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  • 10 Luxury Family Holiday Desti 10 Luxury Family Holiday Destinations 2014

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      As travel to the four corners of the world has become more accessible, an abundance of choice has been created for the family traveller. Yet at the same time as the globe opens up, the options available for a rarefied experience narrow. 

      For family holiday makers in search of luxury, the chance to provide their children with culturally rich excursions that expand their world view are proving to be key drivers in determining choice. To help, here is a list of ten destinations that offer children and adults alike the chance to indulge in the luxury of experience in the maximum of comfort. 


      The culture the exotic island of Barbados is defined by is its West African, British and Indian historical legacy. This ensures that cricket, afternoon tea and Christianity remain staple passions of the local Bajans, who need no excuse to proudly boast of the fact that there are more churches than bars on the island. 

      The aesthetic too is shaped by this legacy, as the old stone churches and sugar plantations characterise the scenery of this Caribbean gem as much as the glorious white sandy beaches and dreamy ocean views. In terms of luxury hotels, Sandy Lane provides a plethora of activities and facilities to cater for every family need. 


      As recently as 20 years ago, Dubai as we know it simply didn’t exist. Now, however, it’s a bustling ever-changing metropolis set in the heart of the Persian Gulf. A destination of complete opposites, the tranquillity of the desert close by provides a taste of traditional Arabia that is of stark contrast to the ultra-modern shopping malls and extravagant opulence found in the city. 

      Excursions and activities for the whole family are integrated into Dubai’s vibrant tourist economy. For example, one of the most expensive and extravagant hotels found anywhere in the world, the Burj al Arab, now runs the the Jumeirah project; a turtle rehabilitation programme that in its final stage allows children to release the reinvigorated reptiles back into the sea. 


      Since the dawn of its ancient civilisation Egypt is a country that has been synonymous with luxury. And with its wide range of world class hotels and facilities, this statement is as true today as it ever was. 

      For family travellers looking to indulge into the rich history of Egypt, the city of Luxor provides the ideal central location to plan your adventures from, with the Valley of the Kings nearby. Similarly, as Egypt is home to two of the Seven Wonders of the World in the form of The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the timeless options for families in search of cultural enrichment are plentiful. 


      From the romance of Paris right through to the mountainous vistas of the Alps, France is home to a rich and varied landscape. In terms of culture, food and drink is central to the way of life. Therefore France is the perfect country to refine the palette of young and old, with dynamic markets, top class restaurants and hidden eateries aplenty.      

      The Evian resort, just 3km away from the gorgeous Lake Geneva on the Swiss border, provides a fantastic family choice regarding accommodation. For more information on the Evian resort and the activities on offer there, visitwww.totstoo.com/destinations. An additional consideration for those with a very young family intent on embarking on a foreign holiday is the relatively short travel times between the UK and destinations in France. 


      An expedition to Italy offers families a varied spectrum of classical ruins, impressive architecture and fine food, that as a collective represent an amalgamation of culture and history which any place in the world will struggle to compete with. 

      Venice and Florence are just two of many cities that offer a multitude of iconic and beautiful experiences. Whilst Lake Garda which resides within the foothills of the beautiful Dolomites, presents a package of gorgeous hotels, stunning scenery and outdoor pursuits to satisfy even the most demanding of luxury family holiday makers. 

      The United Kingdom 

      For those families with a large brood, travelling abroad in search of a luxury experience can be a daunting and stressful experience. This is why many are choosing keep their holiday plans restricted to local shores, as destinations can be reached simply by jumping in a car or on a train. 

      Rural escapes like the Yorkshire Moors, the Cotswolds and the Jurassic Coast provide rugged and beautiful landscapes full of adventure and opportunity for exploration. Furthermore, cities such as London and Liverpool offer vibrant, multicultural environments that provide an illustration of what defines modern Britain.  


      Even though the land mass is small, the Seychelles landscape is diverse, encompassing mountains, tropics, coral islands and  isolated beaches that are the epitome of paradise. For tourists that hold nature close to their hearts, the islands are home to the world renownedCousin Island Special Reserve, a national park teeming with wildlife that is famed for its approach to conservation and eco-tourism. 

      As tourism is the lifeblood of the island, there is a number of beautiful and facility laden hotels and resorts optimised for family comfort. All things considered, the Seychelles offers a unique opportunity for families to explore and absorb the rarest of things; paradise on earth. 

      Finnish Lapland 

      It’s not just the prospect of seeing Father Christmas that makes Finnish Lapland a magical family holiday prospect. Situated near the Arctic Circle, the country is one of the few places on earth that is ideal for viewing the spectacular skies that the Northern Lights produce. 

      Surrounded by amazing alpine surrounding, Hotel Kakslauttanen presents the perfect winter bolthole complete with a range of family-centric activities nearby. These include snow rides led by both huskies and reindeers that traverse icy roads and a possible visit toSanta’s resort.

      It goes without saying that for the best experience families should visit during the festive period, and although this will be expensive, children will be provided with an experience they will never forget. 


      Sweeping deserts and idyllic coastlines provide the unadulterated beauty that has seen Oman fittingly referred to as the Jewell of Arabia. Juxtaposing modernity and tradition the country of Oman delivers a holiday experience that is unique to anywhere in the world. Although because of the extreme heat experienced in the summer months, the best time to visit Oman is between October and March. 

      The influx of wealth to the country has ensured that holidaymakers are able to enjoy access to an innumerable range of world-class, child-friendly facilities, which include resorts, shopping districts, attractions and hotels that cater for every family need conceivable. The most accessible part of the Oman coast resides near the capital of Muscat, where there is the opportunity to embark on dolphin watching tours that will cast each generation in a state of awe and provide an unforgettable experience.  


      For children who are old enough to appreciate it, a visit to Greece offers the chance to appreciate the uniquely rich cultural heritage of a country that has shaped much of what continues to define western civilisation. 


      Made up of over 2,000 islands, Greece includes golden sandy beaches, seafront taverns and amazing hotels, including Westin Resort Costa Navarino. From here families can engage in water sports and other activities, as well as using it as a hub for nearby excursions which take in the countries rich historical legacy. 

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  • 4 Ways to Better Organize Your 4 Ways to Better Organize Your International Move

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      Moving is not something that many people relish. There are just too many things to do and never enough time to get them all done, particularly if you are relocating overseas. If you are planning an international move, staying organized is essential. Here are 4 tips that will help you to better organize your move and make it as stress-free as possible.

      1.    Make lots of lists – In order to really get organized you will need to make lists – for everything. You will have arrangements to make for the movers, the moving trucks, closing out bank accounts, shutting off your utilities, paying your old debts and on and on. The best way to handle all of these tasks is to begin with a list of things that you have to do. Make a checklist and then go through it, checking things off as you complete them.

      2.    Pack a travel bag – You are certainly going to need a few personal items with you when you arrive at your new international location. Before you pack away all of your clothing and other essentials, take the time to pack a bag of necessities to take with you on your trip. Things like socks and underwear, a few days’ worth of clothes, makeup and toiletries will make you much less stressed out when you arrive at your new location.

      3.    Pay off bills – This should be done long before your actual move. If you pay off your bills before you leave your current country then you will have one less worry following you to your new location. Make sure that you take care of utility bills when you leave and pay up credit cards and other monthly bills at least a month or so in advance to keep from worrying about them when you arrive.

      4.    Get your paperwork together – If you are moving for work you will need to ensure that all of your paperwork is in order. Regardless of whether or not work is involved you will want to be certain that you have passports, visas and other needed documents on hand for the move. Make sure that you also take the time to change your address with creditors, banks, investment companies, insurance companies and anyone else that you make regular payments to.

      There is nothing that will take all of the stress out of relocating to an international location but by following these few tips you can make the process run a bit more smoothly. Make your lists and begin checking things off as you do them. You will soon find it is time to begin unpacking in your new home and you will wonder why you were so worried to begin with.

      This article was written by Robinsonsinternational removals, one of the top five UK specialists in UK, European and International moving and relocation.

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  • Mind the Gap..London, UK Mind the Gap..London, UK

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      Breathtaking view of a castle on the lake in Bruges, Belgium

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  • Trip Through Vietnam Trip Through Vietnam

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      Michael recently returned from his trip with Vietnam Travel Plan, where he visited the atmospheric cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, lounged on the untouched island of Phu Quoc and marvelled at Cai Rang’s floating market on the Mekong river. He kept a travel diary on his trip and has allowed us to share a few snippets of his adventure..

      by THE RICKSHAW 

      ‘My interest in Vietnamese history has grown and with that interest a desire to see Vietnam has grown that should have been sated long before now. Now on my return to the UK from Indonesia via Singapore it seemed a very good time to make amends that miss.’
      Hanoi: ‘To see throngs of people at exercise in the square lightened my day at 6am.’
      Vietnam Trip- Hanoi 
      Halong bay: ‘The pleasure of almost touching heaven came as I wined and dined on glorious seafood aboard a Vietnam junk at Halong Bay. And what a sunset that day gave me to complete the unbelievable serenity.’
      Vietnam Trip- Halong Bay
      Ho Chi Minh City: ‘Ho Chi Minh City came next. Perhaps more organised and western than Hanoi, it had its moments. I crawled inside the VC tunnels at Cu Chi, looked at all their bamboo traps for searching soldiers and was mighty glad I had not been a GI caught in one of those.’
      Mekong Delta: ‘I was treated to the strange and unexpected pleasure of the Mekong Delta and the wealth of waterways and rice fields that make up this unforgettable place. The floating market at Cai Rang was amongst the liveliest of memories. I actually think that this taste of river life was something I had never seen before.’
      Phu Quoc: ‘My final days of rest were at the totally unspoiled island of Phu Quoc near the border with Cambodia’
      ‘Vietnam have just recently designated the Lotus as the national flower. They say it represents the open generous spirit and the beauty of the Vietnamese people. In my experience one can’t argue that. What a delightful way to end ones latest travels, to end in a place that seems happy and so much at peace with itself and wants the visiting world to see and share. Thank you Vietnam for making me see truism once again, even though I never need reminding about my good fortune.’

      ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA would like to recommend Family Adventures in Vietnam tour.With its stunning natural landscapes, millennia-old history, exciting cosmopolitan cities, friendly hamlets and mélange of cultural influences, Vietnam has it all. And there’s no better way to become acquainted with this vibrant country than by exploring it under your own locomotion and at your own pace. Walk past pagodas and temples in old Hanoi, kayak amid labyrinthine limestone outcrops in Halong Bay, bike past vibrant green rice paddies, investigate magnificent historic sites in Hue and stroll through the enchanting city of Hoi An, one of Vietnam’s architectural gems. Round out your days of discovery with meals of delicious local cuisine and stays at warm welcoming hotels.
      • Kayaking in the amazing Halong Bay
      • Biking in the majestic former capital of Hue
      • Charming ancient town of Hoian
      • Floating market of Cai Rang
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  • UK holiday parks UK holiday parks

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  • UK holiday parks UK holiday parks

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  • New Zealand Flights take you t New Zealand Flights take you to a Fantasyland

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      Beautifully burrowed into the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is decked with stunning landscape, verdant meadows, crystal clear lakes and incredibly scenic beached and to top it all a great culture of hospitality. The allure of this picture postcard destination transcends borders and people often board New Zealand flights to get to this heavenly destination on earth which is synonymous with its Kiwi birds.
      Queenstown New Zealand
      The destination called New Zealand is also a moviemakers’ delight. Filmmakers often roll their cameras to capture the breathtaking views of this immaculate beauty. At first glance, it appears that this jaw dropping destinations has been made just for the tourists.
      The country, where sheep outnumber people, provides enough scope for adventure sports like bungee jumping, black water rafting and zorbing. New Zealand puts you on an adrenalin rush with skydiving and glacier climbing options.
      water rafting in new zealand

      The cities in New Zealand are elegantly tucked in this lovely landscape. Auckland, the largest city in the country can be termed as a city of volcanoes spewing lava. Rotorua has Maori culture and hot pools as its USP while Hamilton keeps the tourists enthralled with its understated charm. Cities like Napier, Wellington and Christchurch have their own aura.

      The inhabitants of the land has joined hands to make it a beloved tourist destination, the people here are extremely courteous and take pride in offering best of hospitality to the visitors. Board a flight to New Zealand from UK and say hello to this darling destination.

      This content is originally Syndicated from: - http://brianmcquillan-travel.blogspot.com/2013/03/new-zealand-flights-take-you-to.html

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  • The benefits of cottages for l The benefits of cottages for large groups rather than staying in a hotel

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      If you are planning a holiday than one of the main things you need to think about is where you are going to stay. In general there are several choices at your disposal; hotels, hostels, B&BS and cottages. The latter option is something which is highly beneficial, especially for those who are going away in a big group. There are some fantastic cottages around the UK, and thus no matter where you are going, you are bound to find this type of accommodation available for your stay.

      One of the main benefits associated with staying in a cottage is that a lot of them accommodate a large number of people. This means that everyone can stay in the same place rather than being spilt up into different hotel rooms. This ensures that no one ends up left out as well because often friendship groups can find it difficult to determine who is going to share a hotel room with whom. Moreover, when you stay in a hotel there is no guarantee that your rooms will be next to each other and thus you may end up spending your holiday residing in opposite ends of the hotel.

      In addition to this, cottages for large groups provide a great option because they are much more cost effective than the other choices available. When you choose to stay in hotel or a B&B or a hostel you will usually find that you have to pay per night as well as per person. When there is a big group of you this is a cost which can easily mount up. Nevertheless, when renting a cottage you simply pay for the entire week’s stay. It does not matter how many people are staying – the cost will not rise. This is great when going in a big number because it means that the cost per person decreases and thus this is much more affordable for most people.

      Another point worth noting is that if you are a family going away for vacation then this proves to be a much more beneficial option too. Cottages tend to have big outside spaces and are located in peaceful areas. This means that you will have lots of space for your little ones to run around. Moreover you will have the comforts that are associated with home life. When having kids a small space like a hotel room can prove to be extremely difficult and your children will get frustrated by being restricted.

      Additionally, cottages prove to be much more beneficial in general because they enhance the entire holiday. You can find some absolutely stunning cottages which are located in picturesque locations. This really adds to the whole vacation and makes it memorable. You will usually find that hotels are located on busy main roads or are surrounded by lots of other buildings as well.

      All in all, if you are going away on vacation this year and there is a lot of you going then you should definitely consider the prospect of renting a cottage. There are lots of cottages for large groups available and the benefits that they possess are vast.

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  • Country Specific Sim Cards For Country Specific Sim Cards For Long Distance Travels

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      When planning for a trip to going abroad, the huge phone call bills give almost a nightmare. You couldn’t think even an option to curtail that expense. Here a better option for you could be either to use international roaming on your cell phone, which would adversely affect your expenses or to use a calling card, but it would not allow you to receive calls. The third option is to use a country specific card which would allow you to make, as well as receive calls. Using a country specific card can reduce your expense up to 70%, depending on the number of days you are on a tour.

      TSIM International SIM Cards

      TSIM Communication Services Pvt. Ltd.

      The best option to follow while travelling to a particular destination would be a country specific card. These International SIM Cards can be used with any GSM unlocked handsets. These allow you to surf the internet but you have to pay an extra cost for that.

      These work like other SIM cards and are prepaid and postpaid as well. They can be operated as soon as you reach your destination and have to be returned to the company after you return from the trip.

      With prepaid cards, you can do top up online as and when required. You have to decide in advance the amount you would need.

      Postpaid card can be bought once you submit the necessary documents including your photo identity, visa, passport and residence identity. The bill will be received 15 days after you return from your trip.

      The cost of the cards depends from country to country and the number of days the SIM card is used for. The incoming calls in almost all countries are free of cost except Hong Kong, US, Canada and China. Getting international roaming activated in a number may be an easy option and but is not at all a cheap one.

      Country specific SIM cards prove advantageous and is cheaper while travelling abroad for a long period of time. TSIM Communication Services Pvt. Ltd. offers you country specific SIM for USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, UAE and many other countries.

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  • What Exactly Do You Need to Do What Exactly Do You Need to Do to Make The Most Out of Car Hire?

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      The idea of car hire is a modern one the fact is car hire is a recent business concept that has grown for a good share of the past decade. Hiring a car simply means owning a car for a specified time period for a fee. There are a number of terms and conditions that are involved in the whole process and therefore it is important to know that car hire anywhere in the world is a professional business that is regulated by the laws of the land.

      How do you make the most of a car hire company for whatever needs you have? The idea here is actually to make sure that which ever car hire Gatwick airport gives you value for you money. In simple words I will say if you have paid $100 for a car you should see the service worth that money or better from that car. In order to make the most out any car you need to get a good car that meets all the needs you have and with a reasonable terms and conditions list.

      The idea of finding some of the best providers in the market can do the trick. The good thing about car rental UK is the fact that you can get a lot of providers. Companies here are diversified and based on that the competition is huge and therefore getting what exactly you are looking for is still very possible.  The first step is to identify these best providers and that you can easily do using the best reviews from customers who have worked with the companies before.

       The many car rental UK companies have websites and review pages and the idea of using many pages for seeing where and how a company is rated is something very wise. Aside form that you need also to make sure that the car you are using is fit for whatever reason you are using it for. In other words instead of suing a small car for site seeing missions in the country you can use a bigger one. In addition to that, the car must be fit enough and technically able to accomplish its purpose. 

      For any companies in car hire Gatwick airport the concept of bringing in cars that are dependable is well known. The providers are very keen in making sure that in any case, you have a car that will take you wherever you want and that is something that can only be guaranteed with a good and mechanically fit car. Finally as much as you cannot find an exclusively cheap car, it is obviously wise to get car rental UK providers that can help you save a few coins here and there. However you should not compromise the quality of your car hire, make sure you get the best in the end.

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  • Holidays in the New Forest Holidays in the New Forest

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      When many of us think about a holiday we think about packing a suitcase, going to the airport, getting on a plane and arriving on an exotic island somewhere. But have you ever thought about not getting on a plane and perhaps driving down the M27 to take a holiday in The New Forest?

      Well, perhaps you should because holidays in The New Forest have plenty to offer. Whether you are looking for relaxation, history, adventure or discovery you'll be spoilt for choice.

      Take a look at our guide of staying in the UK and enjoying some New Forest fun.

      Cycle experience
      The New Forest has a network of over 100 miles of off road cycle routes perfect for a weekend break or holiday.

      Cycle ExperienceWith an extensive choice of cycling routes, The New Forest is a fabulous place for budding cyclists. It offers quiet country roads and cycling routes for those wanting to improve fitness and stamina, while taking in the stunning landscape and historic villages.

      The cycle routes are also ideal for families wanting safe off road routes. Along the way you will see animals including ponies, pigs and deer and you will experience the open heathland and sheltered woods with restaurants, pubs and tearooms to pop into along the way.

      Horse riding
      Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, horse riding in The New Forest is one of the best ways to explore the area with over 3,000 ponies roaming the landscape. The New Forest also offers accommodation solutions for people wishing to discover the area with their own horse.

      WalkingThe New Forest is home to 193,000 acres of unspoilt heathland and ancient woodland. With 143 miles of track, visitors are free to explore this National Park by foot as well as bike or horseback.

      The New Forest offers endless walking routes that will twist and turn through vibrant areas, imposing woodland and bubbling streams and when your feet get tired you can stop off at a pub to enjoy some food and re-charge.

      Wherever you go on holiday it's always nice to buy yourself something and to bring something back for the unlucky ones that didn't get to holiday with you. The New Forest has an array of gift shops where you are sure to find the perfect souvenir. If not, you can visit one of the town markets with stalls selling everything from clothes to gifts.

      Confectionery always makes a nice gift too, so why not visit the Chocolate Studio or the Burley Fudge Shop for some handmade and gift wrapped chocolate and fudge.

      Spa treatment
      Holidays are about relaxing and taking time out. The best way to do that is to be pampered. If you want a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage, you will find a range of spas that offer luxurious treatments and tranquillity. Heaven.

      Water Fun
      Water Fun

      If you love or have ever wanted to try sailing, canoeing or windsurfing, water sports on the coast of The New Forest or inland waters is the best place to do it. There are also indoor pools at all health and leisure centres, which boast some of the best indoor sport facilities in the South.

      About the author:
      This article is written by Stephen Smith is a consultant of Travel, vacation, holiday. For more information about Devon holidays, please visit: hoburne.com
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  • Scottish Guards Scottish Guards

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      Scottish guards walking along the walls of Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh Scotland. Their uniforms are the picture of elegance and all of those we saw were fit men that did their units proud. We saw more of them guarding the Scottish Queen's palace. We didn't have the chance to hear any stories about different parts of the uniform but will look forward to finding out some of the more interesting facts that go along with the colorful attire. Well done gentlemen.

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  • Windsor Castle View Windsor Castle View

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      After arriving in Windsor by train we exited the train station via a shopping mall and rounded the corner and ran right into our hotel. The hotel's web site stated that the hotel was near Windsor castle but until we checked in, opened the drapes, and looked out the window we didn't know just how close we were. This shot is taken from our hotel room. We weren't sure we would get a better view of anything else by leaving the hotel and walking around, so we sat and stared for a long time. Amazing place.

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  • High Road and Low Road High Road and Low Road

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      Edinburgh Scotland has an upper section and a lower section and streets filled with interesting shops connect the two. This photo shows one of the streets that leads the from the lower to upper city as well as displaying the colorful new and charming old architectures of the city. There are plenty of stories to keep a vistiors interest like the ones about the people who used to live under one of the major bridges and got boarded up underneath during the plague era.

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  • Scotch Collection Scotch Collection

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      Touring the Scotch Museum in Edinurgh Scotland made for an interesting afternoon. It included learning about the types of Scotch Whiskey and the regions they come from. We also toured the Scotch collection of more than 4000 bottles (one of my favorite names was Royal Butt) and participated in a tasting of the different types. It was a very poplular tour and we waited in a fair line to get in. Then we needed a nap.

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  • Low Tide Low Tide

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      Low tide offers explorers opportunities to walk where they usually couldn't in Torbay. Corbyn Head is the land extending out into the water in the background it can be found along the coast between Torquay and Paignton England. We stayed in a hotel practically across the street from it. There is a beach along the shore that leads up to it and they fired off fireworks from the end of it for the Queen's Jubilee celebration. Great area for hiking, resting or swimming if you're brave enough.

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  • My Typical Oxford My Typical Oxford

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      My concept of Oxford is a place of immense architectural beauty, a college town with plenty of young people and new ideas, mixed in a large dab of practicality. This photo of a wonderful old doorway, a new door, and the most practical mode of regular transporation in Oxford remind me of my impressions every time. It's just a great place to walk around in and gawk at the buildings and other structures. It's alive with young people. And yet is just such a practical place. I hope to visit again.

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  • Mouth of the Dart Mouth of the Dart

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      Dartmouth-the city at the mouth of the Dart River. The entire region is lively and full of colorful houses, people, and stories. We took a river tour along the Dart and listened to a very entertaining tour guide. Our trip started out being extraordinary. We wanted to take a train to visit Dartmouth but the only train that comes near is a steam train that arrives at Kingswear, across the river. No bridge connects Kingswear and Dartmouth (though Dartmouth has a train station...go hear the story yourself) and you must take a ferry across. The surrounding area is green and lush and hosts Agatha Christie's house and the Royal Naval Academy looking down on the river from hilltops.

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