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  • Halloween Halloween

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      Our local nursing home in Middlebury, Vermont, goes all out showing off 700 carved pumpkins and setting up their dining room with a "Pumpkin Alley" for the community.

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  • Pumpkins Lined up for Hallowee Pumpkins Lined up for Halloween

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      In Vermont, living in the middle of town, our neighborhood is readying for the onslought of the 500 or so trick or treaters on Halloween night.

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      Written by Jenmodelm
      We all waited and waited for the sun to rise over the giant rock mountains. It was nearly 6:30am before the sun peaked over the rocks.It was a glorious magnificent sunrise.
      Sunrise from the boat…a lovely sight.

       Breakfast was served shortly after, it was an Early start to the day. I couldn’t wait for coffee.Each got one fried egg and as much dry white toast as we wanted.

      After breakfast we had to be checked out of our rooms by 9am so the boat men could get ready for the next tour. We were stopping by the floating village. We were greeted by the sound of blasting techno dance club type music coming from somebody’s shack. It was so odd. We got in groups of four and ladies came in small wooden row boats to take us around the small village of 300 people; the biggest floating village in halong bay. They even had a little floating primary school. Most parents don’t want their children to go to the city to get more education because it costs money and they want them to stay and hell fish.
      The wooden houses floated on large ice chest sized styrofoam or big blue plastic tanks the size of a beer keg. Few people smiled or waved. I think there’s mixed feelings of tourists snapping away photos and strolling through their little village. They have to get at least one tour group a day– minimum. It’s low season here I’m Vietnam too. Our tour guide also said some local people are not so thrilled about the tourists visiting and have been doing so for the last sight years now. The people moved from the mainland to the floating villages because there is more fish available out in the open waters, they don’t have to pay taxes and they prefer the lifestyle.
      After seeing the floating village we had two and a half hours back to the mainland. While most people took refuge in the shade I relaxed on the Sundeck soaking in the suns rays and view. Even though our boat went very slow and the scenery was similar I enjoyed soaking as much of it in as I could. I was so relaxed I failed to put sunscreen on my tummy.
      A local  fishing boat in the bay
      Once back on the mainland we had a quick transfer to our ethnic travel van and an hour drive north towards the Chinese border. We would depart from another Fishing port to our next destination. A small long skinny island with essentially no tourists but ourselves.We had seafood lunch on the boat. Always so good.
      A local rows a boat in the bay. Many locals still live and work on the water in the bay.
      We were able to kayak one more time, although this time much less impressive than the first. There were no large rock formations or caves to go under.Instead it seemed we were kayaking in a big lake. It was strange to think it was still actually the ocean. We went for a quick swim and jumped off the boat being careful not to get stung by any jellyfish.
      Kayaking is a great way to get up close.
      The boat continued on for another hour and we sat on the roof of the boat watching the sun set. It was glorious. The sun was just a bright orange ball. Like a Japanese sun in Vietnam. It was really stunning.We arrived at the pier and it was nearly dark. Two tuk tuk scooters picked us up to our homestay.
      Sunset in the bay left a golden glow. A great reason to do an overnight junk boat.
      I was surprised to get my own room. Unlike the homestays in sapa where mattresses are set side by side, our tour guide said that ethnic travel paid for this family’s Home to be extended into.More of a guesthouse. They wouldn’t make any Money for three years to pay off the house,Thereafter they would make money from it. The family is retired, so they seemed happy to be doing it.
      Dinner was served at 7 and we helped to make fresh spring rolls with thin rice paper. Afterwards they were fried and ever so fresh and hot. Soo good! I also noticed that our leftover rice from lunch was being dried on the roof of the boat. They used it to make this amazing popcorn- tasting dried rice with corn. Never had anything like it.
      After one beer at dinner and a full belly I was sapped. I called bed time at 9. Took a shower and Crashed just a little before 10.
      ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA would like to recommend  Kayaking Halong Bay tour. Halong Bay, located in the Gulf of Tonkin, covers an area of 1500 square km. with more than a thousand limestone peaks soaring from its crystalline emerald water. The calm sea provides an ideal location for sea kayaking as we paddle through a maze of islets amid dramatic natural scenery. With our modern kayaking equipment, we are able to maximize on speed and maneuverability as we explore the open sea and the many hidden lagoons and stalagmite caves that are difficult to access by any other means. After a day of paddling we unwind on our boat and enjoy dinner. This tour offers longer kayaking expedition of Halong Bay. We will paddle amongst islets, visit hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled beaches, floating fishing village and talk with local fishman. 


      • Amazing limestone formations
      • Inclusive junk for overnight
      • Beautiful and different kayaking route
      • Support boat all the time
      • All meals included
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      Written by Backpacker Becki

      It took me over six hours to cycle to the jungle ravaged temple of Beng Mealea – a journey that would normally take an hour by public transport. Call me crazy, but there is something so wonderful about biking through the Cambodian countryside and avoiding the main, paved high-way routes.
      My new-found love of cycling evolved once I had moved to Siem Reap, where I bought a bike as a means to ferry myself to and from work. But then I soon realised… in Cambodia a bike is your ticket to endless exploration.
      This is when I started craving more of an adventure.My 20 minute bouts of exercise to and from work presented me with the same scenery and my random bike rides were becoming limited.
      From simple countryside outings and the Angkor Wat temple circuit to tours that last days and which get you out of the city, there is something to suit everyone, whether solo or as a family. They seem a little pricey but the cost includes the bike hire, water, some food and temple entry. Sometimes paying a small price is worth not losing your head when you are lost in the middle of nowhere with limited or no Khmer language skills!
      Out of all the day trips, I booked the one which looked most challenging and which would take me to a temple I had not yet visited – the 75km ride to Beng Mealea. Crazy is fun, right?
      I was informed that the tour would be last approximately nine hours (from 7am – 4am). I assumed this to be a few hours of bike riding, a break for lunch and the temple visit, and then a few hours to get back. Instead we set out on a ride that would take us directly to Beng Mealea around 2pm where we would later get a tuk tuk home. It was MUCH further than I thought, but with a brand new mountain bike in my possession for the day, I was ready for the challenge.
      With a mixture of awe and agony, it was an awesome day. When using public transport to get to Beng Mealea you use a lot of main roads and pass through a village area on the approach to the temple. But when biking, you quickly turn off the first main road and begin a six hour off-the-beaten-track journey that takes you through some of the most stunning Cambodian countryside; where fisherman and ox cart farmers line the green, watery flatlands and where orange dirt tracks and luscious palm trees guide the way.
      I’ve seen a whole heap of Cambodian countryside, and I spent a lot of time at work out in a local village, but this remains one of my best and most beautiful experiences yet of rural life. So much so I had to constantly stop just to take it all in and take some photos. My guide was patient and provided good insight, and for the entire journey (bar five minutes near the start) not one other tourist was in sight. Just me, my Khmer guide and the beautiful local people who waved and high-fived us throughout the journey.
      I won’t lie, at times it was tough. I got tired and felt irritable. I had to pull over near the end just to down a bottle of water and a packet of crisps just to regain a little energy! I wondered why I put myself up for a Tour De Siem Reap after spending no more than an hour on my shitty Mary Poppins style bike!
      But I did it. With a bike, you are the master of your own journey. You can choose when to slow down. You can choose when to stop and take hold of the scene in front of you. A tuk tuk or a car wouldn’t afford you with such an opportunity.
      And the temple? Well, that was truly magnificent. It’s only been open to the public in the last few years so it’s not too ’touristy’ and ruined. Yet.
      Not content with his awesome biking skills, my guide took me through a route of the temple where no one else could be found, where we climbed over toppled stones, wandered through lost corridors and swung on the branches that have weaved their way through and taken over the temple structure. We found peace at the end of a long and arduous day.
      Even if you are not a regular bike rider, try a long haul biking adventure. See a different side of Cambodia. Go see a temple you might have thought was too far out of reach. And my one piece of advice apart from drinking lots of water and taking things at your own pace? Don’t wear a white top for your mountain bike outing. It will only come back orange.

      Recommend Cycling Angkor Temples by ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA:



      • Beautiful cycling roads
      • Impressive Angkor temples
      • Boat trip on Tonle Sap
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  • Ten Reasons why Phuket Should Ten Reasons why Phuket Should be on your Bucket List

    • From: melldee
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      Attracting young and old, adventurous and relaxation-seeking tourists alike, Phuket has something for everyone. And at less than eight hours from most Australian cities, it’s easily within reach. There are hundreds of reasons why Australians head back to Thailand’s best-loved destination year after year- but here are 10 of the best to whet your appetite.

      1. Buddhist Temples

      Religion is an important part of life in Phuket and the rest of Thailand. To truly immerse yourself in their culture, a visit to at least one of the many Buddhist temples is essential. There are over 40 beautiful Buddhist temples across Phuket, with the most visited being Wat Chalong and Wat Khao Rang. The Phuket Big Buddha is another huge attraction (literally); and at over 45 metres high it’s hard to miss!

      2. Songkran Festival

      Each year the Phuket locals take part in a giant water fight - known as Songkran Festival - and no one’s too young or too old to join in on the fun. With people hiding round corners with super soakers and throwing water bombs from balconies on unsuspecting victims, this is one wet and wild reason to head to Phuket.

      3. More than just beaches and sunshine

      Away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas of Phuket you’ll find some of the most beautiful and pristine rainforest in the world. Nearly 70 per cent of Phuket is mountainous so as you can imagine, the scenery is dramatic and perfect for adventurous travellers.

      4. Elephant trekking

      Forget horse-riding, elephant riding is where it’s at in Phuket. It might not be the smoothest ride and it’s certainly not for anyone with a fear of heights, but it is one very cool way to get around. There are a variety of places to go on an elephant trek, both along the coastline and inland amongst dense jungle and spectacular mountain scenery.

      5. It’s always warm in Phuket

      Winter simply doesn’t exist in Phuket - well not in the normal sense of the word (their cool season still averages around 30 degrees Celsius). There is a wet season between May and November, which is the cheapest time to travel to Phuket, but you can still leave your jackets and scarves at home.

      6. Phuket is made up of 33 islands

      Sometimes you just want to escape reality for a day or two. From the main Phuket Island you are in easy reach of dozens of isolated tropical islands where you can have your own piece of paradise. While some of the islands, such as James Bond Island, can get very busy, there are plenty that will offer you a more secluded experience, particularly during off-peak seasons.

      7. Exciting night life on Bangla Road

      Not for the faint-hearted, Bangla Road in the city of Patong is a party-goers paradise. The moment the sun goes down, Patong comes to life. From live music venues to cabaret shows and everything in between, you’ll never forget a night out in Patong.

      8. Postcard-Perfect Sunsets

      Sunsets are always pretty, but Phuket consistently has some of the most photogenic in the world. With rugged islands jutting from the water and longtail boats silhouetted against the orange sunset, you’ll see why many locals and tourists give a round of applause as the sun goes down.

      9. The Food

      If you thought your local Thai restaurant served up a mouth-watering feast, wait until you try the real deal. Not only will you find authentic, fresh Thai food on every corner, but at just a few dollars for a typical meal you’ll have change left for dessert (and a sneaky Singha beer)!

      10. The Beaches

      There are beaches and then there are Phuket beaches. Across Phuket you’ll find more than 15 major beaches and dozens more secluded ones to discover. From the bustling and bar-lined Patong Beach to the more relaxed and romantic beaches of Karon and Kata in the north of the island, you’ll quickly find your favourite.


      Thanks to the girls, Melissa and Lara who flew to Phuket via Virgin Airlines for this guest post.

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  • Oregon Coast Skies Oregon Coast Skies

  • Waterscape Waterscape

    • From: Vonelle Viajera
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      Central Oregon Coast at minus tide..

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  • Sunshine Sunshine

    • From: Vonelle Viajera
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      in Oregon

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  • Perfect Pose Perfect Pose

    • From: Vonelle Viajera
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      Monarch on cone flower in MI

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  • Butterfly on Cone Flower Butterfly on Cone Flower

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      In Michigan

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  • Roses in Oregon Roses in Oregon

  • After the Rain After the Rain

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      In Oregon.

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  • Big Daddy Iguana Big Daddy Iguana

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      In Puerto Vallarta, MX

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  • Alabama Sunset Alabama Sunset

    • From: Donna Carroll
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      Taken in Dothan Alabama at sunset.   Cotton fields surround this area which will be harvested within the next 2 days.  Lucky to have been here to see the crops that keep the south alive.

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  • Birds of Paradise Birds of Paradise

    • From: Donna Carroll
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      The "Bird of Paradise" flower blooms all over South Florida.  You can actually place them in your home for a very long lasting  floral display. 

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    • From: ajjordan2
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      My friends and I took a 4-day vacation in Las Vegas, and we had a blast due to prior planning and recommendations from past visitors. Here is a guide to different venues and hotspots that we enjoyed for those traveling to the exciting Sin City…



      Platinum Hotel_VegasWe decided to stay at the 4-star Platinum Hotel, located off-strip. This was a great choice, as the boutique hotel allowed us intimacy, without the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the big casino hotels. Our room was luxurious, complete with a full kitchen (including a dishwasher), washer and dryer, whirlpool Jacuzzi and state-of-the-art fixtures. The 255-room hotel contains one or two bedroom suites that range from 950 to 2,200 square feet, and contain an outdoor swimming pool, on-site fitness center, day spa, business center, and dry cleaning services. The property hosts many weddings as it is one of the only hotels with a large patio featuring outdoor views of the Strip. For food options, you can choose between the Kilowat Restaurant, which is open from 6am to 2pm for breakfast and lunch, and Stir lounge, which is open for dinner from 4pm to 2am. A unique feature to this lounge is their extensive wine selection (50-100 classic and vintage wines), with an added treat of 50% off special on their classic wines on the weekend. The Platinum Hotel is constantly in the Top 10 rating on TripAdvisor (out of 280 Las Vegas hotels).



      Platinum outdoor pool

      Platinum Hotel_Stir lounge









      Central Michel Richard_VegasAfter checking into our hotel and unpacking, we took a 15 minute walk to Central Michel Richard for lunch, located at Caesars Palace. This was a great start to our weekend, as the restaurant was bright and airy with both outdoor and indoor seating, as well as great views of the Strip. We started off with an appetizer of crab cakes with leeks tartare and ginger aioli. For my main course, I chose the pan seared salmon, which was cooked well done to my preference, and had an awesome burst of flavor through a medley of seasonings. My companion chose the fried chicken and mac ‘n’ cheese. Two of their cocktails, “Blueberry Blitz” and “Granada Sangria” are excellent choices for those who like fruity drinks. This is a great spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For those who enjoy breakfast mid or late-day and like to party late into the night, the restaurant offers a “Late Risers Menu” from 11:30AM to 6AM.


       Our first evening in Vegas was a blast, and probably the best night of our vacation. We spentFix in Vegas the evening at the Bellagio hotel, and dined and played at three of their venues: Fix, Lily, and The Bank. We started off at Fix for dinner, which was loungy with architectural, earth-toned décor. We were offset from the middle of the casino, which gave us nice views of the players, but still felt like we were in a restaurant. We started off with the “Ultimate Shell Fix”, which is a perfect appetizer for shellfish lovers. The seafood sampler contained marine lobster, tiger prawns, seasonal crab, market oysters, and clams. The lobster tacos and seabass were two of our favorite menu items. For drinks, we favored the “Raspberry Sin”, followed by the Cucumber Martini and Pineapple Mojito.


      Lily lounge_Vegas From Fix, we migrated a few steps over to Lily, an upscale lounge and perfect venue for pre-gaming for a late night.  The décor at Lily contained glass paneling, white lilies in vases, boudoir furniture, and see-through drapes to give a sensual aura about the place. Music selections were diverse, and contained a nice variety of Old School R&B, Country Rock, and Reggae. The best part of the experience was sampling 10 different cocktails on their menu, all created by bartender/mixologist, Emilio Tiburicio. Some of the specialty cocktails include, “Lily” (their signature drink, which is a mixture of lime, vanilla, pear, and blood orange vodka) and the “Hibiscus Margarita” which is similar to Triple Sec, but better quality. My favorite cocktail was the “Sgroppino”, which was a combination of lemon sorbet and Grey Goose Le Citron vodka. Emilio described his creations as having “20 or 30 different flavors in one cocktail”. I recommend this venue for those that love creative and one-of-a-kind drinks.

      Lily in Vegas



      The Bank_VegasAfter getting our fill of cocktails at Lily, we went to The Bank, a two level nightclub with 8,000 square feet of dance and lounge space. They have VIP rooms available that accommodate up to 75 people, and we experienced having bottle service in their VIP area, which was a blast. The music selection ranged from House to Hip Hop and featured an elegant décor of black, gold, and Cristal adorned walls. The club is open Friday through Sunday starting at 10:30 p.m. and always attracts a large number of partygoers.


      Zip lining with FlgihtlineZFriday morning, we decided to experience something adventurous; we went zip lining at Bootleg Canyon, hosted by FlightlineZ. This was an adrenaline pumping activity, and it was also great to see another area of Nevada outside of the strip. The excursion departs from Excalibur hotel located on the Strip, and takes around 30 minutes to get to the zip lining destination. The activity was a one-of-a-kind experience, where you zip line from four different levels at speeds of around 65 miles per hour, for a total of 1.56 miles and a total elevation drop of 1200 feet. The view is breathtaking; overlooking orange mountains and arid terrain. The length of the zip lines are 1852ft, 1864ft, 2546ft, and 1150ft, consecutively. This is unique because the 3rd zip line at 2546ft is the longest in Nevada and the 3rd longest in the country. The hosts were extremely gregarious and experts at making you feel comfortable throughout the excursion.

      Zip lining in Vegas





      Friday evening we attended Holly Madison’s Peepshow. The burlesque show is described as beingPeepshowtantalizing fun, taking audiences through a glamorous enchanted adult playground”. The show was created by Tony Award-winning director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell, who directed both Legally Blonde and Hairspray. The name, “Peepshow” is a clever play on words and a fitting description of the program in that there were characters called “Bo Peep”, “Peep Diva”, as well as the obvious reference to the sexy burlesque show. The theme of the show is childhood fairytales with a sexy, adult twist. The element that was the most enjoyable was the wide range of diverse women performing, from black, white, to Hispanic, with different body types and personalities. These were not your stereotypical Vegas Showgirls, however, each woman had a unique sexiness to them, and the choreography and performances were top notch. This is a performance to go see immediately, as the last show takes place December, 2012.








      Ghost Bar in VegasFriday night we went to Palms hotel to experience their nightlifeRain nightclub_Vegas scene. We started at Ghost Bar, a rooftop lounge situated on the sweeping 55th floor of the hotel. The 360-degree view of Vegas from this level was awe-inspiring. Compared to the many massive-sized clubs and lounges in Vegas, this venue was intimate and sexy, and thus frequently attracts the celebrity clientele. The lounge contained indoor and outdoor partitions, with plush, white furniture. After visiting Ghost Bar, we went next door to Rain, a popular club for House music, and contains 25,000 square feet of dance space with an upscale interior.





      Slice of VegasAfter a night of partying, we slept in until lunchtime, and decided to dine at Slice of Vegas located at Mandalay Place (a shopping area located in between Mandalay Bay hotel and Luxor and contains affordable boutique shopping and dining choices). Slice of Vegas is an Italian eatery described by the manager, Tony Cordovana, as being “fresh casual Italian”. We started with an appetizer of calamari, which is cut fresh in-house. For the table, we ordered the “Four Cheese Truffle” pizza, a white pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano and fontina cheeses over a roasted garlic Alfredo sauce. The restaurant makes both their pizzas and sauces in house. Slice of Vegas is also popular for their alcoholic beverages, which include their 60 different types of beers and specialty cocktails. One of their favorites is the “You Dirty Tomato” cocktail, a bacon-flavored vodka with Bloody Mary and a pepperoni straw: not for the faint of heart (or vegetarians).



      After leaving Slice of Vegas, we stopped next door at Fat Tuesday (comparable to Wet Willie’s in Miami)Liquid_Vegas and had jello shots along with a 190 Octane drink, which contains 3 shots of EverClear grain alcohol. By the time we arrived at our next destination, we had a nice buzz going. Our destination was Liquid, a pool party at Aria hotel located on the Strip. The venue contains two luxury VIP pools, 8 grand private cabanas, each of which is equipped with a 40” flat screen TV and mini fridge.  The entire property is internet-ready, so you can relax on one of the chaise lounges or day beds that line the 1,200 square-foot pool. There is also a restaurant that offers pool side dining with a menu prepared by Chef Brian Massie.





      That evening, we dined at Strip House, located at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Strip House is a fine dining experience that offers an innovative menu with sultry interior designs by David Rockwell. For appetizers we had the lobster bisque, mac ‘n’ cheese, and truffle spinach. Each was flavorsome and expertly baked. I chose the 2 pound shelled lobster with butter sauce as my entrée, which needed no help from side dishes. My companion chose the “Crisp Skin Scottish Salmon” entree, adorned with artichokes, pancetta, fingerling Potatoes and basil sauce. Perhaps the icing on the cake was literally their famous 24-layer chocolate layer cake, which we had for desert. According to the manager, they’ve sold 10 tons of the cake since its opening 5 years ago. The ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for a romantic date, with original 1900’s black and white nude photos adorning the sexy blood-red interior.

      Strip House





      Rehab_VegasOur last day in Vegas (Sunday) was an explosive culmination to our vacation. We spent the day at Rehab, a pool party located at the Hard Rock Hotel. I nicknamed the event, “the Coachella of pool parties” because of its immense popularity, including it being featured as its own reality show. Rehab takes place during the summer months, and features an A-list performer (Nelly performed at our weekend’s event) every Sunday and packs around 3,200 patrons each event. Chris Brown performed during the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and the property usually gets around 4,700 patrons during the holidays. Resident DJ’s, Wellman and Shift play a range of music from house to R&B and Hip Hop.





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  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls Ca Cape Town to Victoria Falls Camping Overland Trip - Part 1

    • From: Tamzyn
    • Description:

      Yes that's right, I chose to embark on a total roughing-it style overland trip. Camping, not accommodation. Adventure, at its best. What an experience.

      Day 1 - Meeting the Overland Crew

      Our pre-trip departure meeting has been postponed until tomorrow as our tour guide’s opening speech is drowned out by the noise of a packed pool party at the backpackers. We’ll receive Innocent’s official welcome speech when we reach our campsite and the need for a mime rendition is negated. I did however meet some of the interesting travelers I will be sharing the next 21 days with as well as our fantastic friendly crew – 3 Zimbabweans and a Namibian. Everything is ready for a perfect trip and awesome adventure. I have even received my nickname already – Thamsanqa (means lucky in Zulu).

      Tomorrow we head into the ragged, rocky towers of the South African Cederberg Mountains north of Cape Town with the chance to enjoy a wine tasting tour before camping at one of the area’s gorgeous wine farms.

      Day 2 – Cederberg

      There could not have been a greater start to the trip! Plenty of drive-by photography as we all snapshot the hell out of the some of the insane Cederberg rock formations and the most mind-blowing majestic mountains I have ever seen.

      My world for sunscreen

      I have committed one of Overlanding’s cardinal sins and forgotten to wear my sunscreen. The scorching sun has turned my window arm bright lobster red and it’s starting to hurt! Ouch. We set up our tents for the first night and choose our new tent buddies before spending the afternoon lounging in a clear and cool blue waters of the pool overlooking the vineyards of The Highlander Wine Estate, getting to know the mixture of characters and personalities in our motley travelling crew.

      We are a diverse bunch with everything from adventurous Aussie boys and dynamic young Danes, to a hilarious South Korean Police Officer, an entertaining older Englishman and a Canadian. Many of them are seasoned travelers of Asia, South and North America.
      Star-sprinkled evenings

      We spend a blissfully quite evening under a sparkling star-filled night sky at the vineyard bar before turning in to our tents for our first night on nature’s orthopedic mattress, the ground. Useful Hint: Before choosing a tent buddy asks who snores.

      We are all extremely excited about crossing over South Africa’s largest river the Orange River tomorrow, which is currently in flood and has reached its highest level in 24 years!

      Our usual campsite is sitting under water, so we are crossing our first border into Namibia to camp on the Namibian side of the riverbank.

      Day 3 – Orange River

      A gorgeous sunrise greets us this morning as it rises and lights up the enormous vineyards before we set off on the truck towards Namibia.
      On the road

      Kim’s, the Police Officer, hilarious stories of life in Korea and travelling through South America keep us laughing our asses off the entire way. Did you know: melons are imported into South Korea and are so expensive that they are given as gifts in boxes?

      After a roadside lunch of tomato and cheese sandwiches in the dry Karoo heat we arrive in the historic town of Springbok, our last stop before entering Namibia. The Northern Cape’s largest town, Springbok is centred round a strange hill which now shows off some of Namaqualand’s strange floral life.
      The Namaqualand area is known for its spectacular transformation in spring in which the dry scrub-land bursts forth in a dazzling show of flowers.

      The heat is frying our brains as it visibly rises off the road in front of and as we cross the flooded Great Orange River and Namibian border. Our first border post of the trip- YIPPEE!!!

      Felix Unite, tonight’s campsite on the banks of the Orange River has had its lower bar and lodges flooded. The pool and poolside bar overhanging the river offer up an awesome view and the best spot to watch the sun go down over the river whilst we enjoy a few pre-party drinks.

      Orange River Punch Anyone?

      Tonight is punch night and the entertainment is proudly provided by the duly appointed punch master and punch bitch!

      A few of us choose to play drinking games and have refreshing late night swims in the camp pool, laughing into the early hours. We are going to regret this in the morning when we have to spend 7 hours on the truck!

      I wonder if the Fish River Canyon is more or less beautiful when you are wearing vodka/beer/cane/shooter goggles.

      Stand by for the next installment! 

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  • Solomon Islands underwater mag Solomon Islands underwater magic

    • From: modelmeemaw
    • Description:

      off Skull Island in the Solomon Isdands, this coral looks like a hand. thumb to the back. Just never know what you might see.

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    • From: sssnancysss
    • Description:

      This photo was taken from my deck in Auburn, California.

    • 2 years ago
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