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  • Maui Research - What to do Maui Research - What to do

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      vacation-planning.jpgIn preparation for our Dream Vacation to Maui, I've spent an unGodly amount of time researching exactly how and what to do, when the best time is to do it all and how I can get the ABSOLUTE BEST PRICES - because, let's face it, MAUI IS EXPENSIVE!!! Let's get started, shall we?


      The airline ticket was #1 on my list. I knew that it would cost the biggest chunk for my hubby and I to even get there, but we went ahead and spent the extra money on flying with Hawaiian Airlines. If you book far enough in advance like we did, our tickets turned out to be about $550/pp/rt. Not too shabby. We are going in August and we booked the flights in March. We made the decision to fly with Hawaiian Airlines because;

      1. Think about it - they fly a LOT of Hawaiian's to and from the mainland. Hawaiians are known for their...ROBUSTNESS, therefore the seats on the planes are more accomodating than say, your typical Alaskan Airlines flight;

      2. Chances of our luggage getting lost is slim to none. You're on one plane. Headed to ONE destination. It doesn't get much more straightforward than that. I'm terrified of all my swimsuits getting lost by the airlines, but I'm slowly getting over obsessing about this minor glitch that could ruin our trip. That's not to say that I'm not gonna get on the plane wearing one of my suits under my sundress, because I plan on jumping in the water almost immediately after we walk into the condo we secured - if not sooner. I'm excited and am acting like a teenager...and I haven't been a teenager in 21 years...so... YAY!

      3. We are getting Lei'd when we land. I want the full Hawaiian treatment and nothing says HAWAII like a Lei, am I RIGHT?!?! YEP! We paid the extra money to get Lei'd when we get off the plane. Corny? Yep. But a girl has a dream in her head and she's probably got only one chance to make her dreams a reality and I'm going for it.

      4. I want my Hawaiian experience to start the MOMENT we step foot on that plane. And that is what will happen on this particular airline. The Aloha Spirit (from what I've been told) happens the moment you step foot on the plane. That sounds like the perfect way to start a dream vacation to Maui, wouldn't you say?


      A friend of mine told me about a website that shares listings of vacation homes that are for rent by owner, complete with an easily navaigatable (I just made up that word) website. You can basically select ANY WHERE that you want to go and then it starts to narrow down the area's and gives you explicit details on the properties listed and in almost every case, there are interior and exterior photos with the listing so that you can make an informed decision. the website is www.vrbo.com (vrbo=vacation rentals by owner). It took some looking and even some correspondence with a couple owners before we found our dream condo to rent for 8 days, but the folks we talked to - even when their space wasn't what we had in mind - were full of Aloha Spirit and more than helpful with suggestions and places to go and things to see. I even spoke with one lady, and after determining her condo didn't have the beachfront location we were looking for, she gave us some of the condo addresses in her complex that would be more of what we were looking for. WASN'T THAT NICE?!?! We're staying in Sugar Beach Resort, by the way. We found an end unit, 50 steps from our Lanai to the Beach completely renovated for about $145/night. SEE??? LISTEN TO ME, PEOPLE!! I'm trying to help you streamline your searches here!!!

      WHAT TO DO

      There is SO MUCH to do on Maui. If you have an unlimited bankroll, you're going to LOVE IT! But I can help you even if you don't, and you're going to have a GREAT TIME!

      If you're like me, you obsess about just about every detail of your trip, and ONLY when you have everything planned and mapped out can you simmer down and enjoy the anticipation until you leave for your trip. I couldn't/wouldn't rest until I scoured the internet for every little thing we wanted to do and had a plan of attack.

      One thing to remember, there's a time difference. Maui is anywhere from 2 to more hours ahead of wherever you are from. You can use this time change to your advantage for some of the activities you are planning.

      • The Road to Hana - Over 60 single lane bridges - hairpin turns - blind corners. This is a place that you DEFINITELY don't want to drive in the dark of night. The suggestion is to get a SUPER early start to get the entire trip completed by sundown. We are planning our trip to Hana on the first day we are there. We arrive on Thursday and will do the Road to Hana on Friday. We'll already be waking up super early - we are early risers anyway, so we're going to be up before the birds are chiping. Might as well take advantage of our internal clocks right out of the shoot, right?
      • "The Crater" - Haleakala - we are planning to make the 3am trip to see the sunrise on Haleakala on the very next day. IF WE CAN GET OUT OF BED! HA! All that driving may make this impossible, but we're going to plan for it, and if it works out, GREAT! Get both of our early morning trips out of the way. While the trip to "The Crater" (I've been told not to call it Haleakala by someone who lived in Maui - because I'll sound like a stupid white girl from the mainland.) isn't as trecherous as the Road to Hana, it's still going to take some time to get up there. And to get there in time for the sunrise, you'll need to get up early.
      • Snorkelling - I've done some research on this and have found that rental snorkel gear is CHEAP!!!!!!! My husband and I will be able to rent snorkel gear from Boss Frog's for $9.50 for an entire week. It's a great deal - they have specials on the internet, and NOT ONLY THAT!!!!! - but they LOVE helping people enjoy the island. They are corrdinators for activities and can most of the time get you the best deals on anything from a Luau to a Rental Car. I would call them when it gets close to time for your trip and have them help you with as much as you can afford - afterall - you almost can't afford NOT to.
      • Trip to Molokini - There's a little crater of a volcano that has been underwater for quite some time and if you go on a catamaran trip with Boss Frog's they'll take you there (weather permitting) for PRACTICALLY FREE if you rent your snorkel gear through them!! I think there are harbor fees you have to pay, but they run the catamaran out there once or twice a week and LOVE showing everyone a good time. There are other places that offer trips to Molokini as well, but if you can swing the trip with the catamaran from Boss Frog's look into that first. You may be able to take advantage of it and save some $$.
      • Luau's - there are TONS of places on the internet to find info for the best Luau's on the island of Maui. I would say to research ALL of them, read about the types of show they perform. Once you've found the right one for you - whether it's more of a traditional luau or one with FLAMING KNIVES FLYING THROUGH THE AIR, start looking at prices. Contact some of the activity coordinators on the island - I've mentioned Boss Frog's already a few times. These companies have a way of purchasing lots of seats at Luau's because they are partnered with them and many times, they have deeper discounts than you can even find on some websites, so it's worth a call.
      • Beaches -  I mean, COME ON!!!! It's MAUI! I'm extremely excited to rent our car, drive to the closest beach and run like a bat out of hell into the ocean the minute our plane lands. There are so many beaches that you almost can't make a bad choice. I plan on hitting as many of them as I can. We're only there for 8 days, and by reading this far you can see that I've got other things planned, but I just can't wait to run into the water as soon as humanly possible. Many of the snorkel rental shops give you a map to help you find the best snorkelling - from those maps you can also locate awesome beaches for lots of different things you want to do - sunbathing, longboarding, body surfing, surfing, fishing...the list is endless.

      I hope i've given you some tips you can use that will be helpful for planning your trip to Maui. All it really takes is an internet connection and a computer and the rest just sort of falls into place. Good Luck!! MAHALO!


      P.S. 43 wake-ups....GAAAAAAHHH!!!!!


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  • Molokini Turtle Molokini Turtle

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  • Secret Cove Maui Secret Cove Maui

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      This is one of our favorite beaches on Maui.  It is so picturesque and idyllic.  It is also a favorite location for weddings.  This beach definitely will not disappoint.

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  • Whale Shark Riding, Maui, Hawa Whale Shark Riding, Maui, Hawaii

    • From: Oonagh
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                                                 Look, a Whale Shark!                                      

      Some scuba divers wait a lifetime to see a Whale Shark - our dive master had logged 1400 dives and had never seen one, but my daughter, Natasha, who was doing her first dive towards her Advanced Open Water Certification (after her initial three day Open Water Certification), had an experience of a lifetime and got to see and swim with a 22ft whale shark in Maui, Hawaii. 

      The day started early when we met our dive master at 6:30am at the Ma'alaea dock (just near Maui Ocean Center Aquarium) and boarded the dive boat, newly refurbished, to ride to Molokini and do two boat dives - a Wall Dive and an Inside Crater dive.  We always use Maui Dream Dives Co. to go diving when we are in Maui as they are fun, friendly, have great dive instructors and the best prices for rental gear, equipment and PADI Certified Courses. (A tip for divers and snorkelers in Maui - always take the first boat out - the winds come up at around noon and the ride back, if you take the later one, can be pretty rough).

      Diving or snorkeling at Molokini (an underwater marine sanctuary) is a must, with visibility typically 60-150 feet year round it is one of the best dive sites in the world. You can experience the magnificent marine life, including, reef sharks, manta rays, whales, sea turtles, eels, corals and abundant tropical fish.  We did our first dive along the back wall of the tiny crater where the under water currents made for a great drift dive. The wall drops off 300 feet, but we only went to 90 feet for the Deep Dive Course my daughter needed for her certification and we had plenty of opportunities to see sharks, abundant fish and turtles.

      Steve cruising with his whale shark buddy

      When we surfaced, our boat captain was jumping up and down on the boat, yelling at us (above the sound of the ocean) - "...shark, get in..."!  Not looking around to locate a shark fin, I swam as fast as I could and hastily clambered on board with the soundtrack of the movie "Jaws" playing in my head. To my immense relief he had been yelling "There's a whale shark, get in the boat and we can go and see it". There were twelve of us on board, including five dive instructors and we all agreed to delay our second dive and make a b-line to the site a few miles away where the 22 foot whale shark had been spotted.  That's one of the great thing about Maui Dream Dives - they'll find you the best opportunities for that Riding a whale sharkday and let you decide what you want to do. You don't have to "get back to shore" for some deadlinWhale Shark Ridinge, like other charters. They always want you to have the best experience and that means that time is not the deciding factor when it comes to your enjoyment. One of their motto's is "ALWAYS remember the first rule of diving - HAVE FUN!"

      When we got to the location of the whale shark, there was a hurried scramble and a sense of urgency to jump off the back of the boat - who knows how long it was going to stay in our vicinity and this was an opportunity of a lifetime, none of us wanted to miss out!  With our snorkels on and our under water cameras ready to capture our adventure of a lifetime, we didn't have to swim far to see this amazing creature. She was a very curious fish, beautiful and graceful in the clear water and we got the opportunity to swim and play with her for over 90 minutes as she swam away and then kept returning to our boat to take another look at us, coming right up to next to the boat in a few feet below the surface of the water, as if she were peering in to try to get a better look at us. Although she was "only" 22 feet (whale sharks are the largest fishes on earth and can grow up to 60 feet in length), she was truly one of the most amazing sea creatures I have ever seen.Oonagh and Natasha being approached by a whale shark

      Whale shark - so close you can touch her!Whale shark - don't open too wide...


      Going back to the crater to complete our second dive (an Underwater Photography course), we knew that the sea might be a little rough when we surfaced, and boy was it ever! It took me two attempts to grab hold of the steps in the 5-6 feet waves that were crashing around me and the ride back was rough and very bumpy (we were nearly two hours later heading back than anticipated) but What an Adventure! What a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity! What a Perfect Day!

      Me and my daughter, NatashaOh well, back to 100 foot vizWhale shark close to the surface



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