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  • Ski Holidays Ski Holidays

    • From: sunilkumarbh
    • Description:

      So for this Valentine's Day which happens to be on a Saturday after a whooping 11 decades, I'm preparing to go to ski trip in Europe. Me and my sweetheart really like to ski and a finish few days in the Switzerland alps would be an excellent way to enjoy this day of really like. So for the resorts and exchanges, relevant reservations have been created. If anyone has been there before, I would search for some details on how it is to travel there. Do we depend on community carries or we search for the services of a car for travelling.

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  • Dazzling Dubai: Wonderful attr Dazzling Dubai: Wonderful attractions in Dubai

    • From: flyaustralia
    • Description:

      Dubai with time has gained a wonderful reputation is and is really known for being larger than life. There are number of attractions that make the tourists stick around this fantastic place, various shopping malls, amazing luxury desert resorts, water parks and a lot more makes Dubai an extremely superlative tourist spot. This is one of the major places that are considered to be immensely astounding holiday destination.

      If you are planning a holiday at one of the coolest locations, then you can book your flights to Dubai without giving any second thoughts, staying here for a few days in order to enjoy the charisma of this city is not a bad option.The Mall of Emirates

      Dubai no doubt is well known for its startling malls; however, The Mall of Emirates which is also known as home to the indoor ski slope was recently surpassed as the Middle East’s largest mall.

      The beaches in Dubai are the best places if you are looking forward to relaxation make yourself comfortable under a palm tree and relax.

      This is just one side of Dubai, if you wish to experience the other side of it, then it is advisable for you to visit Batskiya quarter or, some of the great traditional villages that are further out of town.


      As Dubai, is a deserted location, it is of no doubts that the climate out here will be hot and sunny which makes it quite roasting. During summers, there’s an 11 hours of sunshine during the day time and the temperature is generally above 37 degrees, at times it even reaches up to 40, such days are known to be the hottest days in Dubai. However, in the evening the temperature drops down to somewhere close to 20 degrees, but you cannot expect the humidity to vanish away, it still exists in the air which makes the atmosphere really uncomfortable. The temperature gets a little milder between December and March, during the day temperature falls in the range from 20s to 30s, in the evening the atmosphere gets a lot cooler as the temperature gets close to the teens. Rainy season in Dubai is really limited; you can expect the rainfall from January to March.

      Certain obvious reasons and attractions in Dubai make it a fantastic place for vacations, however, everyone needs to know about the best time to visit Dubai, and after all, nobody wants to spoil the fun of being there.  

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  • The Mall of Emirates The Mall of Emirates

    • From: flyaustralia
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      The Mall of Emirates which is also known as home to the indoor ski slope was recently surpassed as the Middle East’s largest mall.
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  • Cabins at Pine Haven Near Beck Cabins at Pine Haven Near Beckley W VA

    • From: dfmccallister19@gmail.
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      The Cabins at Pine Haven is a Mountain Top Retreat located on ten beautiful Mountain Top acres just one mile South of Beckley West Virginia one mile off I-64 exit 125.  We offer 10 luxury Log Cabins for Rent plus a Lodge and Conference Center that seats 85 guest.  We offer great packages for Golf, ATV Trails, Ski, Fishing, Whitewater Rafting , Rock Climbing Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, New River Gorge Bridge Walk and more. 

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  • Adventure Activities in the Gr Adventure Activities in the Great Barrier Reef That You Will Remember Forever

    • From: greatreeftours1
    • Description:

      Great Barrier Reef Tours















      Resorts and countries at the Excellent Hurdle Offshore never run out of factors that visitors can do. From a picnic at the seaside to the more difficult experience actions a day at the greatest reefs deep sea system will never be tedious.

      Adventure actions at the Excellent Hurdle Offshore are not only restricted to marine activities which are fun factors that you can do on the water and on area. For example did you know that based on the isle you're discovering you can on quad bicycle tours?

      How do you go about traveling car less Hamilton Island? Easy, just use the tennis cart which is an easy to generate 2 or 4-seater automobile that you can take on a self journey or a complete promised tennis cart vacation.

      Still at Hamilton Island if you want a flavor of something else, you can try generating the quad bicycle in an off-road journey. Books can take you up paths to a search the cart can't achieve where you have a capturing perspective of the Excellent Hurdle Offshore as far as the undressed eye can see.

      At Brampton Island, you can go on Jet Ski and canoe trips. It is too possible for you then try joint getting on, sailing, and awakens getting on.

      At Excellent Keppel Island there are 17 pristine seashores to discover through their strolling paths that have different levels of problems. They also have the regular the water experience actions like jet and sailing, and scuba snorkeling but if you want a lot more excitement hurry try the combination sky snorkeling or the para boating.

      If you would like a capturing look of the Excellent Hurdle Offshore from the sky, you can also guide yourself to a chopper journey of Natural Island. Based on the journey, they will area on the isle so you are diving its rich waters then they will proceed on and take you to see reefs cays and other exciting deep sea structures.

      Not only are the isle hotels a resource of experience actions at the deep sea even the journey organizations have their own providing of actions assured to keep you seeking more.

      Take for example the Coral Sea Rental Organization which requires your sport fishing attention to an advanced stage. If you indication up in one of their trips you will be able to go deep sea sport fishing, fly sport fishing, and activity sport fishing at the deep sea.

      Still another journey business is the Southeast Combination Sailing Adventures. Recognized since 1985, the corporation has been providing boating two to three evening of experience trips on popular locations in the deep sea such as Connect Island, Hayman Island, and Whitehaven.

      What's good with this business is they let their visitors in on the fundamentals of boating aside from the regular scuba snorkeling and diving. Plus this will absolutely be an experience you'll never ignore as you will be on panel a luxury boat that was formerly used in boating backgrounds.

      The most amazing thing about the actions at the Excellent Hurdle Offshore is you don't have to go out and search for them. You can ideally ask your resort assistant and they are more than satisfied to help you with arranging any of these or you can browse the Internet as journey providers almost always have their own online arranging.

      Top quality hotels will give you the best place to rest after an exhausting journey day. Go to Excellent Hurdle Offshore Hotels for more information about hotels in the area and understand about journey organizations working there by going to Excellent Hurdle Offshore Tours.



      You can also get involved in some actual SCUBA snorkeling jump snorkeling jump snorkeling jump snorkeling deep-sea snorkeling jump snorkeling jump snorkeling. Choices broad variety from personal day for Click here to several day live-aboard trips such as start water and evening goes.




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  • Take Dubai City Breaks for a J Take Dubai City Breaks for a Journey to Let Your Hair Down

    • From: Brianmcquillan
    • Description:
      Have you been planning to go on a holiday but can’t get your head to decide which destination to explore? You don’t have to hold any anxieties as we would recommend one. How about taking Airline Tickets To Dubai ? When you were on the verge of planning a vacation in a foreign country, did this magnificent city strike your mind even once? We can be quite certain that it may not have due to the fact that you’re inclined towards the natural beauty. But that’s not all. You should expand your possibility to cover as much as you can because the world is so full of awe-inspiring places of interest that leave you stunned.

      Dubai city break

      If you are visiting one of the most impressive emirates of the United Arab Emirates for the first time ever in your life, you would have the time of your life. No doubt, when you would be leaving Dubai, you will definitely say “Wish! I had more days in my kitty. I am so fascinated by this beautiful city.

      What can we say about this remarkable city that cajoles a lot of holiday-makers from every nook and corner of the world? Words fall short if we are about to express the magnificence of the city. This city first began as a small fishing village and then gradually became one of the most applauded cities in the world. Grab cheap Direct flights Dubai from Gatwick for an unforgettable tour.

      Dubai tour Package
      The attractions add charm to the city’s glory as they are the ones that have made Dubai a huge hit among the backpackers from various parts of the globe. You can pay a visit to the charismatic highlights such as Ski Dubai, Dubai Marina, Wild Wadi Water Park, Atlantis Hotel, Burj Al Arab and many more.

      Ski Dubai

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  • Ski and Spa in the French Pyre Ski and Spa in the French Pyrenees

    • From: Sylviespa
    • Description:


      LES JARDINS DE BALNEA (Region Pyrénées)

      The Pyrenees form a natural frontier between France and Spain displaying a wild and wonderful environment, rich and varied plants and wild life. It is a region rich in history and culture. Come and relax in un spoilt settings, drink from the clear waters of rivers and mountain streams and bathe in the torrents and waterfalls.

      Keep your eyes wide open to the great views the Pyrénées National Park has to offer (with great opportunities for keen photographers).

      Whether you are in Pyrénées Atlantiques, Hautes-Pyrénées or Midi-Pyrénées, you will be amazed by the warm welcome you will get and won’t miss a chance to bring back local recipes of a cuisine drenched in olive oil and tasting of sunshine.

      Where to say ?

      Loudenvielle is a village full of flowers, nestled in an un spoilt and verdant valley. A lake, park, spa center, outdoor pool with waterslides, mini-market, cinema and hiking trails are all within short walking distance, creating the perfect holiday hideaway for young families and mature couples.

      A group of 5 recently built traditional style chalets divided into 69 apartments in total, located 100m the village centre and the shops, 300m from the Balnéa spa centre. A car is recommended to travel around.

      all appartements are well equipped in this resort with :

      Kitchenette with ceramic hob, microwave and dishwasher, flat screen TV (may only

      offer French channels), bathroom, balcony or terrace.



      • S4A - ALCOVE STUDIO sleeps 4, 26-31m². Living area with sgl sofa bed and sgl pull-out

      bed, alcove with bunks.

      • 1 BEDROOM ALCOVE or SPLIT-LEVEL APARTMENT sleeps 4, approx 36m². Living

      area, twin bedroom, alcove with bunks.

      •  1 BEDROOM ALCOVE or SPLIT LEVEL APARTMENT sleeps 6, approx 40m². Living

      area with dbl sofa bed, twin bedroom, alcove with bunks.

      • 2 BEDROOM ALCOVE or SPLIT-LEVEL APARTMENT sleeps 7/8, approx 46m².

      Living area with sgl sofa bed and sgl pull-out bed, dbl bedroom, twin bedroom, alcove

      with sgl bed or 1 set of bunks, extra shower. (type of apartment allocated according

      to occupancy)

      • 3 BEDROOM ALCOVE or SPLIT-LEVEL APARTMENT sleeps 9/10, approx 60m².

      Living area with sgl sofa bed and sgl pull-out bed, 2 dbl bedrooms, twin bedroom +

      alcove with sgl bed or 1 set of bunks or twin bedroom, extra shower.

      Here you get all types of apartements either for a young couple, friends or a family .

      We really liked the Spa center in this residence Jardins Balnea .. they offer free access to the Spa center but also special spa packages at a good affordable price.

      see below some suggestions :

      YOUR SPA

      BALNEA is the largest well-being and relaxation thermal water centers of the French Pyrenées. It is a vast sanctuary made of wood, stone and glass, divided into several complementary areas : the Amerindian area, the roman area, the Tibetan and the new Japanese outdoor area, all offering the unforgettable mountain view.

      You will also enjoy the 2 panoramic saunas, 3 outdoor thermal pools, Jacuzzi and a Japanese garden.

      FREE : 1 entry (2 hours/person/week) to the Balnea Wellness Centre (at 300 m from the residence) with swimming pool, whirpool & Spa treatments (payable) at Balnéa Spa Centre’s Espace Tibetain nearby.

      Winter rates valid from 1/12 till 12/5/2013

      DECOUVERTE (discovery 1 day)  price 99 € /person.

      1 wrap + sculpting treatment, 1 back massage with hot stones, one entry to the Roman and Amerindian baths witrh steam room, tylarium, musical bath, whirpool, bubble beds…)

      PLAISIRS DE L’EAU (pleasure of the water 2 days) price 139/ person

      One entry to the Roman and Amerindian baths with steam room, tylarium, musical bath, whirpool, bubble beds.., 1 sculpting treatment with effusion, Turkish bath, & intensive relaxation sculpting treatments.

      ZEN option 3 days  - Price 210 € / person

      One Thai foot massage, 1 Taïko Yoga (Korean technique, Thai massage and yoga), 1 bol Kansu massage with hot sesame oil, one entry to the Roman and Amerindian baths with steam room, tylarium, musical bath, whirpool, bubble beds..)



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  • ski and spa breaks France ski and spa breaks France

    • From: Sylviespa
    • Description:
      enjoy a great ski holiday in Jardins Balnéa, a great spa resort in the French Pyrenees, close to the spanish border.. Great ski slopes, relaxing environement, and relax and smoothe the sore muscles at night in the Balnea Spa center - just fabulous..!
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  • What is better than an active What is better than an active day on the perfectly groomed ski slope?:)

    • From: sitravel
    • Description:

      I would like to share with you how an active weekend should look like.
      We all swimm in the same boat meaning that we work 40 hours + a week.

      Weekends are perfect for having fun outsited. Tomorrow jump on my skis and carve a few turns with my new elan race slx skies. In Slovenia we have quite a few skiing center. I will pick the one that is closes to me so that I will not lose too much time with driving. Obviously, I wish to ski at least 6 hours:). You may be wandering where I am going....No more secrets, the place is called Krvavec on of the most recognised ski centers in Slovenia. I will not wast your time with my lines...have a look at Krvavec ski center website and get a feeling who do we do it on the slope in Slovenia:) http://www.rtc-krvavec.si/index.php?id=9&L=2

      I hope you are having as much fun as possible. 

      Take care,


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  • A Very Strange Painted Cow A Very Strange Painted Cow

    • From: GL Salava
    • Description:

      We stopped for lunch at a Slovakia Ski Resort.  There was a traveling display of about 15 Painted Cows in the area.  This had to be the oddest one of the group.  No idea what the artist was trying to depict. This was definately an eye catcher.  Reminds me of the poem "The Purple Cow".  I never saw a Purple Cow, I never hope to see one but I would rather see one then be one.

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  • Painted Cow Painted Cow

    • From: GL Salava
    • Description:

      We stopped at a Slovakia Ski Resort for lunch.  There were many different painted cows in the area.  The cows were there as part of a traveling display in different European cities.  Some were plain while others had one wondering. Very interesting anyway.  reminds me of the poem "The Purple Cow".

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  • Skiiers Hike Up to Ski Down Mt Skiiers Hike Up to Ski Down Mt. Hood

    • From: Martrese
    • Description:

      Skiiers hike to some pretty steep, remote spots on the south side of Mt. Hood to ski back down.

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  • Taos Mountain Vista Taos Mountain Vista

    • From: peghaz
    • Description:

      Above Taos Ski Valley, the Williams Lake area is a wintry wonderland.

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  • Beautilful day to ski Beautilful day to ski

    • From: evbk
    • Description:

      This picture was taken to show the beauty surrounding before heading down the slope


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  • Aspen Memorial Aspen Memorial

    • From: LisaG
    • Description:

      My father requested that his children scatter his ashes in his favorite places in life. The first destination was at his favorite restaurant in Upper Arlington, Ohio where as memorial was held from 4-7 with open bar, good friends an appetizers. Everyone was asked to contribute a Bill Blake story. We created a photo spread of his life and brought his Ohio State hat which was place in front of "his" bar stool. I will post some of his WW11 photos for this portion of the trip.

      Our second destination was Aspen Colorado where he traveled to ski, eat and socialize for forty some years. I tried to take photos of views he would love to see. My efforts are on the Budget travel site.More to come when we do the last leg in Florida.



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  • CNN Oldest Vine-desktop.m4v CNN Oldest Vine-desktop.m4v

    • From: percyvonlipinski
    • Description:

      You may not have heard of the small town of Maribor in Slovenia but for anyone that likes a glass of wine you should because at over 500 years old it's still home to the World's Oldest, Continually Producing Grape Vine. The special vine is guarded like a bank 24/7. So what does a boittle of wine made from a 500 year old vine taste like? Check out this video and you'll know.


      What's even more remarkable is that during the 18th century virtually every Grape Vine in Europe was destroyed by a devasting blight. The only solution was to immune import vines from Amercia to be able to continue, this vine was one of only a few throughout Europe that did not perish.


      Much Metta





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