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  • A Break in the Rain A Break in the Rain

    • From: acoombs
    • Description:

      Near Ayureki

    • 4 months ago
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  • Amazon Rain Forest Amazon Rain Forest

    • From: sburakowski
    • Description:

      A lady shows us how she makes food and drinks living off the land on the Amazon rain forest. These people get their food, medicines and clothing primarily from the forest.

    • 5 months ago
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  • true English weather true English weather

    • From: ijkents
    • Description:

      Sunshine and dark clouds with intermiitent rain is the norm.

    • 6 months ago
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  • Crater Lake Sunset Crater Lake Sunset

    • From: gdcall
    • Description:
      Sun was setting at Crater Lake In Oregon. Crater lake is a beautiful park. The water is so blue. The water is from rain or melting snow.
    • 6 months ago
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  • Inside world of Son Doong Inside world of Son Doong

  • rain in the French Quarter rain in the French Quarter

    • From: gmaso
    • Description:

      The clouds opened up as we were walking along Royal St. and boy do the streets empty when it rains in the French Quarter.

    • 6 months ago
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  • Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

    • From: PaulB
    • Description:

      While on an inside passage cruise aboard the Celebrity Century this August, we went on a photo safari side tour which took us whale watching and on a hike through the rain forest to the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau.

    • 7 months ago
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  • London Eye London Eye

    • From: ijkents
    • Description:

      During a sunny (?) day in London the "eye" looked good. Rain happened just 10 minutes after the picture followed by sun 5 minutes later. London weather?

    • 7 months ago
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  • Ultimate Road Trip: Vietnam's Ultimate Road Trip: Vietnam's Northern Loop

    • From: activetravelasia
    • Description:
      Written by Adam Hodge 
      Anyone who has been to this country (and even some of those who haven't) will no doubt be skeptical about the words "Vietnam" and "road trip" in the same sentence. It's true: In a city like Hanoi, the traffic can make you freeze up like an opossum. But outside of the cities, where vehicles are few and far between, the scenery is unforgettable, the culture vibrant, and the road trip experience unparalleled.
      Driving the legendary Northwest Loop is the best way to get a glimpse of the rural side of a country in the throes of relentless, voracious development. In the less-visited north, you can explore the Vietnam of rice terraces, karst formations draped in verdant jungle, purple mountains, and thundering waterfalls.

      The Northwest Loop begins in Hanoi. If you're going to tackle this route in a car or truck, it's best to get a 4WD. Most of the route is sealed, but heavy rains can occasionally wash small rocks and debris onto the road in the mountains. And speaking of rain, since you're in the mountains all bets are off when it comes to the weather. It's true that Vietnam's dry season runs from October until April, but if you try this during "rainy" season in the summer months you can still get away with it. And remember, as you get higher up, the temperature will drop, so you may use both the A/C and the heater in the same trip.
      But be warned, the small twisty roads were drawn into the hills for the pleasure (and ease) of two-wheeled travel. The trip can be done on a 125 cc semi-automatic "motoscooter," which are incredibly easy for even non-riders to get a handle on quickly. You can rent one in Hanoi for less than $10 a day from an outfitter like Flamingo Travel, who provides helpful English-language service. Flamingo also provides guided tours for those who don't want to tackle the country alone.


      After you've explored Hanoi's bustling Old Quarter (the Essence Hanoi is a great boutique hotel option) and filled up on Hanoi's legendary street food, it's time to brave the traffic on the highway from hell out of the city. This is a straight-shot, get-it-over-with drive to the first stopover. Look on the bright side: You will never again complain about traffic back home. Just under 30 miles southwest of Hanoi on Highway 6, you'll have the chance to turn left onto a skinny two-lane secondary road. Take it! This is what you've come for. The road weaves its way through rice terraces, bypassing the truck-heavy main drag. You'll meet up with H6 again soon enough, which you'll take the rest of the way to Mai Chau.
      Motorcycling Mai Chau
      Once in Mai Chau, take a day or two to explore the surrounding countryside, which is home to many of the White Tai ethnic minority. The lush, rice paddy-filled valley is a world away from the noise of Hanoi, the horns and hawker shouts replaced with gurgling irrigation rustling leaves. Here you'll find one of the best accommodation options in northern Vietnam: the terrific Mai Chau Lodge.
      When you leave Mai Chau, you will follow weaving valley roads and mountain switchbacks up H6 to Son La. The journey is not far, but you will stop so frequently to take in the view, so budget extra time. A good idea is to break up the day with pit stops in the small towns you'll find on the way, where you can refill with Vietnamese iced coffee or pho.


      After Son La, you can head directly to the big city in the north, Sapa, but you'd be wise to head to Dien Bien Phu on the QL279 turnoff instead, where you can view the site of one of the most decisive and game-changing military victories in modern history. DBP is where the French rule of Vietnam came to an ignominious end—think Custer's Last Stand in Indochina. Walk around Hill A-1, and then visit the ranks of unmarked graves in the war cemeteries. It's a grim reminder of the war-torn history of the beautiful surroundings.
      Motorcycling Northern Vietnam
      On to Sapa, the center of northern Vietnam. A former French hill station, the town overlooks a valley of waterfalls and rice paddies, and frequently finds itself in puffy white fog as clouds roll into the town center. This is great place for trekking and mountain biking. Trekking Sapa leads multi-day tours around the area, showing off the natural beauty and the culture of the local Hmong hill tribes. For a place to stay, try Thai Binh Sapa.
      Motorcycling Northern Vietnam
      It will take a solid day to drive back to Hanoi from Sapa, so it's wise to break up the trip into two pieces, sleeping the LaVieVuLinh ecolodge homestay near Thac Ba Lake on the way back. If you have time, though, spend an extra couple of days and head east to Ba Be National Park. This remarkable area is up for UNESCO status as a World Heritage Site, but is seldom visited because it is tough to access using public transportation. The park plays host to countless species of fauna, including bears, tigers, and the king cobra. Stay in one of the stilt-house homestays in Pac Ngoi village, which cozies up to the shores of Ba Be Lake, the freshwater centerpiece of the park.


      ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA would like recommend Motorcycling West to East Northern Vietnam tour.This motorcycling trip reveals a different route to get from Son La to Thac Ba. It offers adventurous riders stunning scenery and great tribal culture exploration. The route is not yet popular thus you do not share the roads with other tourist but mainly share the roads with the locals who are on their Honda to the farm. The perfect itinerary and the support crew ensure you get the most out of the trip in terms of comfort, enjoyment and adventure.
      •     Stunning scenery
      •     Challenging roads
      •     Thac Ba Reservoir
      •     Colorful ethnic minorities
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  • Sapa, Vietnam in my tour Sapa, Vietnam in my tour

    • From: activetravelasia
    • Description:
      Sapa, Vietnam
      Sapa is considered the second destination of Vietnam after Halong Bay. This town is located in the Northern mountainous area with the endless terraced field and interesting experience to visit the ethnic villages. You can easily catch up with the heavy rain and storm. However, with me – Jeremy Jones, this is not an obstacles but an exciting challenge though I have to prepare a lot more when the rain falls.
      Rain, rain, rain – it always rains
      If you are a unlucky guy coming to Sapa in the middle of storm rain or after a rainy week, then you are in the major. The muddy paths made everyone fell down at least once, and our luggage were sent quite a lot of souvenir from mud.
      The extraordinary Sapa landscape

      Seems like being aware of this, the stalls in the villages offered most of the things to prevent slipping in every kind of terrain. The sellers are quite smart ladies, and especially when you are buying in the tough weather, the price would be indefinable. A raincoat and a pair of rain boot would be the salvation even in just two days.
      Do not leave out homestays

      Every visitors to Sapa should spend a night or two at homestay, for not only experience the local life experience but also come into the rural life and visit the beautiful places of the land. The further the land is, the more beautiful the landscape. And the homestay will let you see those landscape.
      H'mong People in Sapa
      Most of the homestay is a spacious house with sleeping rooms being built next to the main house. People say only those who stayed for two nights could experience the traditional house in the second one. However, after six hours of experiencing, the most expectation for the pervasive numbness is a fare hot shower with common conveniences.
      Sapa Town, Vietnam
      A homestay in Sapa

      In the whole or part of the journey, all of the travelers are followed by the sellers in the village in the hope of selling something. These local ladies became the sufficient supporters when they showed us which way to go, holding our hand to “saving” us from falling down.
      In general, Sapa is a perfect destination for coming after a hard rain with every conditions of muddy marshy land that you could ever imagine. However for me, I wish I had known how the trip was to prepare myself more carefully and save some cloths for becoming clouts because of mud. I will definitely not prevent anyone from traveling to Sapa in the rain weather, but I would love to suggest them to prepare well. You will not regret.
      Recommended Sapa Trekking & Homestay by ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA
      Hanoi - Lao Cai - Sapa - Hanoi 
      4-day tour with 2-day trek and 2-night homestay
      Trekking grade: Moderate
      This trip includes a trek through the hills and valleys of the Sapa region, discovering several different minorities along the way. You will experience overnight accommodation in the hospitable villages of Giay and Tay ethnic minorities. The apparent hardships are worth it though as we walk through some of the most spectacular scenery that Vietnam has to offer and experience unique villages culture.


      • Awesome scenery
      • Rice terraces
      • Colorful minority groups 
      • Homestays in minority villages
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  • Belize - jungle lily Belize - jungle lily

    • From: amichka
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    • 8 months ago
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  • Belize - leaf after the rain Belize - leaf after the rain

    • From: amichka
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    • 8 months ago
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  • Belize - flower after the rain Belize - flower after the rain

    • From: amichka
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  • Even in the fog the beach is g Even in the fog the beach is glorious!

    • From: DWaiste
    • Description:

      Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon is quite spectacular rain, shine or even fog.

    • 9 months ago
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  • Finally some sun! Finally some sun!

    • From: lskbauer
    • Description:

      It was the rainy season so the soth was green from mold; there was a break in the clouds, and he just leaned back and soaked up the sun til the rain returned, and then went back to eating.

      Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

    • 9 months ago
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    • From: acitvetraveasia
    • Description:
      By David Atkinson
      Motorbiking North Vietnam
      Traveling around Vietnam by motorbike, seeing breathtaking landscapes, beautiful mountain passes, interesting historical relics, colorful, friendly and happy people…makes you love Vietnam more and gives us extremely special feeling.
      I love the thrill of the open road. Shades on, foot to the floor and cruising through alien landscapes with the stereo cranked right up.
      But Vietnam was just about the last place I expected to find myself on a road trip. Self-drive isn’t really an option here.
      And, as for the State-approved backpacker bus trips, well, let’s just say that rubbing knees with the tie-dye clad hordes and eating in the tourist restaurant, where the bus driver always collects his kickback, isn’t my scene.
      Easy rider
      It sounded perfect. A way to get my engine running and get out on the highway while staying off-the-beaten-track and seeing the real Vietnam.
      Road to Northern Vietnam
      Activetravel Asia is one of the Indochina's leading adventure travel companies. They offer a wide selection of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia adventure tours, including hiking and trekking, biking, motorcycling, overland touring and family travel packages. ATA’s packages and tailor-made private itineraries take you through exotic destinations to really experience the culture, history and nature of Asia.  They have made hundreds of trips into the backwaters of the far north, building up a comprehensive motorbike guide to northern Vietnam.
      “The bikes are old 50’s designs straight out of Belarussia. They’re the backbone of the country and used by everyone to haul goods around,” 
      “They don’t go very fast, use a lot of petrol and billow out a lot of smoke, but they’ll get you anywhere,” he adds.
      “Besides, they’re very easy to fix. If you’ve got a stick and a rock you can fix a Minsk.”
      Cruise control 
      With the sun in our faces, we join the highway near Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport and start the slow climb northwards. As we progress at a steady 35km/h, overtaking lumbering trucks soon gives way to overtaking lumbering water buffalo who eye suspiciously as we file past the paddy fields.
      We stop for dinner that night in Tuyen Quang. It’s a dusty one-ass town dominated by trucker rest stops and so-called bia om or ‘cuddle beer’ outlets where the town’s two attractions make for natural bedfellows.
      As we settle down for the night in the shabby state-owned hotel, one of my fellow easy riders, Casey McCarthy from Texas, tells me why she has chosen a severe buttock buffing on a motorbike in the rain for her holiday.
      “I’d never seen a Minsk before Vietnam and, although it’s ancient technology, it’s a very easy ride,” she says. “I guess I just wanted to get away from those cattle-truck bus trips and a bike trip is the best way to see the countryside as you decide where and when you want to go.”
      The next day we’re up with the light and, after a hearty bowl of Vietnamese pho bo(a rice noodle soup with strips of beef), we’re back in the saddle and on the road for Ha Giang.
      As we stop for petrol at what looks like a roadside chemistry set, I ask Digby what kind of people are attracted to the idea of driving around rural Vietnam on a piece of Russian war-era machinery.
      “Half are motorbike riders back home or people with some previous experience but not all. I’d never ridden a bike until I came to Vietnam,” he explains, taking a little bottle of engine oil and mixing it with petrol.
      “Drive bikes and you will crash but drive slow enough and you’ll be OK,” he adds, handing over a dollar for two litres. “If we go over, we’ll just slide – unless we hit something. But it’s nothing like driving at 130km back home when you get washed up off the road”.
      Alien invasion
      Hagiang province, Vietnam
      The last 50km to Ha Giang is made up of winding country lanes. It’s a drive not best experienced at dusk when huge trucks with dazzling headlights tear around blind corners with scant regard for approaching fellow truckers, let alone a bunch of foreigners on motorbikes in dayglo jackets.
      As we make the final approach, it feels like entering a long-forgotten Wild West outpost. The locals stare at us like aliens just beamed down from another planet but Digby is used to it.
      “I regularly go to places where only a handful of strangers have ever been before. Just two weeks ago, I took a tour to a place where only three foreigners had ever visited before the new road was built,” he smiles.
      “Just as I was thinking that I’d been everywhere possible, the Vietnamese Government has launched a programme to build roads to each commune so a there’s now a whole bunch of new roads to explore,” he adds.
      “That’s why I do this. It isn’t so much a tour as a road trip where the guide is having as much fun as the customers.”
      More travel information about motorbike northern Vietnam at: http://www.activetravelvietnam.com/tour.php?op=detail&tourId=66
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  • Textures Textures

    • From: Donna Carroll
    • Description:

      Picture taken just after a rain storm in Epcot's Flower Festival.

    • 11 months ago
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  • Exploring Budapest: Day 1 Exploring Budapest: Day 1

    • From: lavenderdays
    • Description:

      Flying all the way from Los Angeles, my mom and I arrived in Budapest at 9 in the morning - fun.  After making our way to the hotel, we ended up passing out for a good 3 hours on the extremely comfortable beds in our room.

      Miraculously, we were able to wake up and force ourselves to go outside and explore, despite the major jet lag. About 10 seconds after stepping outside, the blue sky quickly vanished and it started pouring so we ran into a cafe close to the hotel and hid out there for a good hour. 

      I was eager to try some Hungarian food so I ordered goulash soup which was really delicious. I’m no food expert so I’m not quite sure if there are several different kinds of goulash but mine had beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions in it. I’d definitely recomend trying it if you’re ever in Hungary! Unfortunately, I only ate goulash once while I was there because the rest of the week was extremely hot and who the hell wants to eat soup when it’s 90 degrees out?

      The rain stopped after an hour and sunshine returned so we decided to walk around the city a bit to get an idea of where everything is. We walked long the Danube River, passed the gorgeous Parliament building, and ended up around St. Stephen’s Basilica which is surrounded by beautiful shops and cafes. 

      Jet lag got the best of us again and we ended up returning to the hotel and falling asleep by 8:30. Yeah. Party animals.

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  • Drying out Drying out

    • From: jfenson
    • Description:

      This Anhinga is drying its feathers after a rain shower in Tortuguero, Costa Rica.

    • 1 year ago
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  • Unusual Planter Unusual Planter

    • From: amsher
    • Description:

      I saw this creative way to reuse an old rain boot at a restaurant in Costa Rica.

    • 1 year ago
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