. An unlimited travel pass for central London, covering bus and tube travel will cost 7 pounds per day. This pass is available after 9:30 a.m. when the morning rush has subsided . If your stay in London will be 4 days or longer, get a weekly pass for 28 pounds. These circumvent the 9:30 a.m. restriction as well. A passport size photo is required for the weekly pass so bring a spare one with you. Tube transport is very efficient but the perspective from the top of a |London double decker bus is unique. Get on one going in your direction. You can always use the tube to get where you are going after you get lost on the bus.




      There is no need to get burned by mobile telephone roaming charges here. To take advantage of low European telephone rates make sure that your GSM phone is unlocked before you get here. If you don't have a GSM phone, unlocked refurbished units are available for under $100.00 in Canada. If smart phone type capability is required, get one that is equipped with Wifi. Upon arrival in London go to the first mobile telephone store that you see and purchase a SIM card and some phone time. On this visit I went with the Mobile provider Lebara. The SIM card was 5:00 pounds and talk and text airtime was another 5:00. Rates vary depending on call type, but the airtime was sufficient for 100 minutes calling a local land line. Calls to another Lebara subscriber were free which is worth noting if travelling in a group. Lebara coverage was good in London and adequate outside the city.



      Leicester Square/Covent Garden/Piccadilly Circus


      The area containing Leicester Square (pronounced Lester), Covent Garden and Piccadilly circus is the centre of tourist activity in London. Tourists from all over the world congregate here. Buskers are a regular feature of the area and they occasionally compete for attention with movie stars at Leicester Square premieres. Covent Garden, the historical site of a fruit and vegetable market, hosts shops and restaurants today. Piccadilly Circus is home to the National Gallery and is only a short walk from Horse Guards and Trafalgar Square..




      New Yorkers might disagree but London is the English speaking theatre capital of the world. Most of the plays that you have heard of played or are still playing here. The Phantom of the Opera is in it's 26th year of production. In and around Leicester Square are many outlets offering discounted tickets. Many of the people working the booths are theatre buffs who will take the time to help you make your selection. We enjoyed “Noises Off”, a British farce, seated 4 rows from the stage for 36 pounds at the Aldwych theatre.




      No visit is complete without a stop at a traditional British pub and they don't get much more traditional than Ye Olde Cheddar Cheese. Located in an alley called Wine Office Court off the north side of Fleet Street between Aldwych and Farringdon Road, Ye Olde Cheddar Cheese was rebuilt in 1667. People were a lot shorter in 1667 so if you are 5'9” or above, mind your head when visiting the ground level tap room or negotiating the stairs to the downstairs warren. The pub has a nice collection of draught beers by Smith. Beer is one of the few things in London that North Americans will not find terribly expensive.




      The oldest bookstore in London is Hatchards which was founded in 1797 by John Hatchard and still occupies the same location. Do not expect to find dusty old tomes copied by a wizened monk in the 12th century here. Other than it's collection of books by and about Winston Churchill, Hatchards selection is much like that of any other upscale modern bookstore although with more signed copies than most. For book lovers the helpful knowledgeable staff, eclectic layout and the realization that you are treading the the same floors that Dickens probably walked on make the visit worthwhile.


      Speakers Corner


      For those not overly burdened by the concept of Political Correctness, Speakers Corner is worth a visit. It is in the Northeast Corner of Hyde Park near the Marble Arch tube station. The best time to visit is on a weekend afternoon but you might find someone with a soapbox and an agenda at other times as well. Anyone is free to speak their mind here and members of the audience are free to respond. These exchanges are usually good humoured and often quite witty. Historical figures who are reputed to have exercised their right to free speech here include Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.


      English Breakfasts


      English Breakfasts are famous. The best place to get one is not in your hotel. You will need to find a gritty out of the way cafe that is frequented by locals. They are everywhere although harder to find in the more expensive areas. My current favourite is a hole in the wall cafe in the Hammersmith & City tube station in Hammersmith. These places typically charge between 5 to 7 pounds for selections of bacon, sausage, fried tomato, mushrooms, beans, eggs, potato, toast and coffee or tea. Entertainment is free. London humour is pointed, cynical and merciless. On my last visit two members of a local work crew were mocking a third who had achieved a hangover during an unsuccessful mating attempt. Try to contain your amusement just like the locals do.


      Museums and Galleries

      London hosts more than 200 museums and numerous art galleries. Many of these, like the British Museum and Tate Modern, are world reknowned. Others such as The Horse Guards Museum have a specific focus. Many offer free admission to their permanent collections. The best I visited were the British Museum, National Gallery and the Tate Modern. All of these fall into the free category.

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  • Vacations at Glorious City and Vacations at Glorious City and Home of Wonder of World Cairo

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      It is always been a pleasure to take an escape from all the busy schedule and travel around the world in the hunt of distinct and special places to spend some quality and adventurous time with beloveds and make the moments nostalgic. For the same purpose, one should take some time and look for the African continent that is indeed filled with tons of astonishing countries. Among them all, the most magical country Egypt is here for you.

       cheap flights to cairo

      Cairo is one of the most spectacular and fascinating city and the capital of Egypt. This city has been under the list of most famous and desired destinations among voyagers from many years because of its incredible sites. This North African city is one of the most finest and adventurous cities in Egypt and has great places to have fun with family and friends. Spend the utterly special holidays at this metropolitan with cheap flights to Cairo from Manchester.


      Thing Must to Know Before Planning Holidays at Cairo

       holidays in cairo

      The most extraordinary and exceptionally amazing vacations will yours at this magnificent city of Cairo where you can witness many astonishing sites and landmarks that made their name in global tourism as a milestone. Take services from Crystal Travel and Tours that offers Turkish Airlines Flight Tickets for Cairo and many other facilities at such a minimum price that are hard to find anywhere else.



      Places and Landmarks to Visit in Cairo


      With cheap tickets to Cairo from London Heathrow you can be a part of this adventurous and glorious city and culture and experience the best feelings that will rush straight to your heart with a small glimpse. Here we have a list of the most famous and amazing places in Cairo to visit that can be all your to enjoy with tickets to Cairo.


      Pyramid of Giza

      Pyramid of Giza

      This site is a little away from the city center and one need to take some transportation to reach there. But when one gets there, one can witness the greatness of this spectacular monument which also has been the site of many hit Hollywood movies.








      This place is the second most famous site of the city and a great place to get peak inside the pyramids. The pyramid has its legacy of five thousand years and has many surprising things that are enough to make your trip memorable and successful.





      Al-Azhar Park

      Al-Azhar Park


      This is among the most serine parts of the city located at Darassa Hill where you can go with your beloved and have some relaxing and romantic time close to musical fountains that will transform the normal and silent atmosphere into a classy and arousing romantic aura.





      Mosque of Ibn Tulun

      Mosque of Ibn Tulun

      This place is a historical and religious site of the city located at Al-Saliba Street where you can go and witness the rituals followed by natives and their believe towards god. The mosque is also a nice place and has its name under the records as the largest and oldest mosque in Africa.


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  • cheap flights to cairo cheap flights to cairo

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      With cheap tickets to Cairo from London Heathrow you can be a part of this adventurous and glorious city and culture and experience the best feelings that will rush straight to your heart with a small glimpse. Here we have a list of the most famous and amazing places in Cairo to visit that can be all your to enjoy with tickets to Cairo.
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  • Prague – Vienna Cycle Tour Prague – Vienna Cycle Tour

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      Last September I joined a cycle tour in the Czech Republic. The tour took us from Prague in Central Bohemia to the rolling hills and charming medieval and Renaissance towns of South Bohemia and then through the gently-sloping vineyards of South Moravia. Some riders then cycled on to Vienna, whilst others chose to return to Prague. For many non-Czechs the countryside of the Czech Republic is unknown, secret, and undiscovered. This tour is a wonderful opportunity to discover what lies beyond Prague, a city that is deservedly visited by millions of people every year.


      We were a very diverse group. Our party consisted of seven Australians, a British couple, a couple from Brazil, a New Zealander, an American, and our Czech guide, Jiri (George) and driver, Jindrich (Henry). And me – I’ve been living and working in Prague for six years, but I’ originally from London, UK. Age-wise, collectively we covered every decade from early thirties to (almost) seventy. As those who have been on tours like this before, there is a camaraderie amongst cyclists that transcends continents and ages.


      Our First Day:        Prague to Ceske Budejovice by mini-bus

                                  Ceske Budejovice to Cesky Krumlov by bike


      After collecting everybody from their hotels on a quiet and overcast Prague Sunday morning, we group of strangers, soon to become brave companions of the trail, gathered together in the cellar meeting room of the tour company to introduce ourselves and to receive a full briefing. We were given a detailed itinerary for each day, a safety briefing and a small glass of slivovice (a local plum brandy that some people quite like).


      Then it was outside to hitch up the bike trailers to the mini-buses, check on helmets and water-bottles, and on to Ceske Budejovice. After a two and a half hour drive, we parked up in the city centre and everyone was allocated their bikes for the week. The bikes are already pre-selected for individual size, weight and experience by the company. Some people had brought their own pedals and these were quickly fitted by the ever-helpful staff.


      Ceske Budejovice is of course the home of the Czech Republic’s second most famous beer, Budvar or Budweiser. It is an old town with a lot of green spaces and a very large Renaissance square, where we took the first of many group photographs.


      We made our way through the town and down to the River Vltava (Moldau), the same river that runs through Prague. It was a great way to start, riding along the flat cycle path following the river to test out the comfort and settings of our bikes. After a while, we reached a rocky outcrop – our first hill! After climbing above the river, we coasted down a winding forest path to the small settlement and large monastery of Zlata Koruna (Golden Crown) founded in 1263. Here was a chance to stock up on a well-deserved bowl of soup and plate of sausage.


      After suitable refreshment, the last stage of the day’s short ride was down to the fairy-tale chocolate-box town of Cesky Krumlov, dominated by the second-largest castle in the country built on sheer rocks which rise up from the river. It is spectacularly beautiful and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  George gave us a tour of the town, but sadly it was raining quite hard at this stage, so we were very glad to arrive at our hotel. The luggage had already been delivered to our rooms and we had time to freshen-up before dinner.


      Dinner was in a lovely medieval restaurant where the food was prepared on an open fire. We sat at long wooden tables and had a chance to get to know each other better. However, what really bonded our group together was the next stop in a lovely crowded pub with a piano player who took requests. I’d like to think that our lusty singing of old standards was enjoyed by the locals as much as it was by us.


      Kilometres cycled:   27


      Second Day:Cesky Krumlov to Trebon


      After a fine and hearty breakfast, we gathered in the courtyard of the hotel to reacquaint ourselves with our bikes and make some final adjustments to them. And so we set off. It’s a long climb out of the valley of Cesky Krumlov, nestled on a bend of the river, where in high summer canoeing and rafting are very popular. We rode along paved cycle tracks and forest paths before stopping at a village restaurant for lunch. It was quite a strenuous day’s cycling and some of our valiant company took respite in the mini-bus for the more hill sections. The mini-bus is never far-away and is stocked up with water, fruit and energy bars.


      I should add that the day was quite testing; not only because of the distance and terrain, but it was also quite cold and raining, so it did test the morale of the group. However, the week’s forecast was good and the outlook was for sunny weather. Some of us rode the mini-bus into Trebon, while others pressed on through the mud and rain to arrive later.


      After a welcome shower, we met for a meal in the hotel restaurant, which was served with élan and charm by our hosts. Some opted to take a walk around the town afterwards to take in the Renaissance square, the Marian column, the charming castle and a local hostelry to taste the renowned local brew.


      Kilometres cycled:   61


      Third Day:    Trebon to Telc


      Trebon has been the centre of the Czech fish industry for five centuries. Over this time many fish-ponds and man-made lakes have been developed to produce carp and other fish. Carp is a traditional Christmas meal in the Czech Republic. It is a flatter area of South Bohemia, so a good chance to get in some faster cycling along paved forest paths. It was raining lightly and misty but this added to the mystique of riding through the dark, silent pine forests of Central Europe. All very atmospheric, all very Brothers Grimm.


      After about 25 kilometres we left the woods and the land began to undulate through fields. We met up with Henry and the mini-bus for snacks and refreshments, and to mend a couple of punctures.


      We pushed on through the rain. This was the most gruelling day, the furthest to cycle, nearly 80 kilometres and the second two-thirds were fairly hilly. We stopped for lunch at a country pub-restaurant, but otherwise it was head-down and concentrate on getting to Telc and South Moravia.


      The town of Telc is another UNESCO World Heritage site. It has a breath-takingly beautiful and extensive square, consisting entirely of Renaissance buildings from the 16th century, decorated in the typical brightly-coloured and sgraffitoed style of the time. It’s a great photo opportunity.


      We stayed in a very fine hotel not far from the main square, which had been a large farm and dairy complex. The tasteful reconstruction provided spacious rooms and a fine restaurant which served an excellent and well-deserved dinner.


      We were all pretty tired after this day, but we went to bed knowing that the following days would be sunny with temperatures rising to 25 degrees Celsius. Indian summer weather!


      Kilometres cycled:   78


      Fourth Day:  Telc – Vranov


      This was a shorter day than the day before but we had some hilly country to tackle as we followed the spectacular rocky and wooded valley of the Dyje river, which flows into the Danube.


      By mid-morning the sun had begun to shine and the temperature to rise. We rode through sun-dappled forests and fields and stopped at a large 17th century convent complex, where we stocked up on snacks and looked around the old buildings perched on top of a hill with lovely views of the Moravian landscape we were to cycle through.


      In the afternoon, after lunch in a country village restaurant where some of our party were brave enough to assay the delicacies of the bull, we cycled through deeply-forested paths with short steep climbs and satisfyingly long downhill runs.


      We passed the 11th century castle Bitov, high on an outcrop of the river, and climbed up to take a short tour of the castle. It was extended during the 15th to 17th centuries and had a fine library and impressive collection of hunting weapons: bows, crossbows and guns.


      A short distance away is another castle called Zornstein (Angry Rock). This is a quite different structure to Bitov, having been abandoned in the Middle Ages and largely derelict. It is however an impressive ruin of medieval fortifications. There were fine views to be enjoyed from this historic vantage point over the blue skies and green forests of the winding valley of the River Dyje.


      From Zornstein, it was a short ride down to the river and along the bank to Vranov.


      Kilometres cycled:   44


      Fifth Day:     Vranov to Znojmo


      This was also a shorter day in terms of distance, but again there were some tricky hills and off-road forest tracks to be negotiated.


      However, we did have the chance to tour the castle which sits upon a rocky crag that dominates the small town. The castle was modified extensively in the Baroque style in the 18th century and so offered a completely different style to the previous day’s visits. It really was a most impressive place giving an insight into the opulent way of life of the aristocracy during Hapsburg rule.


      After the informative tour, we saddled up again and rode out of Vranov towards the major wine-producing town of Znojmo. This was another enjoyable day during which we mostly followed the border between the Czech Republic and Austria. The trails pass through forest and paved tracks in an area which had been off-limits for forty years during the days of the Iron Curtain. The natural habitat is therefore unspoiled. 


      The last section of the ride was quite taxing as we had to climb up away from the border towards Znojmo, situated on a steep hill above the river Dyje. It is a impressive sight with several ancient spires and towers rising above the houses perched on the hillside.


      After the steep ascent, we were pleased to arrive at the hotel, beautifully modernised with glass staircases, large rooms and comfortable beds.


      Kilometres cycled: 40


      Sixth Day:    Znojmo to Mikulov


      For me this was the finest day for cycling. The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny, and the terrain was gentle passing through undulating wine-growing lowlands.


      We had a long lunch at a traditional pub-restaurant and passed by the only section of preserved pre-1989 defences with fences, originally electrified, tank defences and a cleared, and previously mined, dead zone. It was quite creepy to see the physical embodiment of the ‘Iron Curtain’ and difficult nowadays to understand how peoples could have been so brutally divided after the Second World War.


      About 15 kilometres before Mikulov we stopped at a small wine-cellar, little more than an underground shelter, where the proprietor talked us through his current production and we tasted Burcak, the deceptively first fermentation of the grape juice. It was interesting to see the small scale of the production, but it is clear the the best of the wine never reaches the export market.


      Feeling refreshed, we pushed on through the glorious afternoon sunshine to Mikulov which we could see jutting out of the surrounding plains from far away. We had our farewell dinner in a restaurant adjacent to the hotel and then repired to a wine bar for prize-giving and valedictions.


      Kilometres cycled:   70


      Seventh Day:                   Mikulov to Vienna

                                  Mikulov to Vratice – Lednice area


      Mikulov is a charming small town with a population of about 8,000 which was at one time a major centre of Jewish trade and scholarship. It is very interesting and thought-provoking to walk through its square with its pretty church and then through the adjacent Jewish quarter with its 15th century synagogue.


      After breakfast, our fellowship was broken. Eight of our party had planned to end their tour in Vienna and they set off with George guiding. After a day’s ride they were driven the remainder of the distance to Vienna and delivered to their hotels by the ever-reliable Henry.


      The rest of us spent an enjoyable day riding a circular route from Mikulov to Valtice and Lednice. This area is another UNESCO World Heritage site and is thought of as the most architecturally valuable region in the country. This was a great day’s cycling to end the tour. We cycled along deserted roads to Valtice through the heart of Moravia’s prime wine region. We paused in Valtice to have a look at the impressive chateau and then pressed on to Lednice. The route took us through the forested parklands of the Lichtenstein family which are studded with ostentatious monuments including the Temple of the Three Graces and a shrine to the patron saint of hunters, Saint Hubert. After lunch in Lednice, we went to walk around the glory of the neo-Gothic chateau.


      Then it was back to Mikulov along a series of ribbon lakes following the border to meet up with the driver, Tonda, who drove us back to Prague and delivered us to our hotels, safe, sound and tired after a most enjoyable cycle tour through some of the finest countryside and towns that the Czech Republic has to offer.


      Kilometres cycled:   47


      Total kilometres over the week:  367

      Guided Group Tour by: www.bicycle-tours.cz

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