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  • 5 Perfect Weekend Getaways Aro 5 Perfect Weekend Getaways Around Delhi

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      As the name itself suggests, weekend getaway happens to be a breather from work at the end of the week. It can be elaborated as short respites that help you regaining the spirit and unwinding yourself with no responsibilities and discipline. If you are a Delhi-based traveler and looks forward to a much awaited weekend getaway, you have too many options in your plate. Being centrally located, the capital city offers you an array of choices with ample of wildlife sanctuaries, heritage sites, hill stations and offbeat destinations, and that too all within 3-8 hours drive.

      For everyone seeking a perfect break from scheduled life, short weekend trip is your pick. To mention, below are a few of the special destinations that offer you memorable moments.


      Route: Delhi - Moradabad - Haldwani – Bhimtal

      Named after the Mahabharata character- Bhima, Bhimtal is one of the largest lakes around Nainital. Having an island in the center, it can only be approached by a boat and has a proper restaurant area. It also boasts of much cleaner environ and treats you with gaggle of ducks! Talking about the recreation, one can do boating at the lake witnessing the large Victorian dam at one corner and terraced flower on the other side. Exploring the surrounding jungle on foot is also a great option offering you utmost adventure and thrill. Next to the dam, positioned is the Bhimkeshwar temple dedicated to Bhim.

      Godhakhal Temple is again 3 km from Bhimtal. Another interesting stopover is The Museum of Folk Culture (Lok Sanskriti Sangrahalaya) exhibiting collections of folk paintings and ancient wooden artifacts. Bhimtal is undoubtedly an enthralling off beat destination both for the family and corporate travelers.

      Places of interest: Bhimtal lake, Naukuchiatal, Nainital, Mukteshwar.


      Route: Delhi - Karnal - Panchkula - Kalka - Kasauli

      De facto, you have chosen to visit Kasauli for its tranquility and serenity. To be clear, there is practically no such activity to do in Kasauli. If you need escapade from technology and machine-lifestyle, then the only best thing you can do there is to go for long hand-in-hand walks admiring the Mother Nature in its best form and shape. To catch the dazzle of the river Sutlej, Dauladhar range and Chur Chandini peak you need to wait for a clear day. April and June bring wild blooms and their amazing aroma. Wild rose, rhododendrons, coral tree, flame of the forest, katchnar and kashmal add on to the temptation that the place throws at you. During the monsoons, pave the way for romantic moments if you are here!


      Route: Delhi - Dharuhera - Behror - Kotputli - Shahpura - Jaipur

      Located in the desert land of the royal Rajasthan, Jaipur is the first planned city of India. The architecture of the state capital gives you a taste of Rajputana clan, however presently it serves as one of the major business centers nationwide. The vibrant streets of Jaipur get huge number of visitors, every year at their footsteps. The city exemplifies magnificence in the form of famous structures like Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Amber Fort, the best architectural epitome of India. Artistic temples and gardens of Jaipur is another feature to attract travelers from across the globe. Marking the surroundings with serenity and aestheticism, the land of Rajasthan observes its ethnicity in celebrating various festivals like Kite festival, Elephant festival and many others, of Indian origin.

      Places of interest- Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar(Observatory), City Palace and S.M.S. II Museum, Ishwat Lat, Central Museum, Dolls Museum, Birla Planetarium, Jalmahal, Gaitor, Jaigarh Forth, Nahargarh Fort, Galta, Motidoongari, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Maharani Ki Chhatri, Sisodia Rani Garden, Vidhyadhar Garden, Kanak Vrindavan, Amer


      Route: Delhi – Hapur Byepass - Gajraula - Moradabad - Kashipur - Ramnagar - Corbett

      Established as the first national park of India, on 6th August 1936, it was renamed in 1957 as Corbett National Park, in memory of Jim Corbett, the iconic hunter and naturalist. Along with the launch of Project Tiger in 1973, the Corbett National Park was picked as one of the well known tiger reserves. Being a milestone in the efforts in saving wildlife, Corbett is exclusively one of the country’s most eclectic, quaint and widely acclaimed National Parks.

      Being India's most popular wildlife sanctuary, Corbett has the highest density of tigers in India. Other animals comprise of the leopard, elephant, jungle cat, bear, wild boar, sambhar, hog deer, barking deer. Relaxing in the sun on the banks of the Ramganga, you can find the slender snouted gharial and the ferocious crocodile.


      Route: Delhi - Meerut - Khatauli - Muzzafarnagar - Roorkee - Dehradun – Mussoorie

      Mountain mist, ancient architecture, the fragrance of flowers and streams transport you to the romantic times, long ago. Mussoorie, fondly famous as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ showcases the breathtaking view of extensive Himalayan snow ranges to the north-east, and glistening views of the Doon Valley and Haridwar to the south. The town takes you to the fairyland!! The scenic beauty offers you enchanting pine covered hill slopes and snow capped mountains, leaving a lifetime impression in your eyes and on your mind.

      Sightseeing: Bhadraj Temple, Camel's Back Road, Gun Hill, Mussoorie Lake, Kempty Falls, Surkhanda Devi, Dhanolti.

      Now, after being through the above article, choose the best weekend tour from Delhi when you plan your next short trip. Weekend getaways around Delhi are opted keeping the driving distance in consideration.


      Choose the most suitable one and Laze Around the next weekend!!

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  • Brazil this Summer: FIFA World Brazil this Summer: FIFA World Cup 2014

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      FIFA Brazil ExcitementNothing more exciting is scheduled for this summer than FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Sports fans the world over will be making their way to Brazil for the international men's football (soccer to those in the United States!) tournament that is scheduled from June 12 to July 13, 2014. 

      World Cup has a long history; this year marks the 20th FIFA World Cup, with the first World Cup being in Argentina in 1930. It has been held every four years since then, with the exception of 1942 and 1946 due to World War II. In other words, World Cup is on par with the Olympics. 

      FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association, which oversees the sport. The tournament consists of 32 teams competing at venues within the host nation; this is the World Cup Finals and is the culmination of the previous three years of play and qualification. Currently, the champion is Spain. They won the tournament in South Africa in 2010 and are favored to win.  

      This is just the second time that Brazil was chosen to host the competition. FIFA chose Brazil after deciding that the tournament should be in South America. The last time the tournament was held in South America was in Argentina in 1978; the last time in Brazil was 1950. 

      There will be 64 matches played in twelve cities across Brazil in new or totally renewed stadiums. These matches will include all of the world champion teams since the World Cup began in 1930---Italy, Germany, Uruguay, England, France, Argentina, Spain and Brazil. 

      Brazil has a storied World Cup history as well, with five championships and once fielding the most well-known football player worldwide to ever play the game--Pele, who made 77 goals in just 92 appearances, Brazil's all-time leading scorer, who made a name for himself by making the winning game against its country's rival Argentina at the age of 16. Maracana stadium

      Awesome way to spend a week, or a whole month, in Brazil! My plans are to spend a week in Brazil seeing some of the sights, and I have already scored some tickets for myself and my brother and will be in the stands for the Spain vs. the Netherlands match on June 13 in Salvador! 

      I also got a great tip about transportation from a friend of mine who has spend lots of time in Brazil going to conferences. She said the taxi drivers sometimes scam tourists and it was safer to set up transfers online with Brazil Airport Transfers. She even said her plane was hours late and the driver was still waiting for her with a sign. That sounds like great service!

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  • Jewish Museums of North Americ Jewish Museums of North America

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      The Jewish population of the United States stands at barely 3% of America's total residents but the community has been an intergral part of the American landscape since Colonial times. Throughout the country museums, small and large, exist which attest to the unique role that Jews see for themselves in America and their commitment to their heritage.

      Wherever I travel I try to search out Jewish museums. Every region gives its own flavor to the American Jewish experience and by observing them I enjoy the opportunity to see the American Jewish world in all is diversity.

      Jewish Museum of Oregon

      In the mid-1800s the German Jewish immigration to American began to gain momentum. Most of these immigrants settled along the East Coast but some adventurous pioneers moved westward. In 1849  two German Jewish immigrants traveled to Oregon and settled in the frontier town of Portland. By 1853 enough additional Jewish men had arrived in the town to create the need for a boardinghouse for Jewish bachelors and  the Jewish community continued to expand.


      Today Portland has a vibrant Jewish community. The Jewish Museum of Oregon traces the Jewish presence in the northeast with a wide range of exhibits that help you appreciate the sacrifices that the early Jewish settlers made to come and live in the Pacific Northwest. The museum houses a large archive that contains documents, photos and artifacts that document the Jewish immigration and settlement in the region. You can also listen to some of the old-timers whose memories are recorded via the museum's  oral history program.  


      Modern Portland Jewish history is on display via temporary exhibits which display Judaica and elements of Jewish culture and tradition. These exhibits are not necessarily unique to Oregon, but their inclusion in the museum ensures that the exhibits meet the needs of present-day visitors for Jewish information. Films, concerts and lectures are scheduled throughout the year -- the website provides information about these events.



      Jewish Museum of Charleston

      It may seem incongruous to have a full-blown, high quality Jewish museum in a city with a miniscule Jewish population but 200 years ago there were more Jews in Charleston than in almost any other American colony. Charleston is the historical home of one of North America's first Jewish communities. The Charter of South Carolina, written in 1669, granted liberty of conscience to all residents, specifically noting "Jews, heathens, and dissenters." Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch Jews saw Charleston as a haven where they could  live freely as Jews. Charleston was a center of Jewish life until well into the 20th century and a congregation still remains.


      The Jewish Museum of Charleston displays a wide range of exhibits that explore Jewish culture, showing how Jews celebrated and commemorated holidays and rituals hundreds of years ago till today. The museum's permanent exhibition -- Culture and Continuity: The Jewish Journey examines the Jewish experience of the last 4000 years as it is perceived through various art forms. The display area presents a diverse collection of archaeological objects, ceremonial implements, photographs, videos and interactive media that offers an overview of the American Jewish experience.


      The museum is located in the Kahal Kadosh synagogue. Kahal Kadosh was built in 1749 to serve the Sephardic (Spanish and Portuguese) Jews. It became one of America's first Reform Temples when the changing demographics of the Charleston Jewish community created a need for change in the mid 1800s.  The Museum traces the history of this evolution as well as of the Reform reinterpretation of Jewish traditions, the interaction of Jewish community of Charleston with other cultures and the impact that these historical events have had on American Jewish life.


      Breman Jewish Heritage Museum

      There are Holocaust Museums all over the world but the Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, located in Atlanta Georgia, tells the story of the Holocaust by exploring the lives of over 400 survivors who made their way to Georgia and Alabama after the war.


      Using documents, photos and biographical details of the survivors the museum demonstrates the progression of the Holocaust years, starting with the persecutions and moving on to the ghettos, the concentration camps and, for very few, final freedom.


      Holocaust survivors that made their way to the southern United States have become successful and valued members of their communities. These people gave their time, money and memories to  the museum to contribute to Holocaust education in their community. Probably the most moving part of the museum involved the survivors' stories which personalized the exhibit in a way that photos and documents can never achieve. The Breman museum adds a great deal to the public's knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust.


      Milken Archives of Jewish Music

      The Los Angeles-based Milken Archives of Jewish Music was created by the Milken Foundation as a resource through which the history and the evolution of American Jewry can be traced by examining Jewish American liturgy and music. Beginning with data that documents the 17th century Sephardic Jews who arrived from Brazil, the Archive documents the unique songs and chants that are associated with American Jewish history.


      The first Jews in America were of Spanish and Portuguese origin. After they escaped the Inquisition they moved to Holland and from Holland they joined the expeditions to the New World. When Portugal conquered Brazil from Holland and brought the Inquisition to South America the Jews fled northward to the new American colonies. They brought their Iberian traditions and Sephardic culture with them and early American Jewish worship was characterized by Sephardic melodies and liturgy.


      German Jews began to immigrate to America in the mid-1800s. Some synagogues incorporated the new German customs, including those of the German-based Reform denomination, into their services. By the late 1800s a great immigration that would eventually encompass over 2 million Eastern European Jews was underway -- this wave laid the groundwork for an American Jewish community that, until today, is mostly Ashkanazic. The Milken Archives has created recordings that trace each of these groups through their prayers, especially Ashkanazi cantorial music. As a researcher who is interested in American Jewish history, I found numerous helpful resources and materials available at the Archives. The Archives also offer these resources online.














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  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Wit Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With Children

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      Adult mountaineers have the prestige of reaching the Uhuru Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit which is the highest peak in Africa. But who says the Mount Kilimanjaro’s adventure is only for adults? Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro can be a child’s dream adventure with the once in a lifetime experience. Rising from the East African plains, the mountain is a popular tourist destination with the promise of treating its visitors the chance of watching the spectacular view of the glaciers on the summit with a breathtaking experience of watching the sun rise over the beautiful landscape.

      Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With Children.jpg

      The Mount Kilimanjaro hike can be a great family adventure where parents can take their kids with them for a fun mountain trekking activity. Children below 10 years old however can hike up to 12,000 feet only. Only children 10 years and older may be admitted by the Tanzanian part authorities to climb the summit. Climbing the mountain can be a special bonding experience of children who are up to a climbing adventure with their parents. If you are planning to take your child with you it is possible to arrange the trip with the following tips and considerations:

      Prepare your child prior to the trip

      Preparing your child physically and mentally is very important. Make sure to give your child a briefing on what to expect during the activity. Make sure to buy them the appropriate equipment. Let your child wear it to get the feel of using the equipment to prepare them during the actual hike. It helps to let your child watch some videos on how it looks like to be there and what challenges to expect. It is important to ensure that you child is fit and well for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and you may find the need to obtain a medical clearance from your child’s pediatrician to be 100% sure they are physically ready for it.

      If you plan of taking your children with you up to the summit, you should consider the weather, the physical condition of your child and be realistic on what your child can achieve. The change in altitude can also cause some altitude sickness on your child thus you should prepare them prior to your planned trip.

      Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro With Children1.jpg

      Plan your trip itinerary

      Children who are older than 10 years old have the opportunity of reaching the Roof of Africa or the mountain’s summit called the Uhuru Peak. There are different routes to get to the summit which is also an important consideration when climbing the summit with children. It is best to discuss with your travel guide about your route options to reach to the mountain summit. The Lemosho route is highly recommended to travelers with children because it takes a longer time to hike, giving longer time for acclimatization in the body to take place at You may also prefer to go with outfitters offering private toilets to make your child comfortable throughout the hike.

      Taking children with you to climb the Mount Kilimanjaro can cause some trouble along the way but the quality of bonding moments with them is priceless. It usually takes timely preparation in order to ensure that you get to hike the mountain with your children with less stress and worries.

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  • Top 5 Indian National Parks wi Top 5 Indian National Parks with a Unique Tale

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      Painted in the colors of biodiversity, the Indian National Parks are counted amongst best destinations for sighting different species of wild beings. Be it the mountains of the north or the wetlands of the south, there stands a well maintained national park in every corner of India. The icing to the cake is that every national park of India has something special that entices the wildlife buffs from far and wide. Penning down the unique selling points of every national park is an uphill task; therefore, mentioned below are the USPs of the top most visited wildlife destinations of India. Enjoy reading.


      Jim Corbett National Park

      Bengal Tiger

      Establishment Year: 1936

      The USPs:

      • Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park of the Asian Continent.

      The very first thing that everyone should know about the Jim Corbett National Park is that it was the first established national park not only in India, but in Asia. The establishment of this national park could happen only after the contributions made by Edward James Corbett. He was initially a British hunter who shot down many man-eating tigers, but later turned into a conservationist and provided a helping hand in setting up a safe abode for these wild cats.

      • The first reserve under the Project Tiger

      Instigated in the year 1973, Project Tiger is an initiative by the Government of India to save the big cats. The Jim Corbett National Park was the first tiger reserve announced under this project. In fact, it is where the project was launched.

      How to reach

      By Air: Located just 80 kilometers from Corbett, Pratapnagar Airport is the nearest airport to the park. Taxis and cabs are easily available at the airport.

      By Rail: Ramnagar Railway Station is the closest to the Corbett National Park (just 5 kilometers). This station is well connected with major cities and trains are also very frequent.

      By Road: Properly connected with motorable roads, Jim Corbett National Park can be easily reached via cab or bus. One can easily board a bus from ISBT Anand Vihar, New Delhi.

      Where to stay

      Being one of the top visited wildlife destinations, Corbett National Park is facilitated with various accommodation options. Some of the comfortable staycation choices are stated below:

      • Corbett Leela Villas
      • Quality Inn Corbett Jungle Resort
      • Dhikala Corbett Lodge
      • The Wild Safari Lodge
      • Wild Crest Resort

      These are just a few to name, followed by various other resorts and hotels in Corbett that offer value-for-money hospitality.

      Nearby Attractions

      Besides delving into the wildlife in Corbett, visitors can enjoy other charms as well, like:

      • Kosi River
      • Garjiya Devi Temple
      • Corbett Falls

      Best time to visit

      The gates are open from mid November to June end. However, as Jim Corbett is more famous as a tiger sighting destination, the best time to catch the glimpse of the big cats is March to May.


      Kaziranga National Park 


      Establishment Year: 1974

      The USPs:

      • The Kaziranga National Park boasts off the world’s largest populace of One-Horned Rhinoceros.

      Situated far away from the hustle-bustle of present human life, Kaziranga provides a healthy home to the maximum number of One-Horned Rhinoceros in the world. One-Horned Rhinos are among the endangered wildlife species dwindling gradually. Kaziranga seems to be the last resort for this endangered mammal.

      It is not as easy as a pie to be called as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but Kaziranga National Park made its way to this honor. The park won the title in the year of 1985 as it stood firm on the (ix) and (x) criteria of UNESCO that are stated below:

      (ix) to be outstanding examples representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems and communities of plants and animals.

      (x) to contain the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation.

      • Proximity to The Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation (CWRC)

      The Centre of Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation (CWRC) was set up in year 2002, under Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). Established near the Kaziranga National Park, it is the very first rescue and rehab centre for wildlife emergencies in India. Wildlife enthusiasts can visit this centre and witness the widely acclaimed wonderful efforts made by CWRC to help in the conservation of wild beings.

      How to reach

      By Air: There are two airports for reaching the Kaziranga National Park. One is at Guwahati, which is about 211.7 kilometers away and the other one is at Jorhat, which is approx 113 kilometers away from the park. Daily flights are available for both the airports. Upon arrival, tourists can hire a cab or mini bus to reach Kaziranga. 

      By Rail: The nearest railway stations to the park are at Jakhalabandha and Furkating.

      By Bus: Bus and cab facilities are available from Guwahati, a six hour drive and Jorhat, a two hour drive.

      Where to stay

      Some of the best hotels and resorts to stay in Kaziranga National Park are listed below:

      • Wild Grass Lodge
      • Bon Habi Jungle Resort
      • Kaziranga Resort
      • Landmark Woods
      • Aranya Resort

      Top notch amenities and matchless comfort are the main gifts that these hotels render at your disposal.

      Nearby Attractions

      Located near the park is the Karbi Village, which greets visitors warmly. A visit to the village offers tourists a walk amid the lush coffee and rubber plantation.

      Best time to visit

      November to end of April is the best time to visit the Kaziranga National Park.

      Gir National Park

      Asiatic Lion

      Establishment Year: 1965

      Location: Gujarat

      The USPs:

      • The only abode of the Asiatic Lions (Panthera Leo Persica)

      Earlier, the big cats were spread widely in different parts of the globe including Asia Minor and Arabia through Persia to India. Unfortunately, due to reckless hunting, the number of Asiatic Lions witnessed a great turn down. The state became so worst that these cats got listed under the Red List of Threatened Species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Thanks to the continuous and effective conservation efforts. Presently, the Asiatic Lions have been set free from this disquietude. It is the Gir Forest National Park that provides a safe abode to the Asiatic Lions. As per the recent census of 2011, the count of big cats at Gir was 411.

      How to Reach

      By Air: The closest airport for reaching Gir is at Keshod (86.2 kilometers away). Daily flights are available from Mumbai to Keshod. Upon arrival, tourists can hire a cab or taxi to Gir.

      By Rail: The nearest railway station is at Junagadh. Trains from Ahmedabad, Rajkot and other major cities arrive here.

      By Road: From Ahmedabad it is 400 kilometers drive via Rajkot, Junagadh and Mendarda. Buses as well, are easily available.

      Where to Stay

      There is a plethora of budget, deluxe and luxury accommodation options in and around the Gir National Park. A few to name:

      •  Lion Safari Camp
      • Sukhsagar Resort
      • The Fern Resort
      • Gir Birding Lodge
      • The Gir Jungle Lodge

      Every hotel is special in itself, but there is one thing in common - ‘warm hospitality’.

      Nearby Attractions

      Along with the Gir National Park, visitors can also explore several other tourist charms located in and around the place. Some of them are stated below:

      ·         Kankai Temple

      ·         Bhimdeval Sun Temple

      ·         Orchards of Kesar Mangoes

      Best Time to Visit

      October to May is the ideal time for visiting the Gir National Park.


      Sundarbans National Park

      Sunderban National Park

      Establishment Year: 1984
      Location: West Bengal

      The USPs:

      • Home of the Amphibian Tigers

      Everyone knows that tigers are the beasts of the woods, but in Sundarbans the scene is tad different. The tigers of Sundarbans don’t only rule over the land, but also over the water. They swim and prey on aquatic species, which is not commonly found in most of the tigers.

      • Cossets World’s Largest Mangrove Forests

      The dense mangroves that sway on the wetland of Sundarbans are one of the most productive of all natural ecosystems. Further, this national park cuddles world’s largest cover of mangroves.

      • Stands as the largest tiger reserve of India

      Declared as a tiger reserve in 1973 (which means it was one of the first nine reserves established under Project Tiger), Sundarbans is famous for forming the largest tiger reserve of India.

      Like Kaziranga, Sundarbans National Park is also a part of the coveted list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The park got this title in year 1987.  The criteria under which the park was declared as a World Heritage Site are same as of Kaziranga National Park. Criteria (ix) and (x):

      (ix) to be outstanding examples representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems and communities of plants and animals.

      (x) to contain the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation.

      How to Reach

      By Air: Netaji Subhash Chandra Airport, Kolkata is the nearest airport for reaching the Sundarbans National Park. It is just 140 kilometers.

      By Rail: Located just 29 kilometers from entry gate of the national park, Canning is the nearest railway station.

      By Road: The Park is well connected with Kolkata - Basanti Highway.

      Where to Stay

      Tigers have always been the first love of every wildlife enthusiast and thus, Sundarbans entices huge crowd in every tourist season. Considering the interest of visitors in the park, the authorities established several hotels and resorts in and around Sundarbans, some of them are mentioned below:

      • Sundarbans Mangrove Retreat
      • Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge
      • Sundarbans Tiger Camp

      Offering the best in class comfort is the specialty of these hotels.

      Nearby Attractions

      Besides the big cats, there are various tourist charms to experience while in the Sundarbans National Park. A few of them have been listed below:

      • Sajnekhali Watch Tower
      • Dobanki Watch Tower
      • Sudhanyakhali Watch tower
      • Neti Dhopani Watch Tower
      • Kumirmari Watch Tower
      • Jhingamari Watch Tower
      • Bonnie camp Watch Tower
      • Bhagabatpur Crocodile Park
      • Chargheri Char

      Best Time to Visit

      Though the park remains open throughout the year, wildlife enthusiasts who wish to catch the sight of the amphibian tigers must visit the place between October to April.


      Kanha National Park

      Kanha National Park

      Establishment Year: 1955
      Location: Madhya Pradesh

      The USPs:

      • The Land of Mowgli

      The Jungle Book would have been a part of everyone’s childhood, but do you know who played the major part in sketching the Jungle Book? Well, it was the Kanha National Park. The Jungle Book is one of the best selling classics written by Rudyard Kipling, and it was the wilderness of Kanha that helped the book in earning accolades. Be it the devilish Sher Khan (Bengal Tiger), the friendly Baloo (Sloth Bear), the notorious Bandar-log (bunch of monkeys) or the highly concerned Bagheera (Black Panther), all the wild characters were the inhabitants of the Kanha National Park.

      How to Reach

      By Air: Jabalpur and Nagpur are two nearest airports for Kanha National Park. Frequent flights to Nagpur are easily available from any airport across India. On reaching the airport, tourists need to drive to the park.

      By Rail: Similarly, the closest railway stations are also at Jabalpur and Nagpur. Without any hassle, daily trains can be boarded for both of the stations.

      By Road: First, visitors need to reach Jabalpur, Bilaspur or Raipur; thereafter, he or she can hire a bus or cab service to reach the Kanha National Park.

      Where to Stay

      Being the Mowgli Land, the Kanha National Park has always been a major wildlife attraction, alluring tourists from far and wide. Further, to ensure the comfortable stay of visitors amid the wilderness, there are various accommodation options in Kanha, to name a few:

      • Krishna Jungle Resort
      • Royal Tiger Resort
      • Kanha Jungle Lodge
      • The Celebration Van Villas
      • The Wild Chalet Resort

      Serving guests with top notch facilities and warm hospitality is the priority of these hotels.

      Nearby Attractions

      There is no second thought to the fact that the wild beings are the main temptation for the visitors but it’s not just the fauna and flora to be explored. Some other tourist charms in and around the Kanha National Park are:

      ·         Kawardha Palace

      ·         Kanha Museum

      ·         Mandla Fort

      ·         Ramnagar Fort

      Best Time to Visit

      The park remains open from October to June, but the ideal time for sighting tigers in Kanha is March to May.


      These were some of the most famous national parks of India along with their Unique Selling Points. Hope you had a wonderful reading experience. If you wish to know more about these parks, it’s better to plan a tour to the Indian National Parks.

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    • From: JamesStillman
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      Why are they amazing?  The scenery, the relaxation, the sightseeing, the diving, the fun, the rock climbing, the climate, the clear ocean, the coral reef, the sea life…Oh my I could go on and on and on.  

      Planning a vacation?  Or how about your wedding? Look at The Brac Beach Villas first.  The Brac will allow you complete freedom to plan your trip to Cayman. 

       Relaxation…The Brac Beach Villas allow you to come and go as you please.  Walk to the beach or pool, get a chair, and relax with your favorite book.  Stroll through the natural flora and fauna.  Spend time at the spa working the kinks out of your stressed body.  Hop on a bicycle to take a leisurely ride through the tranquil environment. 

       Exploration…Take a guided tour of the island.  Choose from several activities to do – Rock climbing on a 140-foot limestone rock formation.  Diving, snorkeling, and/or kayaking in the beautiful deep blue ocean.  Explore the Museums.  Explore the shopping areas.  Explore the remarkable Cayman restaurants.  The Cayman Brac has many exciting hidden treasures to explore.  What fun!


      Vacation…want rest, relaxation today and thrills and adventure tomorrow.  No problem!  At the Cayman Brac, you can design your own vacation package.  Go deep-sea fishing in the morning and rock climbing in the afternoon or the other way around?  No problem!  Relax tomorrow with a day at the beach.  Back to the adventures of a day diving and kayaking seeing the natural coral reef, schools of brightly colored fish, and other sea life.  Relax with a day at the Heritage House or theCaymanBracMuseum.  

      Your dream wedding…everything in paradise is available onCaymanIslandto make your dream come true.  Applying for a marriage license is quick and easy.  Marriage officers are available to perform the ceremony.  How about an underwater ceremony?  So cool!  Photographers, florists, caterers, everyone you need is at your service on the island.  The Brac can help you plan.       

      The Cayman Brac Beach Villas have numerous options available.  Unit A has three (3) bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.  It has a large living room, dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen.  There are a total of eight (8) beds available to sleep up to 10 people.  Unit B and Unit C each have one (1) bedroom.  

      Amenities include all linens and towels provided.  Every room has ceiling fans and air conditioning units.  There is a washing machine and dryer for use during your stay.  The kitchen contains a dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, microwave, and blender.  Free Wi-Fi and free local calling services are for your use.  TV, DVD player, and a sound bar are on hand in each Unit.  There are also puzzles, DVD’s, books, and more for your use during your stay.  And if you need it, there is also a baby crib upon request.  


      So many options to spend an amazing vacation or honeymoon in a tropical island paradise!  Look no further than The Cayman Brac Beach Villas.

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  • National Park Safari Experienc National Park Safari Experiences within Sri Lanka

    • From: tailormadeholidays
    • Description:

      Sri Lanka has a beautifully diverse environment, with landscapes of rolling green hills, tea plantations, sandy coastlines and jungle roaming with wild life. It’s in this way that Sri Lanka holidays can provide a variety of experiences to tourists, with a choice in locations depending on holiday desires.

      Yala National Park

      The exotic creatures of National Parks like Yala are especially exciting, and put guests right at the heart of the country’s unspoilt nature. Such a setting is not only incredibly serene, but also exciting through the Sri Lanka safari excursions that can be enjoyed. A tour guide can take tourists through the wilderness in a land rover, providing information on various species and their behaviour, while also stopping to allow those on board to take as many pictures as they want.

      Yala is especially well known for being the best place to see leopards, as well as elephants, crocodiles, deer, wild boars and a plethora of fascinating bird species. There’s a sense of delving into the unknown on one of these tours, as you never quite know what you’re going to be lucky enough to see.

      SriLanka National Park Holidays

      Image Source :

      Sri Lanka Hotels


      When it comes to finding a hotel that is nearby to national parks, there are plenty to consider in Yala. Both the Cinnamon Wild Yala and Chaaya Wild Yala are well known for being luxurious and comfortable places to stay, with architecture that resembles the environment and in turn casts a warm ambience amongst the quiet greenery that it sits amongst. Those staying are sure to feel like they’re completely shut off from the rush of the rest of the world, able to relax and take in the sights.


      Sri Lanka Beach Holidays


      For those that want to be beside the beach, yet also have a chance to experience seeing some wild life on a safari can choose to stay in beach resorts that are nearby to national parks, or to stay in Yala and then take a day trip to the nearest beaches, which are Hambantota and Tangalle, potentially staying overnight in these if looking to have a few days in a different type of setting.

      Sri Lanka National Park holidays can be booked through Direct Traveller, a specialist tour operator to the region. Direct Traveller offers a quality service in the many areas of Sri Lanka.

      For further details visit or call 0844 414 3073

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  • 10 Luxury Family Holiday Desti 10 Luxury Family Holiday Destinations 2014

    • From: dharmender
    • Description:

      As travel to the four corners of the world has become more accessible, an abundance of choice has been created for the family traveller. Yet at the same time as the globe opens up, the options available for a rarefied experience narrow. 

      For family holiday makers in search of luxury, the chance to provide their children with culturally rich excursions that expand their world view are proving to be key drivers in determining choice. To help, here is a list of ten destinations that offer children and adults alike the chance to indulge in the luxury of experience in the maximum of comfort. 


      The culture the exotic island of Barbados is defined by is its West African, British and Indian historical legacy. This ensures that cricket, afternoon tea and Christianity remain staple passions of the local Bajans, who need no excuse to proudly boast of the fact that there are more churches than bars on the island. 

      The aesthetic too is shaped by this legacy, as the old stone churches and sugar plantations characterise the scenery of this Caribbean gem as much as the glorious white sandy beaches and dreamy ocean views. In terms of luxury hotels, Sandy Lane provides a plethora of activities and facilities to cater for every family need. 


      As recently as 20 years ago, Dubai as we know it simply didn’t exist. Now, however, it’s a bustling ever-changing metropolis set in the heart of the Persian Gulf. A destination of complete opposites, the tranquillity of the desert close by provides a taste of traditional Arabia that is of stark contrast to the ultra-modern shopping malls and extravagant opulence found in the city. 

      Excursions and activities for the whole family are integrated into Dubai’s vibrant tourist economy. For example, one of the most expensive and extravagant hotels found anywhere in the world, the Burj al Arab, now runs the the Jumeirah project; a turtle rehabilitation programme that in its final stage allows children to release the reinvigorated reptiles back into the sea. 


      Since the dawn of its ancient civilisation Egypt is a country that has been synonymous with luxury. And with its wide range of world class hotels and facilities, this statement is as true today as it ever was. 

      For family travellers looking to indulge into the rich history of Egypt, the city of Luxor provides the ideal central location to plan your adventures from, with the Valley of the Kings nearby. Similarly, as Egypt is home to two of the Seven Wonders of the World in the form of The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the timeless options for families in search of cultural enrichment are plentiful. 


      From the romance of Paris right through to the mountainous vistas of the Alps, France is home to a rich and varied landscape. In terms of culture, food and drink is central to the way of life. Therefore France is the perfect country to refine the palette of young and old, with dynamic markets, top class restaurants and hidden eateries aplenty.      

      The Evian resort, just 3km away from the gorgeous Lake Geneva on the Swiss border, provides a fantastic family choice regarding accommodation. For more information on the Evian resort and the activities on offer there, An additional consideration for those with a very young family intent on embarking on a foreign holiday is the relatively short travel times between the UK and destinations in France. 


      An expedition to Italy offers families a varied spectrum of classical ruins, impressive architecture and fine food, that as a collective represent an amalgamation of culture and history which any place in the world will struggle to compete with. 

      Venice and Florence are just two of many cities that offer a multitude of iconic and beautiful experiences. Whilst Lake Garda which resides within the foothills of the beautiful Dolomites, presents a package of gorgeous hotels, stunning scenery and outdoor pursuits to satisfy even the most demanding of luxury family holiday makers. 

      The United Kingdom 

      For those families with a large brood, travelling abroad in search of a luxury experience can be a daunting and stressful experience. This is why many are choosing keep their holiday plans restricted to local shores, as destinations can be reached simply by jumping in a car or on a train. 

      Rural escapes like the Yorkshire Moors, the Cotswolds and the Jurassic Coast provide rugged and beautiful landscapes full of adventure and opportunity for exploration. Furthermore, cities such as London and Liverpool offer vibrant, multicultural environments that provide an illustration of what defines modern Britain.  


      Even though the land mass is small, the Seychelles landscape is diverse, encompassing mountains, tropics, coral islands and  isolated beaches that are the epitome of paradise. For tourists that hold nature close to their hearts, the islands are home to the world renownedCousin Island Special Reserve, a national park teeming with wildlife that is famed for its approach to conservation and eco-tourism. 

      As tourism is the lifeblood of the island, there is a number of beautiful and facility laden hotels and resorts optimised for family comfort. All things considered, the Seychelles offers a unique opportunity for families to explore and absorb the rarest of things; paradise on earth. 

      Finnish Lapland 

      It’s not just the prospect of seeing Father Christmas that makes Finnish Lapland a magical family holiday prospect. Situated near the Arctic Circle, the country is one of the few places on earth that is ideal for viewing the spectacular skies that the Northern Lights produce. 

      Surrounded by amazing alpine surrounding, Hotel Kakslauttanen presents the perfect winter bolthole complete with a range of family-centric activities nearby. These include snow rides led by both huskies and reindeers that traverse icy roads and a possible visit toSanta’s resort.

      It goes without saying that for the best experience families should visit during the festive period, and although this will be expensive, children will be provided with an experience they will never forget. 


      Sweeping deserts and idyllic coastlines provide the unadulterated beauty that has seen Oman fittingly referred to as the Jewell of Arabia. Juxtaposing modernity and tradition the country of Oman delivers a holiday experience that is unique to anywhere in the world. Although because of the extreme heat experienced in the summer months, the best time to visit Oman is between October and March. 

      The influx of wealth to the country has ensured that holidaymakers are able to enjoy access to an innumerable range of world-class, child-friendly facilities, which include resorts, shopping districts, attractions and hotels that cater for every family need conceivable. The most accessible part of the Oman coast resides near the capital of Muscat, where there is the opportunity to embark on dolphin watching tours that will cast each generation in a state of awe and provide an unforgettable experience.  


      For children who are old enough to appreciate it, a visit to Greece offers the chance to appreciate the uniquely rich cultural heritage of a country that has shaped much of what continues to define western civilisation. 


      Made up of over 2,000 islands, Greece includes golden sandy beaches, seafront taverns and amazing hotels, including Westin Resort Costa Navarino. From here families can engage in water sports and other activities, as well as using it as a hub for nearby excursions which take in the countries rich historical legacy. 

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  • 5 Tips for Booking Better Trai 5 Tips for Booking Better Train Travel Online

    • From: andrewsmith
    • Description:

      Sometimes, booking your ticket at the station ten minutes before your train leaves seems like the easiest option — even if it does raise your blood pressure and cost you more money. But what if we were to tell you that booking online can actually mean less hassle, less stress, and less money? Here are five top tips to help you book your journeys smarter:


      1. Book your tickets in advance


      The earlier you book your train, the more you can save. Most services will let you buy tickets up to three months in advance, and can offer savings of up to 40%. And you can choose where you sit, too, which means no more standing in-between carriages waiting for a free space.


      Some services will email you closer to the date, reminding you that you’ve booked a journey, but it’s best to take note of this yourself. The longer it is between booking and travelling, the more likely you are to forget times and dates, so stick a reminder on your smartphone or a colourful notice in your diary.


      2. Compare journeys


      Planning a holiday? You can save a substantial amount of money just by shifting the break forward by a few days. If your dates are flexible, it’s always worth comparing times and prices. You can save travel time this way, too — some journeys will stop at every station, whereas others will skip the smaller ones.


      Comparing journeys can also mean the difference between lugging several suitcases from platform to platform and waiting in the cold for a connecting train. Many services offer journeys with changes and journeys without, so it’s worth investigating before you book.


      3. Take note of company details


      What if you need to take an earlier train? What if you have to cancel your trip? These things shouldn’t put you off booking online, but you do need to think about what you’d do if they occurred. Make sure the company you book with has good customer service and a phone number you can call if anything goes wrong. If you’re worried, call them up in advance and talk this through with them.


      4. Bring your booking details with you


      Nowadays, most people have a smartphone, and pulling up a confirmation email is a lot less hassle than printing out two pages of booking details. Make sure your booking confirmation is already loaded on your phone, as a lot of stations have poor mobile service. If all else fails, just jot down your booking code somewhere and keep it safe — you’ll need it to retrieve your tickets from the machine.


      5. Don’t forget your payment card



      If you paid for your journey using a card that you don’t normally use — an emergency credit card, for example — don’t forget to bring it with you. You’ll need the card you paid with to collect your tickets, and if you haven’t got it, there’s not much you can do. Again, this is just a matter of being organised. It’s worth it, when you think about all the money you’ll save.


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    • From: gregaveryt
    • Description:

      I booked a reservation online for the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs October 27th, 2013. My reservations were for April 10th-14th, 2014. This is the weekend of the Coachella Music Festival where over 85,000 people flood the area and rooms become difficult to find – which I why I booked it half a year in advance for a rate of 294.75 a night. 50 days before the booking, I received a letter in the mail saying my rooms were cancelled due to a “technical error.” After speaking with some of the front desk employees, I was given several excuses for the cancellation including a “corporate buy-out  that was not open to the public.” Interesting that on the Coachella webiste they were offering rooms for the Hard Rock for much higher prices during the same dates. Rooms are now difficult to find, and the rates have increased by almost 300% in several cases. Hard Rock refuses to acknowledge my confirmations or resolve the matter. I firmly believe Hard Rock cancelled my room to sell to other parties for a higher rate.  Understand that if you have plane tickets booked, and reservations made, you may not have a room waiting for you at the Hard Rock Palm Springs.  The General Manager, Hector, still hasn’t returned my call and is ignoring the situation.

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  • Ski Holidays Ski Holidays

    • From: sunilkumarbh
    • Description:

      So for this Valentine's Day which happens to be on a Saturday after a whooping 11 decades, I'm preparing to go to ski trip in Europe. Me and my sweetheart really like to ski and a finish few days in the Switzerland alps would be an excellent way to enjoy this day of really like. So for the resorts and exchanges, relevant reservations have been created. If anyone has been there before, I would search for some details on how it is to travel there. Do we depend on community carries or we search for the services of a car for travelling.

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  • Budget Hotel Victoria London Budget Hotel Victoria London

    • From: simonjames
    • Description:



      My family and I visited London last week and chose to stay at this hotel because of the prime location. The service was flawless and the reception staff was very friendly. The rooms were very comfortable and having a TV and coffee making facilities made things even better. 

      I enjoyed the breakfast and also the fast and free Internet. Hanover is at a great location close to Victoria station and you can easily walk to London's main sights. The Hanover Hotel is a good option if you need a cheap place to stay for a few nights while being centrally located. We got more than what we expected for the price. 

      Highly recommended to all!


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  • How to Choose the Best Travel How to Choose the Best Travel Deals in 2014

    • From: rustysmith
    • Description:

      With the beginning of the New Year, most of the people plan outing with their family or friends to make the best use of their holidays and have a wonderful time throughout the year. You may be keen on finding the best travel deals for the holidays at the most favorable prices. Well, to help you with this, given below are some great advice that can help you in finding the best travel deals and holiday packages as per your needs and budget. So, have a look at the tips to get the best holiday deals at the most optimal prices.   

      1. Discounts

      Checking out discounts is the first and foremost thing that most people do, but one thing they simply ignore is to find out whether the travel company is charging much more than a trip would actually cost. Most people don’t even care about checking out weather the company is actually offering discount or is it just advertised to attract travelers. When you will surf online, you will find many promoting deals and discounts. Make sure to simply ignore what all marketing people say and check out the bottom line of the deal. You can simply ask for the best quotes from different travel sites and choose the best one for yourself.   


      Sources :

      2. Free amenities

      Check out the small prints of the typical extras like electricity use, bed linen, pool-heating and cleaning fees most probably given at the end of the deals. Watch out whether they are available for free or you need to pay extra amount for all these facilities. Remember that these small things can make a difference to the final costing of your tour. So, keep a close eye on these extras before booking any holiday package. Free amenities.jpg

      Sources :

      3. Added extras

      Getting an extra day for free such as six night tour package at the cost of five nights or upgrades by adding some cost are some of the interesting offers that are worth considering. Many travel sites offer such special schemes as an online booking incentive. You can take advantage of these schemes only after carefully comparing the whole deal with those offered by its competitor sites as you and get a fair idea about the actual price of the complete package.

      Added extras.jpg

      Sources :

      4. Free place for children        

      Many beach tour operators give this kind of special offer on family holiday tours where a child is allowed to share the room of the hotel for free with his/her parents. If you are concerned about having to pay an extra amount for “under-occupancy” for your child’s accommodation, then this is something actually worth having for you. You can simply save your extra occupancy cost by availing such deals. This kind of travel deal will make a difference in your final price of the tour.     

      Free place for children.jpg

      Sources :

      5. EMI facilities

      It is one of the latest trends in the field of tours and travels. In case you are planning a long tour and worried about arranging the required finance, EMI facilities offered by travel companies is what can turn your dream travel into a reality. You just need to pay the minimum booking amount as stated by the travel company initially and convert the rest of the amount into EMI. This way, you can easily off pay the rest of the amount in easy installments as per your convenience. However, in this kind of offer you will need to pay some interest that can increase your tour cost. The positive side is you can enjoy your holiday tour without worrying about the finances.         


      EMI facilities.jpg


      6. Low deposit facilities   

      It is another clever marketing strategy used by many tour operators, but it can be good for you in case you cannot pay the complete amount of the tour package in one installment. Low deposit facilities are clever moves designed to show the reduced cost of the overall package, but once the booking is done the rest of the payment have to be paid within a fixed period. If you want to book your tour in advance to avoid last minute rush, then you can go ahead with these kinds of offer and secure your holiday bookings without paying the full amount. However, you will need to pay the balance amount quite long before the date of departure.     

      Low deposit facilities.jpg




      In addition to pondering over the above mentioned points, the rule of thumb for getting the best travel deal is to check the wide offerings of daily deal websites like budget travel deals, iKoala travel deals and orbitz travel deals. You can also ask for the price quotes for the tour you are interested in undertaking and compare the prices before actually booking any one. Make sure that you  get all the things that have been included in your tour itinerary in advance instead of regretting later. So, consider all the points while searching for the best travel deal online and go ahead with the one that best matches your needs and preferences.   

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  • 10 Most Colorful Cities in The 10 Most Colorful Cities in The World

    • From: damjanoski
    • Description:

      While most cities are acres of boring gray concrete, there are some cities in this world that are like from fairy tale, magical and colorful, and they look much more attractive for residents and tourists. These colorful cities worldwide are much of a spectacular view for every taste. See through this list and consider visiting some of them, or maybe all of them.

      Read more:

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  • Experience of the Lifetime at Experience of the Lifetime at the Time

    • From: mkadams14
    • Description:

      The Time Hotel location- Located right at the heart of the midtown Manhattan, this luxurious hotel offers all the colors and with of life to their guests during their stay at the hotel. Reaching the hotel is easiest through The Grand Central Station which is in close proximity from the hotel. The city’s LaGuardia International Airport (LGA) is eight miles and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is seventeen miles away from the hotel.

      The tourists who are interested in exploring the city’s most important destinations, they can check out The Rockfeller Center which is just two blocks away from the hotel and the music lovers will not have to toil much as the Radio City Hall is mere three blocks away. Moreover, the hotel is also within walking distance of Ed Sullivan Theater, Broadway and Circle in the Square Theater. For a quality time in he greens, the hotel also pays easy access to the Central Park where a steady walk can wear off all the day’s tiredness. The shopping fanatics can easily check out some of the most happening shopping places of the city as the hotel is surrounded by Fifth Avenue and Madison and provides some of the best night clubs and restaurants of the city and make the vibrant colors of the city to take over your impulses.

      The hotel has 193 plush air conditioned guestrooms which pays perfect solace and offers the ultimate place to relax and recreate. The rooms are equipped with Flat screen televisions, music systems with in-room minibars and room services are also available and ranges from 185 to 285 USD per night.

      The food at the Time itself is an experience for Serafina the restaurant serves bona fide Italian cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the guests can also check out the chic Inc Lounge for cocktails and indulge in some cozy chatting.

      Besides this the hotel also serves with state-of-art fitness center, Spa and Sauna, Concierge and Wi-Fi access in every room.

      The guests staying at the Time will undoubtedly be having the best time of their life as the city’s offerings can all be found in one single place.

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  • Luxurious accommodations in Mu Luxurious accommodations in Mumbai which ensure Great Mumbai Tour

    • From: akanshaihpl
    • Description:

      The metropolitan city of Mumbai is known for housing some of the most luxurious and classy hotels of India, which ensures that tourists have a great time here. Deciding which 5-star luxury hotel in Mumbai is the best to stay in can get bit tricky as all of them look so good! 

      Indulging in lavish living comes true in Mumbai when one decides to stay in Luxury Hotels in Mumbai. The city is the largest industrial sector of India. The luxurious facilities, the delicious food and of course the excellent suites; all of them ensure that tourists in Mumbai do not leave disappointed.

      Most of the 5 star hotels in Mumbai are situated in posh and sophisticated areas. Hence, they have become the favorite haunts for leisure tourists and corporate guests who come here every season.

      Given below are some of the most famous Mumbai hotels that haven proven excellent accommodations for a number of years and will continue to do so for centuries to come.

      The Taj Mahal

      • Address: Apollo Bunder, Mumbai - 400 001, Maharashtra, India 
      • No. of Rooms: 560
      • Dining: The Zodiac Grill (European cuisines),  Wasabi by Morimoto (Japanese Cuisines), Golden Dragon (Oriental Cuisines), Masala Kraft (Indian Cuisines), Souk (International Cuisines), Shamiana (Coffee Shop), Sea lounge (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with multi-cuisines side eateries), La Patisserie (Desserts), Harbour Bar (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages), Starboard (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with Mexican cuisines), Aquarius (Quick bites with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) 

      At Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai, the history and luxury are mixed together. Existing as the first harbior landmark in the city, this heritage hotel is the leading hotel in the city. The hotel is the primary choice of accommodation in the city for every movie star, music legend, politicians, rockers, hip-hoppers and even for kings and queens. The popularity of this Mumbai hotel has made it the personal favorite retreat for leading business tycoons as well. A stay in here promises to deliver an unimaginable treasure of memories, and number of ways to celebrate life. The Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai always delivers on its promise. 

      The Oberoi

      • Address: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400021
      • No. of Rooms: 287
      • Dining: Fenix (Multi-cuisines), Vewtro (Italian Cuisines), Ziya (Indian Restaurant), The Eau bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages), The Champagne Lounge (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with finger food), The Oberoi Patisserie and Delicatessen (Desserts)

      The Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai’s exclusive business and shopping district, Nariman Point, is the best way to bask in the luxury of this ultimate destination in India. Surrounded by the ocean, this is a perfect retreat to enjoy privacy and serenity. The rooms are decorated with sophisticated and stylish ornaments and various contemporary amenities are installed in the rooms including some unexpected surprise technological touches. Lady tourists would love to stay at Oberoi, Mumbai, as they are picked up by lady chauffeurs from the airports, and the same lady chauffeurs take them for tours in and around the city in Audi A8 sedans! The hotel keeps up the legendary reputation of Oberoi hotels with unyielding facilities and services.

      Grand Hyatt

      • Address: Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz (East), Mumbai, India, 400 055
      • No. of Rooms: 547
      • Dining: China House (Oriental Cuisines), Celini (Italian Cuisines), Soma (Indian cuisines), Fifty Five East (Multi-cuisines), Lobby Lounge (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages), Gourmet Store (Snacks and beverages), China House Lounge (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with snacks), The Bar (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)

      Grand Hyatt hotel in Mumbai is one of the leading luxury hotels in Mumbai. The 5-star resort offers a glimpse into the contemporary lifestyle of Mumbai. Stretching for more than 12 acres, the resort is surrounded by lush greenery all around. For accommodation, there are number of luxurious suites and rooms on offer where the guests are treated with varied modern facilities and services. For meeting and business events in the city, Grand Hyatt has earned a special reputation among travelers. And with shopping and spa facilities on offer for the guests, every discerning business travelers spend a relaxing time here.

      Hyatt Regency

      • Address: Sahara Airport Road, Mumbai, India, 400 099
      • No. of Rooms: 401
      • Dining: Stax (Seafood cuisines), Glasshouse (Multi-cuisines), The Bakery (Desserts), The Bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)

      Hyatt Regency Hotel in Mumbai provides two things one would look for in their Mumbai luxury hotel: Unparalleled sophistication and exuberant style. No wonder the hotel has been designated as the best business hotel in the city. The close distance from airport and major business districts of the city, Hyatt Regency has become the first choice for corporate travelers. Nearby the hotel, there are several shopping areas which make it ideal for leisure traveling as well. There are several dining choices in the hotel, summing up exquisite cuisines from all around the world. There is an on-site spa to ensure one feels totally comfortable with a stay in here. Hyatt Regency has served several leading corporate personalities and firms over the years.

      Trident Nariman Point

      • Address: 5, Nariman Point, Mumbai
      • Number of Rooms: 575
      • Dining: Frangipani (Mediterranean Cuisines), India Jones (Asia Cuisines), Opium Den (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages), Verandah (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with snacks)

      One of the most favorite retreats in Mumbai, Trident Nariman Point has grown to fame, especially among people who wish to spend a good time in Mumbai. There are several entertainment zones nearby the hotel which keeps the leisure tourists on their toes, while the nearby financial districts keep the corporate guests happy and satisfied. The rooms are very spacious here and the technological advancement in India is visible as one enjoys the super contemporary room amenities. The views of Marine Drive that are visible from the hotel truly mesmerize one and all. The hotel features the most favorite brunch special restaurant in Mumbai, Frangipani, which has received several awards and accolades over the years.

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  • Greatest Small Town in America Greatest Small Town in America -- Fort Scott Kansas

    • From: laurierappeport
    • Description:
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      When I saw Budget Travel's vote for favorite small town of America, I immediately thought of my 2011 visit to Fort Scott Kansas. Our family was making a cross-country trek from Michigan to California and we happened to stop in Fort Scott for a few days to relax and recharge for the drive ahead. We ended up staying for three days and enjoyed every minutes. One of the most highly recommended small towns in America.
      There are about 8000 residents in Fort Scott but the town played an important part of the history of setting the Western United States. There are several interesting sites in and near Fort Scott including venues of historical, cultural and environmental interest. After our visit, we felt as though we'd seen some real Americana.  
      Fort Scott Fort and the National Cemetery
      Fort Scott played an important role in the settlement of the West. It was built in 1842 as an outpost for troops who enforced the uneasy peace between the settlers and the Osage Indians. Westbound travelers could fill up on provisions at the fort before they set out on their journey along the Santa Fe Trail. As the Civil War loomed the troops tried to separate the pro-slave and anti-slave activists in the newly-formed state of Kansas. When the war did break out Fort Scott became a Quartermaster's Supply Deposit, as well as the training base of the First Kansas Colored Infantry -- a unit that took part in multiple battles and suffered more casualties than any other Kansas regiment. The Fort Scott National Historic Site, operated by the National Parks Service, offers a view into the frontier days including the original fort's buildings. Guided tours are offered twice daily (11:00a.m. and 13:00pm.) during the summer months by costumed guides who provide a full explanation of the type of life the early soldiers and residents of Fort Scott experienced.  The fort is located south of I54 on Market Street near the city center. (620) 223-0310  
      Abraham Lincoln inaugurated the Fort Scott National Cemetery as a military cemetery in 1865 when it was already serving as the final resting place of hundreds of Union and Confederate soldiers as well as for troops that had been killed during the pre-Civil War period. After its establishment as a National Cemetery the remains of other soldiers who had been buried throughout Kansas and Missouri were brought to the Fort Scott cemetery for reinternment. These included black Union soldiers of the First Colored Infantry. In the northeast corner of the cemetery visitors can see memorial markers which honor soldiers whose remains were not recovered or identified including WWII flight crews.
      Gordon Parks Museum
      Gordon Parks was born and raised in Fort Scott. Many people remember him as the director of the movie "Shaft" but before his movie career he was a recognized photographer whose work was featured in a number of photoessays for well-known newspapers and magazines, including for Life Magazine. Parks photographed celebrities and fashion models but his best-known works showcased the black experience of the South in the pre-Civil War era. The Gordon Parks Museum is located in Fort Scott. Many of Parks' photos, which brought the reality of Southern racism and black poverty to the public conscious, are exhibited in the museum. The Gordon Parks Museum is situated in the Mercy Health Center, located at the southern edge of Fort Scott just off US Highway 69. Entrance is free. The museum is open daily from 7:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.   620-223-7036
      Rock Creek Lake Waterfalls
      The Rock Creek Lake Waterfalls offer a quiet step into nature. Located just three miles West of Fort Scott, travelers can either hike to the waterfalls from Fort Scott or drive there and leave their car in the park's parking lot that's located on the side of the road. There's a short trail down to the waterfalls from the park where first one, and then a little further on two more, waterfalls spill off from the Rock Creek Lake into the Marmaton River.  When the water is low it's possible to walk across the stream at the bottom waterfall. To access the Rock Creek Waterfalls park, drive out of Fort Scott on 19th Street which soon changes to "Kansas Road" and then again to "195th Street." The park's parking lot is at the north edge of Rock Creek Lake.  Cross the bridge over the dam to reach the waterfalls.
      Lowell Milken Center
      The Lowell Milken Center was established in 2007 as an educational institution which is dedicated to promoting high level scholastic achievements in America's schools. The Center was established when two educators, Norman Conrad and Lowell Milken, decided to collaborate on a concept that would encourage students to create well-researched, high-quality research projects about unsung heroes -- people who had acted in an exceptional manner to benefit mankind but whose efforts had not been recognized. The Center is located on Fort Scott's Main Street. Featured unsung hero subjects include journalists, environmentalists, humanitarians and others.  (620) 223-9991 
      Fort Scott's Good Old Days
      We happened to visit Fort Scott during their annual three-day "Good Old Days" festival which takes place over the course of one weekend every June. The Festival brings fun and good cheer to the town with a crafts fair, rides, a Dock Dogs competition (people bring their dogs and encourage the dogs to jump off a dock into a pool of water as they try to catch a toy in the air.  The dog that jumps the farthest, wins), street dances, carnival food and drinks, live entertainment and more.
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  • Turin, Italy Turin, Italy

    • From: SaraElizabethTravels
    • Description:


      When arriving by plane to Turin, you’ll be landing at the Aeroporto di Torino. Unless you want to take a cab(which would cost about 30-40 euros), the SADAM bus(about 7 euros one-way) is the cheapest way to get to the city center. If you want the get to the center of the city, you’ll get off at the Porta Nuova Railway Station. I studied abroad in Turin for 4 months, so I was very aware of the metro, train and bus schedules. If you plan on staying in Turin for a week or more, it may be smart to get a settimanale(weekly) or mensile(monthly) metro/bus ticket. You can pick one of those up at any Tabaccheria(tobbaco shop), but be mindful, sometimes they don’t carry them. So remember to ask if they know the closest place that sells them. Also, if you find an information booth, get a map! I still used one after months of living there.

            Now in Turin, there are many cafes, pizza places, kebabs, and other various food places. The first pizza place I went to was Primaepoi which is on Via Giovanni Battista Viotti, near Via Roma. This was the first thing I ate when I arrived to Turin and was surprised. The pizza was so fresh, but not in a greasy cheesy way. Everything was perfect, from the vegetables to the crust. Be prepared to eat what you get, because it you ask for a “to go” box, you will get looks from the waiter and everyone around you. “To Go” is a very American thing and you won’t find many places that do it. On that note, I would have to say that my favorite cafe(with “to go” cups) while I was in Turin, was definitely Busters Coffee on Via Cesare Battisti. Before we had wifi in the apartment, I would go there to do my work, blog and get ahold of family and friends through Skype. I would always get a chuckle, cause they would have signs saying “American breakfast/coffee” and as I read it, it reminded me how much more we eat then Europeans do. They would make amazing drinks and I was a fan on their shakes/smoothies. I would be so tempted to get a pastry, because they display it so well! My favorite kebab place was the Casa Del Kebab 12which is across the street from the 8 Gallery Lingotto. I know you didn’t go to Italy to go to the mall, but trust me, you’ll want to check it out. I still regret not buying more from these stores while I was there, because the fashion there is about 2yrs ahead of the US stores. My favorite stores were Cache Cache & Tally Weijl. When I needed groceries(that I couldn’t get at the outside marketplace), I would go to Pam, which was in the mall, but you had to go outside to enter the store. I would always find some awesome deals on poultry, fish and dairy there. While you’re in the area, you should cross the street to experience Eataly. From wheels of cheese to barrels of wine, it was a true Italian experience in one store. I know there are stores in the US now, but I would describe it as the Italian version of Wegmans. Now on the outside of the mall, if you walk towards the parking lot in the back, you’ll be able to see the Olympic Arch of Turin(bottom right corner of the photos). If you have time to cross the bridge, do it. It’s so interesting knowing that amazing athletes walked this bridge and many couples have left their mark on locks on the chain fences. I didn’t have my camera with me when I went over the bridge, but I won’t lie, I was a tad scared. The Olympic village was a ghost town. There was graffiti on the buildings and whenever the wind hit certain parts of the buildings/walkways, it just reminded you of a horror movie. I wish we could find uses to the old Olympic villages, instead of leaving them there to deteriorate. 

            While in Turin, you need to visit Porta Palazzo. If you’re walking down Via Settembre, it’s a straight shot to it. When I lived there I was across the street from a store called Tiger. I think that’s where all my money went towards honestly! It’s just a cute store that’s filled with the most random of things. You could get large packets of loose leaf teas, luggage tags/flying items, cute little toys/games, toiletries, cards, spices, candles, a bottle of champagne and etc. Still hoping we get them in the US soon! So continuing, on you’re way down the street, you’ll go past the busy and store-filled Via Giuseppe Garibaldi. On that street, you can find stores like Promod, Nike, L’Occitane Provence and an amazing gelato place called GROM. Further down, you’ll find yourself in an open space with a church to your right. If you have time, you must visit the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. If you haven’t heard about the Holy Shroud, you need to read up and go inside! There’s a replica of the shroud inside the church, but every 5 years or so they display the real one to the public. Continuing down the road, to the left you’ll see a dog park. This was my favorite part of going to the marketplace, because every time I missed my dogs, I would just walk to the park and the dogs would attack me with kisses! Once you hit the end of the grassy park, you turn left and walk down the street until you walk into the market. Now mind you, be very careful about your wallet or purse. There are gypsies and pick-pockets everywhere and there is barely any space for you to walk since it’s so busy. When you first walk in, there’s a walkway near the front where I would get the best prices for onions, carrots & potatoes(1 Euro for 2-3 kilos). Of course I will admit it, girls, if you smile & flirt with the sellers, you get more! Every time I went down to this guy’s booth, he would remember me and automatically knew what I wanted, put it in 2 bags, and gave me a great deal. Remember, you have to go through the whole thing to find the best prices for food. There was also a pizza booth and pastry booth that I went to every other week and both of those people spoke a bit of English. Not going to lie, the pastries were my favorite part! You had to make sure to get there early or all the best ones would be gone. I also bought a few scarves down at the market and still to this day get compliments on them! Now, the marketplace is not open on Sunday mornings because it turns into one big garage sale. From bikes to american dollars, there is a bunch of random stuff for sale. Most of the people here don’t speak Italian, so it’s harder to communicate with them. I was actually able to talk a guy down and bought a twin reflex camera for a good price. The coolest part is that the camera says on the side that it was made in the USSR. It’s my favorite film camera to date!

            Now for the art/music fanatics, you have a good amount of choices. Just walking down the streets, mainly near the piazzas(squares), you’ll hear street musicians and see street entertainers. If you’re interested in seeing some history, you should check out the Museo Egizio(Egypt Museum), Armeria Reale(Royal Armoury), Museo di Antichità(Antiques Museum) & Palazzo Reale di Torino(The Royal Palace of Turin). While I was there, I was able to see a Henri Cartier-Bresson gallery show at thePalazzo Reale. As a photographer, it was a once in a lifetime event(Especially since I got to go to a da Vinci show outside of Turin and saw his original sketches/artwork!). Another museum you need to go to it the Museo Nazionale del Cinema(The National Cinema Museum), which is inside the Mole Antonelliana. Inside you’ll see props, clips from movies, costumes and so on. I think the cutest part is the viewing room that has the multiple toilets as the seating area. At the bottom level, there’s an lift that brings you all the way up to the top of the Mole. It’s scary as heck if you’re afraid of heights, because the lift is transparent, so if you’re scared of height, DO NOT LOOK DOWN! When you exit the lift, you’ll get a 360° view of the city and the Alps. Honestly, it’s totally worth the money, because it was so memorable! The photos I took while up there were unreal. For the music buffs, if you’re around the area during a concert or performance, you should go see one at the Teatro Regio diTorino or the Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino. If you’re there around the end of April/beginning of May, you should check out the Torino Jazz Festival. I got to see Dionne Warwick and she was amazing! Another event to go to(and you would have to look into it) is the Chocolate Festival. All I can say is “Chocolate…..sooooo much chocolate!”. I believe it was near the end of February, but don’t quote me on that. I spent a lot of money on sweets, but there are also lots of freebies! It is truly a chocolate lover’s dream getaway. 

            I hope this helped a bit. I know Turin isn’t as fancy and popular as Florence, Milan or Rome….but it’s worth the trip! If you want more suggestions, you should check out Lonely, since that’s how I survived Italy. I would read their book about Italy almost every single night!


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  • 4 Ways to Better Organize Your 4 Ways to Better Organize Your International Move

    • From: mgibson8
    • Description:

      Moving is not something that many people relish. There are just too many things to do and never enough time to get them all done, particularly if you are relocating overseas. If you are planning an international move, staying organized is essential. Here are 4 tips that will help you to better organize your move and make it as stress-free as possible.

      1.    Make lots of lists – In order to really get organized you will need to make lists – for everything. You will have arrangements to make for the movers, the moving trucks, closing out bank accounts, shutting off your utilities, paying your old debts and on and on. The best way to handle all of these tasks is to begin with a list of things that you have to do. Make a checklist and then go through it, checking things off as you complete them.

      2.    Pack a travel bag – You are certainly going to need a few personal items with you when you arrive at your new international location. Before you pack away all of your clothing and other essentials, take the time to pack a bag of necessities to take with you on your trip. Things like socks and underwear, a few days’ worth of clothes, makeup and toiletries will make you much less stressed out when you arrive at your new location.

      3.    Pay off bills – This should be done long before your actual move. If you pay off your bills before you leave your current country then you will have one less worry following you to your new location. Make sure that you take care of utility bills when you leave and pay up credit cards and other monthly bills at least a month or so in advance to keep from worrying about them when you arrive.

      4.    Get your paperwork together – If you are moving for work you will need to ensure that all of your paperwork is in order. Regardless of whether or not work is involved you will want to be certain that you have passports, visas and other needed documents on hand for the move. Make sure that you also take the time to change your address with creditors, banks, investment companies, insurance companies and anyone else that you make regular payments to.

      There is nothing that will take all of the stress out of relocating to an international location but by following these few tips you can make the process run a bit more smoothly. Make your lists and begin checking things off as you do them. You will soon find it is time to begin unpacking in your new home and you will wonder why you were so worried to begin with.

      This article was written by Robinsonsinternational removals, one of the top five UK specialists in UK, European and International moving and relocation.

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  • The Charming City of Valencia, The Charming City of Valencia, Spain

    • From: Rocio
    • Description:

      Although it is not as famous as the big cities Madrid or Barcelona, Valencia doesn’t have anything to envy them. This picturesque city conserves its original charm, especially in the Old neighborhood where its Roman and Arabian influences are highly visible.

      This city situated in the cost of the South East of Spain has the perfect weather during the whole year. One of the best areas to visit is the neighborhood of ‘El Carmen’. There you can find the oldest buildings in the city, such as ‘The Central Market’ is one of the largest markets in Europe which was built between 1914 and 1928.


      Other representative buildings are ‘The Silk Exchange’ and ‘Plaza Redonda’. The first one was originally used for trading silk and it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is characteristic of the late Gothic Architecture style, reflecting the ‘Golden Valencian Century’. Plaza Redonda is trading square that was built in 1840.

      In El Carmen, it is possible to find the best places to eat the traditional Paella and to taste the some of the best ‘tapas’ of Valencia. One of the best ways to live the city it is to stay in an apartment in ‘El Carmen’ and become a part of this charming neighborhood. If you are interested in finding a nice apartment in the city center click here.

      The ‘City of Arts and Science’ is an architectural enclave formed by different buildings such as the Science Museum Principe Felipe, the Oceanographic or the Hemispheric where it is possible to enjoy culture in a fun way. This is very recommendable for families with kids.


      Another touristic attraction that visitants can’t miss is the Natural park of L’Albufera. This large lagoon contains a huge biodiversity with a large amount of flora and fauna in danger of extinction. I recommend taking a bike from the city center to the pier of the town ‘El Saler’ and then do a boat trip to see the amazing sunset that takes place there. Once there, the town of ‘El palmar’ is a very recommendable visit. 

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